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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

So far we have seen that black magic is used by evil people who are full of envy, malice and jealousy. They indulge in such heinous activities with the intention of causing harm to the victim. We have also seen how they try to block the marriage of victims in order to bring disgrace and cause sufferings. However, what if the victim is already married? So will they spare them? The answer is ‘No’.

Being married can make the husband and wife more susceptible to hordes of black magic activities that can have far-reaching consequences. Unless people take adequate steps to seek Allah (swt)’s protection they can face serious repercussions. The envious lot can block the chances of conception and also cause other serious problems such as miscarriage, still-born babies and even divorce.

Though the prime agenda of such enemies is to harm the victim/victims due to their own envious nature but due to the fragility of marriage the issue can get snow balled into a major crisis. Inability to conceive can bring disgrace upon the couple in the society and cause distress to them as most of the married couples eagerly wait to have children. Moreover, in some not so rare cases the women may have to face the brunt of the situation and she ends up being blamed by her husband and in-laws for not being able to have children. Quiet a few unfortunate cases end up in a divorce because the actual problem is not understood and the wife is unfairly targeted.

There are numerous ways by which a woman can be barred from conceiving a child. Black magic spells can utilize outrageous things such as blood, photos, nail clippings, hair strands, urine; conjuration of devils; used menstrual pads etc for blocking conception.

The point to be noted here is that such activities are usually carried out by envious people around us. They can be our relatives, friends or acquaintances. However, the finger of suspicion never points at such because they cleverly disguise themselves as friends and well-wishers of the victim. So however much the victims may try but they cannot bring themselves to suspect these frenemies. Even if a reliable person reveals the true colors of such frenemies yet the victim will find it hard to believe.  So basically what happens is that the victims are kind of blind-folded by the hypocrisy of the culprits.

The symptoms of black magic induced infertility are as follows:
1.    Medical treatment proves to be ineffective.
2.    Nightmares
3.    Unexplained blue marks and scratches on the skin.
4.    Jerks in the body while sleeping after which the victim wakes up.
5.    Racing thoughts
6.    Waking up in fear.

So beware of such wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


rubi said...

Hello and Assalamu Alaikum Brother,

My name is Rubi and i am from London.

i have been with this for over 17 months, we both like each other but right now we are distanced because he is going through a Ruqya process, however he asked me to give my CV and photos to show his family, i really want us to get married and i don't want to let him go or him let go of me and i want his family to agree.

i have read your blog, is there any way you could help to resolve this?

Jazakallah, Assalamu Alaikum.

sonia said...

assalumalikum sir .i am sick for more than 13 years ........severe bodily pains ,,,mental disturbance .....social deprivement,,,,,,,nd failure after failure for 3 years in all aspects of life....socially rejected......i have been taking medical treatment for long ago,,but no improvement.....i m almost physically and mentally paralyzed...5 months back i was diagnosed by istekhara as a case of nazr bad,,,,black magic victim ,,,and ashiq jin possesion _who is sent to me by black magic.....have been taking rohani treatment bt no improvement ....kindly guide me the complete treatment whether it z thru wazaif ,,,,taveez ..or othr amliyat......becoz i m so much dpressed dat only i can think about is death and suicide......which z not in my control......for God sake ..please help me out ...and i m also completly blocked in each and every aspect of life.....by BANDISH...............M

AND THE WOMAN WHO are suspcted for this evil act ...these 3 are sisters daughters of zuleka..
they usually put things in graveyard nearby our home and gutter of our home .......

kindly tell me the complete treatment ......
and also give me any authentic contact no. where i can contact in some emergency.......
your regards
jazak ALLAH

Prashant said...

Amel !!
Brother i am going through a tough phase of my life first of all i need to say i have great respect for Islam and the powerful and effective Quran ayats that can do wonders and Miracles for a Human being if the Dua is done by a Holy & Pious person Insha Allah its Accepted

My Two primary concern are
1) Health Issue : i have been suffering from Stomach Ailment from Long time got entreat at several super specialty hospitals with no adequate cure even not diagnosed with a major problem the output is Fatigue and Lethargicness i would appreciate if i could a all sort of illness cure Tabeez which brings desired results

2) I am Single and still not able to get find suitable partner for me having a Age of 34 yrs the i am trying from 6 yrs down the line but efforts proved nil proposal came
i want a effective and powerful Tabeez for to overcome the issue its seems next to impossible to marry a beautiful,Pious,Learned &Gentle Soul mate who fills and complete the essence of life with Love and Joy i already tried many tabeez with no results reducing my faith in them

I was going through your blog and highly impressed with the information you shared i am Hindu

please see how how we can Managed to overcome this difficult task met so many Nizams and hazrat with no results

I am attaching two three tabeez from Site please see if could work out if properly prepared

Umar said...

