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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

The word banishment refers to an enforced removal from one’s own city, native place or country. It is a type of a punishment which is imposed on an individual by a country. There are many examples of people who have been exiled from their own country and have been in the hiding for quite long. Some of the famous exiled include are Napoleon Bonaparte, Benazir Bhutto, Dalai Lama, Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie among others.

The reasons behind such exile cases can be either political or religious. However, I shall be discussing those cases here in which the underlying cause is neither religious nor political but paranormal instead. Yes! One of the ways in which the enemy can harass the victim through black magic is by casting a spell on the victim to evict him from his own city or country. Consequently, the victim keeps on running from pillar to post and he never returns to his original place and position. The reason why the enemy may want the victim to get exiled is definitely to destroy his life. Such a victim can be compared to a large, grown tree which has been uprooted by a storm. There is almost no chance left for such a tree to grow back again because the roots which hold a tree vertical, get damaged. The same thing happens with the victim too. He becomes like an uprooted person who is forced to leave his home, family, belongings, friends and work and simply sink into oblivion.

If an uprooted plant is replanted in a new place, it may or may not grow again. Likewise, the victim also has very fewer chances for reaching his erstwhile glory in a new place because the loss done to him is almost irreversible.

The cases of black magic induced exile can be identified by the following symptoms:

1.    The victim often gets a hint through scary dreams.

2.    Until the spell loses its power the victim is unable to return to his original place and position. If the spell is very powerful then the victim may continue to run from pillar to post in search of sustenance and growth. However, he will never get a chance to regain his former glory.

3.    The powerful spell succeeds in keeping the victim away from his own house. However much he may try to get back and lead a normal life but he is unable to do so.

4.    The victim’s life gets scattered and shattered by losing his original place and home. He feels suffocated because he is unable to change his pathetic condition. Due to being constantly drifting to new places the victim’s life does not move ahead.

 Even such an outrageous spell can be reversed if the problem is detected on the right time. However, if the victim does not understand all this then it can lead him into a very difficult situation and bring about irreparable damage to his self-esteem and honor.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,

Amel Soname



Hellen said...

Hello Amel,

I trust you are keeping welll.
I found you on your healing black magic blog.

After reading a few articles I saw that you make sense of what I have been experiencing. I know I and my family are under Black magic and Voodoo attack because the person who did it boast openly about how we can do nothing to her.

My two brothers have been murdered at the request of this person.

I am struggling to survive, and I did a lot of healing and clearings from healers but no success. My situation is getting worse, everything is affected.
From your blog now I understand it is a case of 'one against many ' and why it becomes stronger every time I try to get help.

We are Christians and strongly believe in prayer.
I request your assistance in removing both issues from my family and myself.
If you can not do it by yourself, I would be very grateful if you can direct us to someone who can help. Let us know what we need to do.

Thank you for your help.
God's blessings be with you.

Afreen said...

My name is afreen ..i have completed Btech(2011).iam searching for job since 4yrs.last year may i joined for a startup company..i worked for 4months only and i left the job due to family issues.after that in march i joined for a part time job due to some issues and even i lost that job.nw iam looking for a job which is related to my subject.*:( sad.
In 2012,my marriage was fixed with a guy unfortunately that alliance was cancelled.after that 3 more alliance came and all were liked but not fixed till now.
Since 4years..iam not getting married and iam not getting proper job.Now i dont have money to stay in cities for searching job..
Please help me to resolve the problems.
Please suggest me remedies to get job.
please reply me

Thanks in advance,


Haider said...

assalam.o.alaikum, i want to know if i am a victim of black magic? My wife left my house and me. Is this due to any kind of magic? Aa we love each other but few months back fights began to arise between us. Plz reply me

Urooj said...

Salaam Amel, I found you on the black magic cure website.
What I need to ask is, I'm a 19 year old girl.. and ever since the age of 11 I began detecting abnormality in my face. All of a sudden it began growing asymmetrically, left side more prominent than the other along with nose growing really crooked, along with teeth alignment.

It caused me a lot of anxiety, depression, and also breathing issues due to bad sinuses. At first I obviously thought it was medical- as facial disfigurement/asymmetry is explained in medical terms now and they say it is a result of bad chewing habits, possibly genetics etc.

So being from the UK, and failing to get a proper diagnosis wherever I went, I decided to go all the way to South Korea 2 months ago to get it fixed there (because they are the plastic surgery capital of the whole world) so I got jaw mandible reduction (where they shave off the prominent jaw bone), rhinoplasty (to make nose straighter) and incisional eyelid and ptosis correction (to correct mildly asymmetric eyes and make them more open because before they were tired and sleepy looking.)

