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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a sexual disorder which is characterized by a failure in developing or maintaining an erection of the penis during sexual intercourse. If we look at the problem from the medical viewpoint we find that there is a plethora of causes due to which a man can face this sort of inability. However, besides the physical or psychological causes there are also several cases wherein this sort of predicament is thrust on to a man by means of black magic, rendering him incapable of having a normal sex life.

The outcome of this type of black magic can be quite devastating for any man, whether married or unmarried. If a bachelor faces such a problem then he will face a dilemma whether to get married in life or not. In cases where married men are subject to this sort of black magic, not only will there be an unpleasant situation in their married life but they will also become incapable of having biological children.

If we try to analyze the reasons why an enemy would try making a man turn impotent, we find that there can be two reasons:
1.    If the victim is a bachelor then obviously the black magician wants to put him in an awkward situation as the latter will not be able to muster enough courage to contemplate marriage.
2.    If the victim is already married then preventing him from having biological children cannot be the sole reason for casting such a spell. After all, there are other ways of doing so also, such as-making the wife barren, miscarriages etc. So the reason why an enemy would resort to this black magic spell is definitely to kill two birds with the same stone. On the one hand, child birth can be blocked and on the other the victim will be humiliated and his sex life will get affected.  

3.    The symptoms of black magic induced impotence as are follows:
4.    Partial or no erection
5.    Less or no semen.
6.    Medical treatment is not effective in such cases, obviously because the doctors cannot cure black magic.
7.    Nightmares are common in all black magic cases. Seeing filthy toilets, feces, urine, sifli moakkils such as snakes, owls, etc is one of the symptoms which indicate black magic activities.
8.    Frequent nocturnal emission such as twice or thrice a weak is a sure-shot symptom of black magic spell for impotence. Excessive nocturnal emission can cause abnormal sperm production and as a matter of fact, many cases of male infertility are caused by sperm abnormalities. Excessive nocturnal emission can also lead to other problems such as a low sperm concentration, premature ejaculation and problems in erection of the penis.

So basically the problem of black magic induced impotence can be identified by the victim very easily because medical treatment is not effective at all in such cases and the problems persists despite medical treatment. Secondly, the condition, (of impotence) also accompanies black magic symptoms such as nightmares, body jerks, eye twitching, frequent wet dreams etc.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

how to stop this black magic? i have been effected by two to three nocturnal emissions each week for last seven years

muneeba said...

Alhumdullilah v happy to read ur blog. Brother my name is muneeba . I live in Karachi,Pakistan.
I have been told I m under influence of black magic. I don't know if I m not or I am.i am unable to find true aamils here around me anywhere . People lie n take a lot of money ,.. My engagement broke in 2012 . Started talking to same guy a year back and he recently ran away again. I came to know the whole breakup was BCs of black magic. I don't know if it's true or not. Over all my house my family n myself t in a lot of problems. Help me if u can brother.. I have started regular prayers Manzil 4 kul,durood , surah Fatiha,ayat ul Kursi as told by a molvi sahab n surah younus 80,81,82 seven times daily twice daily..
What should I do? I wana get settled in life .. Get married have children . Etc
I read the symptoms of magic u wrote. I have half of those sings including going to washroom v often eating all the time,pain in neck n shoulders.,too much anger n frustration b depression ...
help me plz .. May Allah bless u.. Jazak allah wa Khair brother

masooda said...

My husband is 17 hours away from me working and it's been 3 weeks he's fighting with me and cursing me i asked another maulawi about him and he said my husband is under black magic. I need help to remove his black magic I am a mother of 3 kids and i am very helpless and i need my husband to come home to help me raise our kids and support me. Please give me something to read to break the spell of black magic. I asked maulawi sahib to help me remove the black magic but he didn't reply yet and i need help as soon as possible. I cannot wait before it gets worse. Please help me asap. I don't know what to do.
Please reply me back asap give me something to read to remove this black magic between me and my husband. My kids are crying after him they want their back please help. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum. My name is afroz i got ur adres frm intrent i cmpleted b.sc before 3.5 years im nt get any proper job yet am searching job i also went dubi saudi also bt i nt get proper job and one thng i hve to tel u im a very brilliant student iam very intrestd in science subjects i had a dream to became engineer bt i cnt i failed evry step of my life nw a days my family insltng me that i didnt get proper job even simple jobs also plz amil sahab help me iam 25yers old plz tl me wht hpn to me is any blakmagic aquired me iam so dipresed plz plz help me tel me how to come out frm ths prblm plz alh bles u waiting fr ur rply. Shukran

Aqsa said...