Dear Amel Soname,


I am writing on behalf of my mother.

She continuously feels something's moving on her shoulders, sometimes on knees, sometimes on back.

She has been feeling like this for more than a year.

When she feels something's moving rapidly on her, it disturbs her a lot.

Can you check and advise any solution please.


Awaiting your response.

devendra said...

Dear sir,
my family is facing problem from a long time.need your help please help us. From the year 1971My father & mother resides in house allotted by company ,their neibours are highly gelous to my parents they are sardars and involved in black magic, they started fighting with my parents started the black magic .I have to elder brother I am third child of my parents.my parents are very innocent didnot theydo any thing .my father did fir and court case with neighbours after that they started there black majic like, nail (kill thokna),hang shoes,diware thkna, paise phek kar pani dalna, ghar ke aage kuch phenkna, ghar ke aage Kali daal ki khichdi dalna, paise phenkna darwaje ke samne ,nimbu me kill thok jar kidki ke aage phenkna ,this is told by my mother after that we suffered a lot & from so many years we are facing problems financial loss ,health, accidents,lost relationship, job loss,lost our home.now we are on rent .
I expect help from you ,please don't ignore .

tippu said...

salam amel ji.
This problem is related to my heart.my name is tippu .few months ago a girl from hindu religion proposed to me. I am not a womanizer amel ji. But I liked her sincerity.she wished to marry me. And I too accepted her proposal after she accepted to convert to islam..but none of our parents knew this. I had to get a job first.so we were waiting for the right time.but suddenly I began noticing changes in her behaviour. She started ignoring and avoiding me day by day.i confronted her. She said she is a useless girl and she cant convince her parents.so to leave her. Then I asked her about her promises.she was quiet. I was confused.she used to ignore me by day and starts crying by night saying she was unable to understand why shez doing this to me and herself.i was fed up with this. So I met her father and explained everything. He just said to leave her alone and his family.from that day I became restless and have no focus on anything.then one moulana told me that her father had done magic on her to forget me and be a puppet in his hands and on me as well to be restless and become crazy. She looks at me as if I am a stranger now. But I want to get her back and marry her desperately.i am praying to the Allah to make her mine and show me a way to achieve her.every moulana and mufti or aamil says the same about us and the magic cast upon us.please amel ji. Please help me out for the sake of the Allah.i beg of u.!!
Thank you for reading.

anas said...

Assalamo Alaikum,

My name is ANAS and I'm from India. I'm very glad and pleased after reading your broad knowledge of magic spells, jinnat and adverse effects of black magic. After getting aware about these tricks of destroying the victim's house and their business, now I can realize that the same situation my family have been going through for the last few years.My father had owned a huge business of garment but gradually entire business got failed and we have been facing financial problem since then and many other problems which I do not want to disclose. I have been looking for job in Gulf however I'm unable to get it. May be I think we too are under the influence of black magic spell. Kindly lets us know if there is such thing happening with my family. This is humble request please help us out in getting rid off the Sifli.
I would like to tell you my parent's name so as you can check the possibility of black magic.

Anonymous said...

I am having problem from 3months
I cant able to sleep at night daily
Blood comes from my mouth automatically
I am feeling some1 disturbing me in my room while i am sleeping
Even normally time also i am feeling Scare, Headache , Chest pain , Eyes pain , Eyes burning
Almost time i am feeling very very Scare

abdul aziz said...

Asalam Alaikum Brother Amel Soname,

My name is Abdul Aziz, I am from Ghana and now in the US to further my studies in PhD Mathematics. I came across your website and found it very educative, JazakaAllahu khairan. Please brother I will be extremely happy if you can find it in your heart for Almight Allah's sake to suggest me some Wazifa/Dhikr/Amals to help me in my studies be it for Ilm, memorization, understanding, Wisdom,Ilham etc. You know for one to complete a PhD, he or she needs to bring up something new in his field, which is very difficult because you to know understand what is there already but the One and Only Who Can Make it easy for me is Almighty Allah. My dream is to use the knowledge that I will gain for Allah, any help from you will be highly appreciated and thanks for being part of this dream. Hope to hear from you soon

Wa Salam.

Anonymous said...

Assalumo alikum brother,

May Allah reward you for all the good things you are doing to help the innocents who are really suffering from black magics.

