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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Marriage is not only a social institution but also a Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh). Islam allows two individuals, belonging to the opposite sex, to have sexual relations as well as progeny through the sacred bond of marriage. Marriage is the foundation of the Islamic society and it is a natural state in which all men and women are supposed to live in. The concept of pairing of males and females finds its mention in the Holy Quran. The institution of marriage happens to be an intrinsic part of human nature and the natural order.

Due to its religious and social significance we find that people wish to settle down in life, sooner or later. Keeping this in mind how can anybody explain the fact that many women end up as spinsters and many men remain bachelors throughout their life?

If we analyze such cases we find that there are two types of situations which commonly prevail:
1.    Firstly there are people who try their level best to get married but are unable to do so and
2.    Secondly there are people who willingly chose to not get married.

Therefore, it would be wrong to assume that each of these cases can be attributed to black magic because there are many people out there who prefer to remain single out of their own free will. They may have live-in relationships or no relationships at all but they seem to be disinterested in the institution of marriage. Such people are cunningly misled by the devil so that they go against the tenets of Islam and disobey Allah (swt). Satan has his own way of whispering into the hearts of people and enticing them into doing things which are deviant.

Now coming to the main issue, we find that there are plenty of cases wherein people are willing to get married yet they are face hurdles in their path. These cases can be attributed to black magic and they depict certain symptoms. The reasons behind such happening can be quite a few such as:
1.    Envious relatives
2.    A discarded and jealous lover
3.    To seek revenge
4.    To bring disgrace upon a family

The cases in which the marriage of a girl or a boy has been blocked through black magic can be identified by the following symptoms:

1.    Dearth of good proposals
2.    Even if marriage proposals do come, they do not materialize. Something goes wrong at the last moment.
3.    Usually the girl or the boy becomes finicky at the mention of marriage. They lose interest in getting married. They begin to hold negative views on marriage and they turn down every good proposal which comes their way.
4.    Nightmares or dreams of scary or repulsive things such as filthy toilets, snakes or tantriks doing pooja.
5.    On being asked about marriage, the girls who are under a spell make excuses such as, ‘I have seen so many marriages going to the rocks. So I would not like to jump into this pit’. They basically turn against the institution of marriage.

The above mentioned symptoms can help the victims to identify their problem. Through spiritual assistance the victim can not only alleviate their problem but also identify their enemy/enemies so that they can maintain a safe distance from them- in the future.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

I have been attacked by devils through black magic in 1998.It has blocked my mind and sex.I am near to out of mind.Istikhara revealed me to go to mausoleum in Multan but i do not know to which one.There are more then 12 mazar in Multan.Please guide me.I pray for your health,success and virtual life.

nasreen said...

asalam o alalikum,
my name is nasreen,i am from india,i was married in1993 working ingovt department as engineer,we r the family of 4 ,1girl after seven years of hard work we made savings and purchased house which was newly build,we conducted quran e tilawath by gathering our kith and kins from there started the problem,after 2years of stay in the house my husband got an employment in mecca,obeying it as agods gift he applied for along leave and went to mecca since iwas alone to reside there join my mothers house there the financial problem became worse I was not feeling well so I consulted an well known amil ,he advised to do bandish to the house which we conducted,then the situation was better and we performed umra,hajj with the family later on allah was very blessing to us and gave an opportunity to get an employment in one of the big company in Dubai,we were very happy.but we were un aware about the bandish to be broken,soon after this my mother died,my brothers started blaming me for the same,i got a night mare and the jinnat was saying how could u tie me in the taweez of green thread see what I will do to u,soon after the amil asked to change the place so we shifted to hyd where we purchased aplot for construction on loan basis,suddenly the big company in Dubai wended due to financial crises in usa,my husband was back to govt service where we could not afford our lively hood so we sold our residential house in town,that cash was also vanished,then I sold my gold that money also vanished,later the bank took away the plot which was in loan as we were defaultys,we lost everything again I consulted the amil he again did bandish where he had panic attack,we struggled a lot for survival.the people who where close dis appeared,my husband again made a trial and went to Qatar for lively hood , sorry to give such a description.i have read about ur blogs in int,iam kneen to know what is going wrong with us because I saw my father a property man dieing with out a penny in his hand leaving only debts,have consulted many amils some say it is kala jadu some say it is hereditary jinnat creating the spells,we even visit buzurs ,wally allah to pray for us as they are close to allah, know that allah is some where helping us,but after ur blogs iam inspired to write to u,about our present situation we r sucked in huge debts my husband cant come to India leaving the lively hood our relatives has left us as dead family,now we have filled cases against our inlaws for my husbands share and with brothers for my share I am living alone with my children,after reading ur blogs in which u said that ahealer should be there as supervisor as he is proctected by hissar,will u please help me and guide the right way through which I can come out of my financial crises,my children are willing to go abroad for higher studies isit ok for them,as usaid I use to perform all vazzifas but with an accident with a minor fracture day by day I am becoming weak now I cant even recite the qurani ayats sometimes I think of ending our lives, anxiety waiting for ur suggestion allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