My name is Aqsa I am student of medical 2nd year.I am facing problems in my studies, health issues ,eye sight etc.I do have parotid gland swelling (gilti) at right side of face below the ear since one year. Recently i do have on and off pain at this site.I m very lazy, no interest in studies, i feel less hungry, I m under weight, mind concentration is poor etc Kindly tell me whether i m victim of black magic or not. I shall be very thankful to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother in Islam, Assalamu alaikykum,

I read some of your advices in Black Magic Removes with Quran and I am so anxious to hear what you have to say about a situation that I've been living with for the past 35 years and it seems it will never go away.

I am a simple American Muslim man of North African origin. Ever since I moved to the US, I realize that I couldn't finish my education, find a spouse, or hold a job. On 2010 I met a woman and we decided to get married. Once I came to her country of origin to meet her family ect I got hit by a motor cycle, a Taxi and the city hall was closed due to a strike... At that night, I couldn't perform my salat Al Isha as though someone was holding my hand. That night also I had a dream of a woman dressing in black telling me not to marry that girl. After we got engaged on the following day, at the party, I got really sick at the end of the night and I thought I was going to die. Moreover,

I lost my dad and he was only in his early 60s and immediately my mom got hit with a stroke and became paralyzed till today. One of my brothers was a gambler addict and died young last year (2013). An other brother always gets into trouble with the law, he drinks alcohol, and consumes illegal substance... He was put in jail so many times and I believe he is sober now. Finally, my youngest brother was also involve in alcohol and use to go out with a bad female girl friend who practiced sorcery on him...He is sober now and got married to my niece al hamdou lillah.

As you see, there are patterns of problems and it is very clear to me that someone had performed sorcery on my family. My family was a good Muslim family who fellows the real Islam when my father was alive. Everything was good then but all of a sudden everything fall apart. Upon reading this long story can you please help me out and tell me what to do and how to solve this problem that lasts my entire life? Is there anything I can do islamically? Please help. May Allah reward you. Ameen.

Jazaka Allah Khary


Anonymous said...

Salaam. ..I m staying in Tanzania. .have problem for my sick daughter ..she is 28 years ..sinnce birth..she is not staying well..too hyper no speech..growing well but not mentally ok.. ..plz need your help..any duas ..jazakhallah

muntahaa said...

May you be blessed for your help with the amals,now i have a question i have seen one amal and i think it suites my problem,if you are there,pls let me know and i will ask my question:thankyou my name is muntahaa

ahsan said...

