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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Headache is a quite common problem and getting rid of it necessitates that we should be aware of their underlying cause. Headaches can be triggered by various reasons such as sinusitis, epilepsy, migraine, neurosis; clinical depression etc. Apart from these medical problems headaches can be also triggered through black magic.

Irrespective of the purpose for which black magic spell is cast, the victim is bound to suffer from headaches. However, if the spell has been cast for some purpose such as blocking the victim’s success, marriage prospects etc then headaches which will ensue will be irregular and less painful. On the other hand, if the enemy has ordered the black magician to cast a spell specially meant for causing headaches, then the ensuing headache will be a chronic and nagging one. Headaches and heaviness or stiffness in the head are closely associated with black magic because attempts are made to captivate and control the victim’s mind by means of negative energies. However, if the magic spell is cast on the victim especially to cause headaches, then the headaches are excruciating and constant.

Now the pertinent question that arises is that why the black magicians resort to this kind of spell? Is it to simply cause pain to the victim or does it has some other purpose also? To find the answer to this question let us compare our brain with an engine and our body with the vehicle. This makes it clear that any kind of problem in the engine will hamper a smooth drive. Likewise, a person who has excruciating headaches cannot be expected to focus on his work and finish any task at hand, efficiently. So the victim is tormented through spells which produce headaches so that his life gets affected.

If a naïve victim is inflicted with this spell then his first reaction would be to go for an eye-check up. When everything turns out fine there then the doctor will advice him/her to go for a MRI. Such needless treatment will go on and on but it will not provide any relief. So if knowledge is akin to a weapon then one should be well-armed. Instead of groping in the dark and letting the black magic overpower you, you should get to the root of the problem and overcome black magic before it overcomes you.

As I have mentioned in the earlier part of this post, headaches can be cause due to a plethora of physical and psychological reasons also. In order to pinpoint those headaches which are caused solely through black magic, one should look out for the following symptoms:

1.    The headaches are almost constant and unbearable.
2.    They are accompanied with unexplained blue bruises, in case of women.
3.    You have a feeling that someone else is in control of your mind.
4.    Irrational fears.
5.    Panic attacks
6.    Exhaustion

If some of these symptoms also occur along with the persistent headaches, then it is time for spiritual healing.   

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Tipu said...


I am Tipu ---Dhaka,Bangladesh

Sometimes i see in dream I am sinking in the river
Sometimes I am nude
No confidence,friends become enemy, no fame, huge crises , fear after waking,unstable mind, i can not think because head dieses

Am i under attack black magic?


paliwal said...

Dear Amel,
I lost my good job a month before , without any reason. I was doing well. Right now I am job less
and not able to get a good Job. My wife is also suffering from Unknown urine infection where Dr says She
is perfectly all-right but she is not feeling well . Is it done by some one for bad intention or My
perception. Can you help me here ?

malika said...

As salaam walaykoom..

I want to find out if my mom is affected by any kind of Kala jadoo as she is been really sick lately and has pain in her chest and back. All the tests have been conducted for TB, chest x-rays and all sorts of blood test and the doctors are not able to rule out anything.

Can you please let me know what is the best way to find this out and what other information do you require from me.

Thanks for the help.

cherome said...

im not muslim and I don't know really whats happening I have been sick from I don't know what high blood pressure really bad nightmares this has been going on for years and if I get a job something always goes wrong something is wrong I feel because im the kind of person where things just naturally go right for but for at least 10 years or more it seems life my life is fading I need help I have small kids and I know its evil at work can you help me

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,Asalamualakum:

my daughter,s in laws and her husband are very bad people and forcing her for TAllaq

They always want money .She has one daughter two years old.

We are too much terrified from them and want to get rid of them.

Please send me and tell me any but very powerful wazifa for them to get rid of them.

I want to close their tongue for ever even if possible to destroy them to death.

Please send me your most powerful wazifa

waiting for your reply


Salauddeen said...