Obviously I went through all the pain of going through facial surgery and still am swollen and recovery mode now, but the problem is not solved. Yes my face looks better but when I look in the camera you can still clearly see asymmetry and disfigurement.. and that has mostly to do with my teeth alignment (asymmetric and diagonal) Obviously I knew the surgery to correct that would be two-jaw surgery (which is the most dangerous yet effective surgery you can get for facial asymmetry and dental issues) but I simply don't have the money.

Like all the other procedures my parents paid for and I got discounted to £7000 in Korea.. but two-jaw ranges from £10,000-£30,000- and recovery time is long.

I just don't have the money or the time and am also beginning to think this is something deeper. It may be a case of evil eye or black magic because I have an aunt who has never wanted good for me and always looks at me in an evil way when I meet her. We recently got in contact with an amil (this is not to do with my facial disfigurement btw.) in Pakistan who confirmed to my parents that yes there's 3 women in the family that are performing black magic on my whole family (thats why my dad cant get to sleep, my brother's going in to debt and he doesn't have control over it etc etc.)

But the amil last week said that he's cured it and everything going to be ok now. But obviously I didn't ask about my face because I was too embarrassed, plus my parents think the issue has gone and that my face is fixed- so I don't wanna disappoint them by bringing up this issue AGAIN.

I read Tahajudd everyday and have been doing so for so many months now. And I want to know which Q'uranic ayats to read to help get rid of this. Because I believe and i KNOW Allah is gonna fix this, just how it developed at 11 and got worse and worse, its gonna reverse and get better and better soon too with Allah's help no doubt- because He's not let me down yet.

But is there anything more I can do and read to speed up the process?
Please reply asap.. I'm really desperate

Thanks a bunch,

taj said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Assalamualaikum !

Hope you well, Kindly my name is Taj Bar Said (Mr.) I want to take advise from you because since 4

Years my body is not growing well and day by day my weight is decreasing & usually I am feeling throat

infection & hear burning,

further my dream is less and every night I see a lot of bad dreams specially from one family in my


asfand said...

aslam-o-alikam my name is asfand and im in a great problem right now i have spoiled everything and im in agreat mess plaz help me give me some guidline plz i will be waiting for your rply.

shahid said...

I have problems in getting married and health issues. I read the symptoms of black magic and evil spirit shown in dreams and i had the same problem but i was not aware of the meaning like i see toilet, urine and faces attached with my body several times, i use to hear someone breathing near my ear and i get scared in my dreams as well and at times i could feel someone actually and i woke up being so scared.I wanted to marry someone and he also wanted to marry me and his family liked me too but suddenly the things got turned around and resulted in a trauma for me. Whenever i used to pray i got a reverse reaction in response. I really prayed a lot and did some wazifas as well but things turned in the extremely opposite direction. Please help me get rid of the problems im facing in my marriage and health. The moment I stop remembering Allah Almighty I get upset and so disturbed. The most strange thing with me is that I usually feel someone around me and I can very easily hear him breathing. I have lost my appetite and stay very depressed and stressed.

kamran said...

salaam, i got your email from a friend. I have been jobless for 6
months where ever i apply they call me for interview but after that
they reject me. I am a graduate and have 15 years experience. Please
check if someone has placed a spell on me.. My name is kamran I am married and have 2 kids. Please reply. Best

Anonymous said...

i want to discuss abt my mother . she is ill from many years but on 2009 she got brain hemorrhage. and her left side become paralyse and from 2009 we have done everything but the magic on her is very strong .. she got breathing problem in 2006 .. some one told us that there is a magic on us specially on my mother .. my sister is fighting with menses problem from 10 years .. she have done every kind of treatment but there is no effect on her condition .. now i reallly want to get rid of this situation ..my mother is in pain she cant able to handle her self for a single mint. her left side is week but she have to go to washroom after every 10 15 mints for urine .. in every december her conditions go worse and this time i m very afraid as my parents r the only world to me plz guide me what to do..
thank u

wahid said...

A salaam alikum. Marshallah u have listed all the types, now plz tell us the treatment of jadu tafreeqa through Quran. Wife and husband quarreling on trivial matters and gussa and shak etc .plz guide us for which Allah taala will reward u abundantly........ameen

qureshi said...

Dear sir

I am in deep problem, I am earning very good income but still there are lakhs and lakhs of dues, we sold our house, I am in deep debt, unable to sleep, unknown fear.

My parents are always in problem. Every time serious money problems, I am earning good money but no savings but debts are increasing.

my wife had very long hairs but since one year her hairs are becoming less day by day.

Previously my younger brother faced so many problems like mirgi, jadu, jinn every thing, we did all the treatment now he is fine.

Every time we be settling financially then there will be some problem suddenly again zero and it goes on.

I am in deep financial problems, suicidal thoughts, unknown fear, no sleep, mind will be pre occupied all the times, tensions, bechaini everything is happening.

My job is exports manager. 25 days in saudi and 5 days in india. Since past three years.