I am thankful to u for giving response, My story is very long but i will try write as short as possible, I m ahsan from Pakistan but i am working in United Arab Emirates as Accounts teacher, Sir when i was in Pakistan few years back i was normal I use to see very good dreams, I always use to see dreams like i am praying in masjid, I am reciting quraan in masjid, Once i saw i was crying in dream that how i left m Fajr prayer, I always use to see flowing water and i am doing sajdah, I saw khaan kaaba then sir 2-3 times it happened to me that in reality not in dream i felt v regretful on my bad deeds and i cried a lot, I thought that this is because i am sad so i cried but then once in taraweeh i i cried a lot n felt v good after that, even now few days back i had same experience i cried a lot remembering allah, but sir I am not a good person at all, I m possessed by evil spirit because all symptoms u told on ur website now i have all of them, when i came to UAE for searching job, I got job v fas and then i went back for visa process, When i went back sir something wrong happened with me, In ramadaan once i started feeling that there is something wrong with me because i wanted to do something wrong, something which will harm me, For few days i felt like this, I told one of my friend that there is something wrong with me, I became v quiet sir, I would not talk, then my father one day after sehri asked me what happened and big drama started, i started crying and I said that there is something in window, please close this window, remove it from here, i couldn't see anything but still i was saying that, then i said give me knife i want to kill my self then i started trying to hurt me many people together have to hold me becoz i use to get strength and 2-3 men couldn't control me, then sir my dreams also changed i stopped looking good dreams in fact i started looking bad dreams, like dark forest, ugly faces all this, I started getting sleeping paralysis, jerks and all this, my parents took me to psychiatristplus all peer (religious people), My visa process also stopped it had to be completed in 1 month but it took 3 months, sir i must say in between i lost hope from Allah, I thought every thing i did is not giving me any benefit, sir all my family members were crying on my situation, anyways we went to many ppl, after 3 months my visa came, then i came to uae, did job here for 2-3 months went back got married, and then came back n working here for last 1.5 years, sir i made it v short if u had an question u can ask, sir my problem is that now i have some control on my self but still sometimes i get so much angry i couldn't control ma self, i can do anything at that time, i try to pray but for few days i pray like 5-6 days but then certainly i have to stop, then again it will come to my mind i am doing wrong i will go again for praying but then again i stop, when i stop i get involved in bad things, sir i got addicted to pornography as well, so when i pray i don't see anything and i m regretful on my bad deeds , I really want Allah, i love Allah but then i get carried away, i don't know and i stop praying n started something bad for instance pornography n all this, i become helpless, sir i still get sleeping paralysis, i get jerks while sleeping, i get angry, sometimes i couldn't hear verses of quran i got anxiety becoz of quran verses, before when i couldn't control ma self i reacted v badly if someone will recite quraan in front of me, Sir i don't know what is happening, sometime I want to leave everything for Allah and go for Allah and I have so much love for Allah, but sometimes I will do so bad things which makes me regretful what will happen to me when i will die, Sir i use to assume that i am good becoz i pray and remember Allah but now i realize i am so week that i got possessed by evil, becoz those who have good faith doesn't get possessed by them. Now i am going through all this, can u tell me what's my problem?

mayra said...


My mother in law is using black magic on her entire family. She has created lots of problems for my marriage. She is trying to get him to leave me or kick me out. She wants him to be with another woman. I have reached out to a reader and she clarifies it for me. My husband is under her spell and does not want to leave the home. I know deep down inside he desires to leave. he is always back and fourth

I need help so i can save my marriage.

Sadea said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum SIr,

From januari 2015 I have no job anymore. I am trying hard to get a job. Still no succes. Might be some 'rakawat ' or 'nazar'.
Past year was not a good year for me as well

Please help me so I can get a job soon.

With kind regards,

Allah Hafiz,

Anonymous said...

Hello I am from india,haryana,rohtak.
This city is 2 hours away from delhi.
I saw your blog and I am very happy to see a person who know so much about black magic.now I want to come on point I always got a thought of suivide I am only 20 years and from last 6 years im very disturb.evryday I think how to kill my self.i have all the addictions and all.pls help me.may allah tala fullfill all your wisher.
Waiting for your reply very eagerly pls dnt ignore.i really need your help.

habib said...

Assalamu alaykum,

I know someone who has had significant problems all his life:

He has undergone various difficulties in his life, including a divorce and inability to find a good job, etc. Currently, he is trying to get married and there constantly seems to be road blocks placed in the way of him trying to get married - after the girl's parents were asked and things had gotten close to the engagement, his father suddenly out of nowhere said no and he has no legitimate reason for saying no to his son getting married.

Recently, he was describing being in a state of half sleep/half wakefulness and he saw different faces, particularly a female face that he states looked like she was running towards him with a menacing looking face. Previously, he has reported feeling some sort of a "presence" that tries to scare him.

I wanted to see if you could look into this to see if there is any type of sihr or anything else that has been done on him, please.

JazakAllah khayr.