Brother I really need your help please help me. Is there any way I contact you brother. As I don't wish to share my personal life story on your public site.

I wait for your earliest reply.

Anonymous said...


I writing this mail with full of tears in my eyes i have a relationship with one girl who is my neighbor but now she is marring with some other boy. i try to forget her but i cant so. can you please tell me some wazifa to forget her or give me some amal to come out of those thing. i am really in depressed not even i am concentrating on my work also please help me please.

sameer said...

Hi can u tell me how to find that person has done black magic on me?

srivastava said...

I dont know whether it is jadu tona or it is just health problem with my mother.

Actually from last few months she is suffering from chest pain, severe head pain, and some other problems.
But 4 days before she was too much bleeding from her nose for about 30 to 45 minutes. Bleeding stops for some time but then it again happens. It happened for 3 days.
of course we consulted with doctor also & She is taking medicine.

Now I just want to know either some one has done something on my mother.
If yes then how we can know.

If you can suggest it in fine way then I will be very thankful to you.

But if its your business then also thanks. But in that case I may not consult you.


zohaib said...

dear sir
i have read all your blog which is very impressive and truthful.sir i am suffering from bad luck since many years and now i am very depressed and hopeless condition.i am an engineer but i didn't get job according to my caliber and salary.now day by day i feel myself weak and confidence level also decreased.my eyes often twitching and i also feel jurk in my hand while i am sleeping but i don't found any alim who is true and trustworthy so please tell me what i can do?i am in big trouble and my family also.need your help

Latif said...

i am Latif from Ghana i have been confronted with a lot of problems around me. help me get a powerful talisman or prayers that i can use to solve my problems around me.
thank you

varun said...

Myself Varun and i come across ur site and find something related to my family...
We are from ludhiana punjab and my elder brother has done something to my dad .. may be through any muslim maulvi and give something to eat to my father.. after which i have realised that my father is not in his senses and father is completly under my brother`s control and my father who always use to disappointed by brother is now act according to my brother....

i want my father to get back to normal and come out of the magic speelll cast by my brother from maulvi....

Pls i shall be thankful to u if u let my father come out of this spelll....

kindly reply as soon as possible .... waiting for ur reply...

jayant said...

salam wa laiqum.

my problem is for past 6 years i am jobless. All my savings have drained out.There is total bandish in all respects.
For 4 years i could not diagonise the root cause of my problem.
Only last year i got feedback that some terrible negetive energy has been imposed on me due to which all these problems.
However till date no one has been able to drive away the negetive energy or you can say the jinn.

please let me know where to find someone genuine Aamil or Kamil.

I am badly need of your kind help.

khuda hafiz

sohail said...

salam sir
i am hoping that you will be fine.actually meny apki blog parh li ar mein janna hata hu ke jadoo kes ny kia hy and find that person so that hmm jadoo khatm kr skty.

Help us out plz. i am waiting of your reply or texr me
thank you Amel

Ashraf said...

Assalamu alaikum

I have read your guide. Given symptoms agree with me in all cases except the clause:
There is income, but no sustenance. I have a very very poor income against my qualification and experience. Also over months it slowly grows, but after a few months it falls down suddenly to almost nil. Secondly, a few effective measures (tadbirs) were done giving me some successes. But after a few days, successes or signs of success become ineffective.

I have also other significant problems. Different problems block the effectiveness of recovery tadbirs. Could you make a test to diagnose what really goes on in my life.

Also please suggest me how many days I should recite the particular ayat(s) after every namaz to see the recovery

Anonymous said...

Assalamalaikum brother,

I saw your website a few weeks ago and I need your help. Please see my story -

I have a history of sihr and masaha problems (I have been a victim of sihr and masaha since before I was born, in my early childhood and throughout my life, it has been done to me at least 12 times. This is not an exaggeration). I have so much misery, hardship and constant failure and misfortune in my life. To make things worse , I have so many blockages (bandish) in my life with regards to health issues because I have had stomach and digestion problem since my childhood and I found out from doctor yesterday I am diabetic but I have never had any of the physical symptoms of diabetes! (no weight loss, no thirst, not urinating many times, not feel very hungry all the time, etc). Can diabetes be caused by sihr or masaha?. I know that stomach problems, heart problems and depression can be caused by sihr and masaha.

I also have big problems and bandish with education/ilm (problem with graduation and getting my degree), no-one will give me a job, I have rizq problem, women hate me, they are rude to me and don't want to talk to me (I am 43 years old and still single). Men and women, muslims and non-muslims are always rude to me. I have no friends and I always have so much bad luck and I have no happiness or suqoon in my life. I always have stress, bad luck and bad news.