Please help me by solving my problems. I want to leave peacefully.

kalpana said...

i am facing such symptoms ..this kind of symptom i am facing......i have to pass my 12th public exam this year ....please help me ...my enemy did black magic on me not to pass exam and not to led happy life with my husband.....i am not getting interest in studying ....whenever i sit to study my mind get diverted.....suggest me some remedies....my enemy did black magic ...so they become against to me...i don't know what to do....please suggest me some remedies...those who r doing black magic on me protect me from them....on coming march i have to right exam without any obstacle so suggest me remedies....thank ..

kele said...

Asalam Alikum
Hello, I have found and read your blog and i am happy that allah has given you the knowledge to write this because black magic is incredibly destructive and people have to be educated on this issue. However, i have a problem of this sort, i think i am being controlled using black magic by my husband, i think that he used this black magic to get me to marry him, we cannot speak to each other at all without fighting in the most wicked manner.
His name and thoughts of him are on my mind 24 hrs a day, even when i try to not think about him. The thoughts make me hopeless and suicidal, i have to pray and cry to allah for it to go away. I cannot do my job well and i feel like laying in my bed all day. I have been doing roqya on and off for the past year also dikr allahs names hundreds of times each day.
My latest dilemma is that i think he has done some thing to break my sustenance, and all for my relationships, speaking to him is very difficult as if we are speaking two completely different languages, my heart palpitates and my back feels heavy and very achy, when i see him i have the strongest anxiety in my chest and my chest feels constricted.
I used to be very smart and active now i have chronic depression, i have a feeling like some one has injected poison in my blood and i feel suicidal. I feel terrible and unhappy all the time. My anger feels like something or someone is pushing me to it, i try to stop my self and i cant. I will like to talk to someone who also knows about this subject. Can you help me?

Asmina said...

Salam Walequm Sir ,
My name is Asmina , I just saw your website today and hope for your blessing and help.
I am in love with a boy and our family also knew it and accepted our love . My parents are ready for my marriage after my studies over and his family also wanted the same .
But from some months he talks with other girls and also behave very badly with me . before he used to do anything for me but now always quarrels with me .
I want to make him love me as before I want our relation to be full of love and peace as our marriage will be soon.

zaman said...

Dear sir
I have suffocation during sleep with a dream since many years this occurs twice or more in a month.two months before i asked an amil to cure it he asked for my picture and asked to call him daily in evening and then recite sura falak and naas for 15minutes thinking of his face.i did It for 17days and on 17th day my health became very bad i got fast heart beat and nausea which comes and goes every day or other day.i told him and he said stop it now he will complete 21 days,after this condition was same.i thought he is doing this may be for money so i stopped talking to him.i asked another aamil he said its black magic and he will cut it and asked money.I gave him money and he said he cut it but i felt alot of heart beat and nausea.Then i started doing ruqya on zam zam and drinking it since one month now problem is very less but sometime it increases and sometime it reduces.i was very good in health with athletic body and now i m in trouble.i ahve lower back pain and almost nausea all the day and if i not drink zam zam with ruqya i feel heart beat problem and also if somebody scream it hits in my head very badly.

nahid said...

Salamo alikom can you please perform
Istikhara for me I am going through a rough time I have been for many months now I want to know if I should carry on with a certain situation
Thank you

vishwas said...

Dear Sir,
Please find my details below
Problem:Continous Health Problems (Non Detectable),Job Problem,Poor Financial condition.
Many of astrologers suggested that i am under influence of black magic which is continously played by some
magician done by some close relative.
But no body is able to cure completetly.

Please help me to identify the exact problem and guide to cure this completely.
I would also like to reverse this to the person who is playing with me.

Kindly help and guide me.

irfan said...

aslam o alikum

mera name irfan ha or ma company ma electrical ka kam karta ho magr 3 say 4 month ho gay ha ka dil bachan sa rahta ha kam par dil nay agta gar jao to gar dil nay lagta
koi wazifa batay

faheena said...

Pls help me.. I am lost i dont know what is going on... We had the most amazing life love and trust.. He is some other person suddenly.. He hates me, doesn't talk to me, doesn't see me, doesn't eat at home, doesn't care abt marriage or kids he is someone else.. He is not my husband who loved me more than his life..
Pls help i am about to end my life.. I ca not live like this... Cant take take more

adamu said...

Asalamualaiku! my name is lami am from nigeria, my mother and all her
children we have been having terible misfortune for a longer time now,
and we were having different suspicious not until revelation happen
that it is due to a powerfull magician man in the family he is always
making sure that none of us prosper in life, if any of us try to
prosper he will make it fail and smbody is sexing me, at night my life
is miserable. And he is allways preaching of the only quran to us so
that we will never suspect him, i think he is collecting our lucky
too, thanks

Sobia said...

online you have mention all black magic symptoms and almost i am having all symptoms you have mention...

kindly let me know what should i do