My name is Salauddeen. I live in Singapore. For the past two years everything in my life has been going very badly. For example, I completed 4 years of degree but it took me an additional 6 months to get it in my hand. Then I had been looking for a job for over a year and finally got one, thanks to God. These things keep dragging all the time and it has gotten worse over the recent years. My problem now is that last year in March my parents arranged a girl for me to get married to. The girls family liked me and my family liked the girl. The girl's name is Yasmin. Although I was hesitant because of no job and all, I agreed to marry the girl after 3 years and proposed we get engaged. So we got engaged and with God's grace everything was going well, atleast I thought it was. My fiancee broke up with me overnight. Her family along with my family and me were confused and still are. I asked her what was wrong to which she replied that she doesn't know. Her family and mine suspect that black magic might be involved. We came to this conclusion because she told me that she wanted zero contact with me and that she wanted it to be a clean break. This all happened all of a sudden. No sign of her coming back. Her mother is confused and so am I. Please check and let me know if black magic has been done or not? Should you require any further details please don't hesitate to contact me here. Please note it has gotten to the point that I have almost given up on life.

Thanking you kindly.

Anonymous said...


Hope your fine there, about 18 months ago i read your blogs and i follow it but i dont remember what i follow and it help me out and i got job and also i get married as now my age is 36 years, thanks alot for your blogs ALLAH bless you more and more.... AMEEN, i want to contact you because i am willing to go out of country and its very hard to go out as i face lots of problem and also i got problem in my home all the time fight at home i dont know whats going on so could you please help me out and give me your number so that i can contact you or meet you asap i will be very thankful to you.

Moiz said...

Salaam !!!

I read your articles about black magic and jinns on the internet. My name is Moiz and I am located in Mumbai

I too am suffering from such black magic from past so many years. It has ruined my life completely. I have no job, no house to live and my wife and children has also left me and gone. I remain unwell and in-spite of trying very hard I am not able to succeed in getting any job or doing any work.

I need your help and hence need to talk to you. May I please know where are you located and can I have your mobile number where I can call you and speak to you???

Hoping for your help and co-operation.

omer said...

Dear Amel Soname


Someone has been doing some magic on me THREE to FOUR times a day.

I get extreme pain and disturbance in body daily, around 11am, 3pm, 9pm and sometimes at night 4-5am.

I found jalali mokawalat recitaton. I listen to it and get relief temporarily, and only 50-60%. Then after few hours, someone does magic on me again and i get into the same extreme pain again.

This is happening to me for 8-9 days , and daily 3 times I am attacked.

Looks like someone want to kill me or something. Can you please do something. ?

Please advise how i protect myself from this extreme magic done on me daily?

Waiting or your reply

siddique said...

assalamwalaikum this is siddique , i visited ur blog about jinnath as iam intrested in seeking information about mokilath and jinaath, i found you most effidient in amliyath. i would like to have ur guidence for intacting with hevenly creatures. expecting a speedy reply

Anonymous said...

please reply if you can inform me about the correct location of a disappeared person of my family.

Anonymous said...