I suspect my husband had black magic cast on him my his ex gf of many years ago.
We are having happy life and suddenly he become hate me so much - his attitude had changed significantly and unreasonable.
He move out home and come back see his son occasionally and he hated the home to..
All of sudden- and I found out this women seen my husband because she is much older she is 46 year old now.. ( he is only 37)
I can understand if he change his heart and love but nothing seem to be normal to me..he can't hate me and hate everything I do! Hate the house and his own son... He is happy outside but in out home he will be crazy..I see him have all the symptom.. I read from Internet. ( see below)

He is from Turkey so he is a Muslim.
I need someone to help me remove the spell for my husband.
Please advice and it is urgent

Symptoms of Sihr(Black Magic ) of Separation

1.A sudden change in attitude from love to hate.

2.A great deal of suspicion is aroused between the two persons concerned.

3.No excuses are accepted by either party, even if one of them the wrong.

4. Exaggerating the causes of disputes between two people, E though they may be trivial.

5.Changing the mental image that a woman may have of husband, or changing the mental image that a man may have his wife; so that the man would see his wife in an ugly way, e though she were beautiful. In reality, it is the demon when entrusted with the task of performing this type of sihr is the who would appear to the husband in her person, but in anyway. By the same token, the woman would see her husband horrible way.

6.The person affected by sihr hates anything the other party does

7.The person affected by sihr hates the place in which the party stays. For instance, a husband may be in good mood he . is outdoors, but when he returns home, he feels c depressed.

According to AI-Hafidh lbn Kathir, the cause of separation between two spouses through this sihr is that each of them appears other as an ugly or ill-mannered person.’

abrar said...


dear amel I listen ruqyah and suddenly feel that I have three spots on my chest that dissolves very gradually.
Then I get deep into ruqya search I dreamed that 5 to 6 big eagles attack on me..... also see two children recites ruqya ayat but wrongly and make fun,...I stopped them but they didn't stop and the old lady stares at me.
also saw hear my late mothers voice as she was in hospital for surgery I saw many people having open surgeries, blood and waste every where even some waste gets on to my hand and a water bottle in my hand.

please help me define my dream, and further treatment.

ibraheem said...

Dear Sir,

In my quest for solution to my long running spell of misfortune in life and work, I came across your blog which I have found very interesting and educating. I have been affected by this condition for a while now. If my memory serves me well, I'll say it has been going on for a little over five years now. Maybe more. I really need help spiritually. It is difficult finding help where I am. Or maybe I simply don't know where to look.

I am married with five kids. Life was never like this. It was all promising. And all of a sudden, I can't even afford my family's daily provisions. Conditions have gotten to the point where I can't even afford keeping my kids in school. I keep trying with faith in Allah (SWT). But I have finally conceded that I need the help of a spiritual healer. Is there anything you can do to help me?

I pray that Allah (SWT) saves me and my innocent family (wife and kids) from from the clutches of those trying to destroy me. May Allah save us all.

Ishtiyak said...