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,

Asalaam u alikum,

I am settled in UK from last 15 years. I did not know that me and family been victimized of magic.
We have been struggling for last 10 years and did not hit the worse crisis as of now. when one of my friends asked me to get checked i got my self checked by Amel in Pakistan and few other Amels in different cities of Pakistan also confirmed me.
Who ever in family has done it has done full bandish on income and i have the most symptoms i read in your blogs. Don't feel like praying and stuff. I am under too much debt lost my house back home here and me and my family are going through much crisis. Tried several Amel for treatment but cannot see problems resolving can you please assist.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at shir info. On web sites , Came across your blogs very interesting and full of wisdom jazakallah. Hexko torna hai...
Please let me know, what is required from this person ,so you can help him.

hamad said...

Dear, It is kindly let you know that I am happy to see such work which helps people in your website regarding these sort of Black Magic problems.
My Name is Hamadullah Shaikh, I am 38 Years old male. Dear I have been suffering from following problems for last 15 years.
When Ever I sleep, at once unknown body comes and attack on me, I scream a lot but nobody listen me, I feel some one is hugging me, get a jerk in the legs, arms or whole body the moment I fall into sleep. It happens with me from time to time for last 15 years
· I have some health problems since that, my digestive system is almost worst, I can’t pass full stool, and feel always pain in the left side of lower part of belly
· Taking medicine which works at the beginning then starts giving you more problems
· Doctors are unable to detect and diagnose feeling pain in stomach and lose of appetite, Medicines do not work even twice the doctors have operated but they find no evidence of stomach pain.
· Dreaming of Dirty Places, Shit, Toilet, Urine,
· loss of sexual drive
· Change in Complexion; becoming darker day by day
· Lack of interest in life and at work
· the whole body is in pain.
· the whole body remains hot
· fast heat beats.
· feeling tired without any reason
· body feels weak for no reason
· Career problems, and in my social life people avoid me from being friend

I will be highly thankful if you kindly do something to get me out of such situation, I am married, having 2 kids but I have even no interest in wife and my family marital life is too much affected, Please do something for me.
I will bee keenly waiting for your reply..

Anonymous said...

I am victim of black magic in which I am not getting sperm ejaculation while masturbation. The penis is not getting enough big,too. Can you give some remedy?

tanzeel said...

i am tanzeel i have done acca ( chartered accountant) i have completed my degree in june 2012 and since then i am looking for job and still i am jobless, it is 3 years that i am jobless.
this was my brief jobless introduction...
coming to the point, i want to have my hamzad and for that i have done some wazief as well but i got nothing.
i need guidence in this matter. but please keep my problem secret please

jahangir said...

Aslam walicum....my name is jahangir and I live in usa...I think someone has done black magic on me can you please tell me is it true and how can I remove it .....thank you so much

divya said...

M divya from Gujarat. I got married laat year in March. It was me and my husband's second marriage. Now since last 2months we are separated and now my husband is asking for divorce. Please give me some advice to help me save my marriage.

Zafor said...

Assalamualaikum. Hows life?In a nutshell we have a lot of enemy.Is their any power full prayer or amal so that we can get rid of enemy forever?Please let me know as soon as you can.I am seeking your help.
I appreciate your kindness.
Thanking You

Anonymous said...

Hey ! I donno whether m under the influence of any black magic or not ! M not able to concentrate my mind on my studies like previously I used to score in 90%s but now my mind does not coincides with books I donno y ! Actually in previous few years my father has been subjected to a very serious n dangerous black magic on him which led to serious condition in his health ...n we got to know about my brother who is really a substitute to genius in studies but is unable to qualify government jobs ...we were all vei worried n den I haven't discussed about my condition wid my parents I just wanna tell I tried giving up on any obstacles between me n my studies but a sudden energy comes which manipulates my mind ..I wasn't at all like dat my % has started lowering since last year I doubt my nearby aunt as she is very jealous of my family's prosper in every aspect but I can't say ! I really wanna score good plz help me ! Recognize it what is it coz it can b completely phycological also but its only a possibility I can feel my decreasing work out of brain n increasing desires in pleasure

Unknown said...

After sex, she smells like there's faeces in the room. What's this about?

flybond said...

There is only one name that every demon and dark spirts tremble. It is the name of Jesus. Dear brothers and sisters who are tormented by these evil spirits, I will pray for your deliverance. You must have tried everything to get rid of your problem. Try Jesus once. He will deliver you.