I have suffered from constant racism and discrimination in the education sector, particularly at university. I had to transfer to four different universities yet each time, something would go wrong. I am struggling to get my degree but not on account of any inherent lack of academic ability (believe it or not, I have an IQ of 150 but I also suffer from clinical depression as a result of these issues). I also have a history of a digestive disorder since childhood (although I am sure this is due to sihr and masaha as I do feel better when I read my big ruqiya or if I am listening to surah Al-Baqara and Surah Al-Imran). But these sihr, masaha and bandish problems just wont go away. I don't know what I am missing. I need help.

Anonymous said...

Four years ago, a hindu guy called (supposed family friend) requested my assistance with problems he and his daughters were going through. I quickly realised the root cause was sihr and masaha. I tried to protect myself with various duas but it was too late because his sihr and masaha started attacking me and I have been suffering ever since (bloating stomach, weakness and other physical problems and so much bad luck). To add insult to injury, once this hindu shaitaan no longer needed my help, he did sihr and masaha upon me. Everything in my life has gotten worse. I feel a great deal of anger towards . He is a curse upon humanity (I learned he has done this to other people and he even killed his first wife by doing sihr on her). I want to kill this hindu shaitaan.

I am struggling to gain shifa. I do listen to various ruqiyas on a daily basis. In November 2014, I even incorporated various ruqiyas into one large ruqiya (which takes two and a half hours to read). Since doing this, I have noticed okay improvement. However, I am still a long way from making a complete recovery because I am still having problems, especially bad luck and bandish in so many areas in my life.

I am now filled with desperation and lack of hope for the future. I also feel very angry even to Allah for ruining my life. I am forty three years old, yet I have not been able to achieve anything in my life. I have never been married as women are just not interested in me and even hate me for no reason (my aunty in India did sihr on me 24 years ago when I was 19 because I refused to marry her daughter). All this suffering I am having really upsets me a great deal and there are many times I have cried a lot. I do worry about my future as I can no longer live like this. I frequently wish my ajal would come and put me out of my misery. However, I cannot and I will not take my own life as it is haram. I am not a coward, but I need this torment to end. I am a nice guy and I do not deserve this torture.

I also found out a few weeks ago from a family friend in India that my khaandaan (relatives) in India did big sihr and bandish on my mother and father about 50 years ago and this sihr, bandish and masaha was passed onto the children (me, my brothers and sister). That is we even we the children are having so much bad luck and problems.

My mother has also been having very strange dreams. On Sunday 19th July 2015 she told me she had a dream in the night. She was in India with us and she had a baby in her arms. The baby was crying a lot and there was a man and two women trying to give my mother something to eat, that was in a small clay plat and it was wrapped up in a red cloth. My mum got scared in her dreams and tried to get away from these people in the car but they were chasing her and shooting guns at her. The car stopped, they came out and were banging on the windows. My mother then woke up. I believe the baby in the dream was me and I checked online and red cloth especially silk in a dream means someone will have many health problems and sickness in their life. I have had many health problems and sickness in my life since the day I was born. On top of that, when I was a child here in England, a Pakistani 'friend' gave a red dresss to my sister and red clothes to me. We found out many weeks later from a trustworthy family friend that those clothes were cursed. I saw ifreet because of it and so did my sister.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, I try my best to perform all salah although admittedly I do sometimes miss fajr and isha but not on account of disobedience. Rather, I just feel too run down, particularly in the early mornings and at night. For the last few days I have made a concerted effort to keep up with my salah.

I am not a scholar, nor am I a trained raqi. I am just an average guy who has taught himself from various books such as 'The exorcist tradition in Islam', 'How to protect yourself from jinn and shaitaan' and 'Sword against black magic and evil magicians', 'Ad-dua', 'Hisnul-muslim' and other books. BUT I need expertise help.

I have made okay progress by reading myself. However, it is very possible I could be missing something which a fully trained or experienced raqi would pick up on. I also cannot keep struggling on my own. I just want to make a complete recovery asap.

Please advise!. If you can help me or if there are people you know who can help me, then please, please help me.

Please forgive me for any inconvenience caused.

Unknown said...

I am arshi from kolkata marrid for 4 years.im a nurse by profession.but i have unexplained infertility.no medical issues but both are suffering from this problem.
Is there any spiritual process or dua to remove it.

Unknown said...

I am arshi from kolkata marrid for 4 years.im a nurse by profession.but i have unexplained infertility.no medical issues but both are suffering from this problem.
Is there any spiritual process or dua to remove it.