Amel Sahab Assalam O aleikum,

My name is Ishtiyak , i guess there are some symptoms of black magic are in me, can u find with ur ILM ?, as far as my work is concern what i want to do that work is NOT happening, im doing a very tough job.plz do the needfull if u can

Allah Hafiz

Zuber said...

Salaam sir,
My name is Zuber , I m living in Maharashtra, India... Sir for last 2 years I m in difficulties, What ever business I start I face lose.. now I m in full debt... please help me. I have 3 daughters and my way of income is totaly stoped... please let me out of this situation..JazaakAllah khair

Anonymous said...

Dear brother,

Salaam Walekum.

I regret to inform you that many of the symptoms you mentioned in your website match my condition. Actually, my husband demands me to bring money from my parents and I refused several times, he removed all the money from our home and put our home in foreclosure, he also stole money from our business and got me on the streets with the kids, his sister called me once by accident and asked me where he gets so much money that he sends to me. I was wondering what she was talking about then understood later. Its a long story. Actually, my 2 young Sis in laws have died a bad death suddenly sick that is his brothers wives, one's jewelry and money from business was stolen the other went her separate way. I feel very strongly I am the next victim. They broke my brothers marriage etc etc. I have heard a lot about you, from many like my brother had asked me to contact you. Please can we meet, please let me know. I live in Bay Area California. I don't know where you reside. Please let me know
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikm brother actually my husband stay's with her elder sister's house in Dubai he come to India once a year,I had one daughter and I have completed 5years of marriage,I told my husband that its not easy for me to live with out u so he told he has no money to take a house and he has many responsibilities and one more thing my husband lives with her sister in Dubai she is very jealousy women she does not see me and my husband live together she want to control my husband and my husband does everything whatever she told to do,so the root cause of all the tension is my sister in law so brother I want my husband should leave her sister house immediately and take a house and cal me there,so plz help me brother I have seen ur post and thank u for helping everyone so brother plz tel me what should I read

Tayub said...

Asalamalaykum friend of Allah

My name is Tayub , I am studying in Canada but live in Pakistan. My family lives in Pakistan and we have been exposed to Black Magic too much in the last few years. It never seems to go away even if we go to the shrines of buzurgs and distribute food there. I am in need of Allahs help, please advise me what do.

Nusrat said...

Assalaam alaikum

My name is Nusrat and i found your web on the internet
I want to know if you can help me to find out if any amel has been done on me please message me back and also do charge for your service?

Anonymous said...

Hi, asalaam alaikum.... I was just reading your article on spiritual healer and was wondering if you can put me in contact with a healer... I've looked so much for the right one but couldn't find.. Thank you

maryam said...

salam brother ,
i really need some help i'm married to my husband for the last nine years my husband is acting very deffrent from all the other men he doesn't have anyother women as far as i no but he doesn't love he is not giving me any money 99% of the time he doesn't have any interst in me he is a computer engenir but doesn't want work he says he when the time i have 1 child who autism he doesn't more children i dont want to divorce him he is muslim but never pray he always disrespect for n reason he is 39 and i'm 26 i have some for him but non of them works and i dont have any money to do expensive for him teach me something very strong that works on him i'm staying with my mom when i tell to do some work he says that it is not your problem he dosn't leasten to any one every1 says to leave him but for my son he is very close his dad and people say that his mom has done black magic on him may nothing works on my husband i have done so many khatams and taveez on him he very strong nothing breaks him and i don't like his sister in law she when ever she gets the chance she gets very close to my hubby she is wearing reviling clothes with very low cut neck of infront my hubby and he is always saying good things about her she most o the time i alon with him she lives alon may Allah fulfils all your wishes your doing a great job i will never forget your help

Yasir said...

Salam dear Amel,
I'm writing you from Mardan to ask you a way to suggest me what to do next.
I've four sisters, and one brother other than me, who left us and now permanently settled with his so called wife.
His wife is very cruel lady, who once witch-crafted my elder sister, who by the grace of Allah is all right when we visited to a nearby Ammil and the latter charged us 16 thousand rupees. My mother is suffering from Sugar, my younger sister is the victim of Hemorrhoids (Bawaseer) and my brother who left us, has been absolutely enchanted with magics by his whore wife.
He used to be very good with us, but his wife took him away from us. We testified to one of the facts that his wife bore an illegitimate child from my brother's friend (who is a rich man) and all our family members know this.
But my brother severely castigated us, that we were liars.
We consulted the Amel, he charged us 25 thousand rupees but as a result he apologized us by giving me back my money and said that his KNOWLEDGE cannot grasp that black magic. Because according to his view points, my sister in law adopted very heinous ways to witchcraft my brother.
I request you please to help me in getting rid my family from this great frustration.
We all will be beholden to you all though our life.

Anonymous said...

as salamu allaiqum

we have some problems in life

my wife is kidney dialyses patient since july 2011 having dialyses since then . on 29 january 2015 here both kidneys will be removed it will be big operation.then after couple of month she can have transplantation.

my financial situation is getting worse since december 2013 up till know. i have lot of loan s. i am much worried how i can pay back my loan.
. my wife,s mother died when she was 6-7 years old .

we have lot of visa problems in denmark since last 7 years . still our applications are under process . at some points we got strange objections .

pray for me and give me some hope and guide line


varshney said...

Hello plz send me Ur phone no.
I want to ask something.

silva said...

Dear sir,

Assalamu alaikum,

I have read many of your Amal. Also the same amal we did for our family by our muslim friend.

Pls tell us how to be in Allah's protection forever without fear of black magic or evil.Our family is

a christian family. We have strong faith in Islam. Actually i converted to Islam and got my Islamic

name isa mohamad, but i am sectretly practicing this faith without knowing to my relatives as my

freind told it is acceptable in islam. Kindly,guide me in my faith as well as please guide me for the

permanent protection for my family. ameen.

Dana said...

Assalamu alaikum

For many years, I have been having bad dreams that my life is in danger and that people are going to lie and harm me.

I get very angry after the dreams I shout and rant and spend hours ranting in anger.

I have bad dreams almost every night.

I have also had dreams about angels and Allah and Shaytaan and even the Prophet Isa but he was called Yahshua in my dream.

My name is Dana

Please can you make dua for me to Allah to help me stop being angry after the dreams and for Allah to stop or block the bad dreams if he sees fit.

Please can you tell me what to do to improve my situation and stop the bad dreams. My mother and I are religious, God fearing law abiding people but people have lied about us and I would like to ask Allah to give them the exemplary punishment so that they stop hurting us. If Allah punishes them, they will be afraid and stop so that we can be safe from these evil, Godless people.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum
I am very worried about my daughter . She has been dreaming bad dreams for a very long time .She believes all the bad dreams are true although they are untrue .After dreaming whole day she screams shouts and talks ceaselessly all so her life is being wasted by the bad dreams . She is 44 years old , never married and lives with me . I am a 75 year disabled pensioner so it is too much for me .and a blood pressure patient . Please be kind enough to advise me and please make dua for us so that she stops dreaming bad dreams and have a normal life .

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,

I want black magic remedy. mere uncle hamari ghar ke saamne chotisi jagah hai wo hadap karna chahte hai. Isliye hamara zagda chalu hai. so mere wo uncle saturday ko kuch black magic spell karte hai. he burns doll and chanting some mantras. he done this on previous saturday and then immediate sunday she got severe hurt attack. please save my granny from this black magic. please sir tell me remedy. he can also try it with us. so please tell me remedy and how how to protect from this.


basit said...

I have problem of Black Magic, some one putting black magic on me, So that's why i feel restless and not taking sleep well, and also it effect on my carrier I can not find my job. Please give some solution of this problem, I will be very thankful to you and will pray for yr long life and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Hey help me i feel some1 has done black magic on me. Getting good propsal but nothing finalizes. Some one has done it so that i dont get married

Anonymous said...

I don't want get married now but my parents want me to get married i can't refused them so I want solution that the boy coming to see me this Sunday refuse me. Plz help me

Anonymous said...

My sisters marriage not getting fix, so can i contact you for help