Assalam-o alikum

sir, I read your blog about black magic and sir I guess my family especially my father is a victim of black magic. I am saying this because of some happenings. I had a cat it often got scared and one day disappeared without any sign left behind. I saw something unclear. it seemed quite blur or maybe it was moving so fast that it seemed like black mist to me. well this all started when my father bought two plots so we could get our own house built. There were quarrels between my father and uncles. they refused to give him his rights. my father started to stay sick but the matter got worked out.later the incident happened that I saw black mist. my cat got scared. I started getting pessimistic and got suicidal thoughts.my cat disappeared one day.this all happened in 2014. Later in December 2014 my father started to feel pain in his gallbladder.one night when the pain got severe the very next morning he went to concern his friend who is a really good surgeon.Surgery was advised. After the surgery in mid December his condition did not seem to get better and he was operated again about 2 times in a week.He was discharged later on but again he got really sick. let me tell u sir my father is a very very well respected person.he is pious and God fearing. He is respected by whole of my town and the villages near by. he is a very strong person and never tells about his pain to anyone. but that day due to pain he started crying. he was again operated. He seemed a bit better. We celebrate and organize Milad e Mustafa (SAW) every year.In 2015 we organized this Milad on 7th feburary. Everything went well. After some days my mother started to fight with my father on all the non sense stuff My father started to stay sick again. Uncle checked him again.He told there was no certain complication.After that day uncle went abroad. days passed but papa's condition got worst. we took him to combined military hospital (CMH Lahore Pakistan) there he was advised some tests. After the results showed up we came to know he was suffering from obstructive jaundice.No doctor was taking risk to treat him. We went around the country. We took him to Islamabad. There even Pakistan's top most gastrologist operated him 3 times but all in vain.he refereed him to another top surgeon . He wasn't giving appointment but we somehow managed to get it. Bypass surgery was advised. But again after the surgery his condition got worst. He was operated again and now he is in ICU. His condition is not good. the doctors even ironically told my mother to take him where ever she is satisfied. We re so helpless before Allah...but he always shows the rays of hope..m not at all hopeless... I think this all is black magic and u know what sir m 17 and my father's eldest daughter Fozia. Can u tell me how can I find the Taweez and the person who casted this spell upon my father. My father can not do anything. he is in ICU and unconscious. You know what sir I went to meet him in ICU and I had to ask my mother MAMA WHO IS PAPA in turn she started crying and beckoned towards him. He has grown so dark and weak.He often complained that he had headache,felt like needles were pricking and he had pain in his feet. His liver had also enlarged after the removal of gallbladder.
Sir tell me wat can I do to break the magic.I cant take anything to him.I cant even meet him.All I can do is to imagine him because we are not allowed even to see him. We cant go near him. He is in ICU in doctors hospital johar town Pakistan.Please help me.
Note:the doctors who have treated my father have never done any unsuccessful surgery even uncle Yazdani could not believe that after the surgery he performed all the complications happened because he is a top most surgeon.
Sir now u see this all is strategist and I want to help my father. I love him. Please help me.

Anar said...

Salam alykum
I have problem with my son his name is shaheen he is 20 years old he is addicted to cough and cold medication we love him so much but he hate all his family he is addicted to that drugs for almost five years . We all the time pray for him and dua for him but he is not listening to us and not setting with us in all the time talking with his friends and he don't care about his family . And these last 12 days he is run away and stay with his none muslim friends all of them are drug addicted . Please help us i want he come back i am so worry about him everyday he will be gets worse and worse please give me some advice i am his mom . Thank you allah hafiz .

Ramla said...

I m Ramla
i have been facing a problem since many years
(actually in short i tell u the story that i liked some one before 12 years he wanted to marry me but my family didnt agree so i left him ).
Now i m facing problem in getting marriage my younger sisters got married i m 29 but still no sign of marriage.
proposals doesnt come at home and if i try by myself so fail in it.
some boys proposed me but not progressive and matter ends.i min great trouble bcz at night i feel fear when i sleep i feel that some one is killing me or i m in dead condition i scream and cry then awake i see dirty dreams like washroom etc.
pls help me i m in trouble Allah will gi e ajar to u pls tell me how i get rid of this.thank u

Anonymous said...

Assalam walaikum, thank you for the help you providing. I have downloaded mp3 of jalali mokel. I have been victim of black magic. Its very old. I am going to muslim healer from last six months.. sukar alhumdulila i am much better but not completly out of it. He said it is been done 6 yrs back so it wil take time. Some says its been done by your husbands family.some said by your mothers family. I dont know who is right. Can you advice me for the same. amel from karachi who claimed he wil cure it within 11 days. And told me he wil charge for it and it is been done by husbands family in which two men two women have involved. Is it true?

geeta said...

Dear sir

I have read your article on net....its really sound well...

i need ur help..i m in trouble..

could you please help me..

zainab said...

I need ur help. My husband has changed so much. He just listens to his family. He no more cares for me or his child. He is like..spell bound.i do not live there anymore. His family wants our marriage to end up. I want to cast a spell on him that he can take a stand for me against his family. What to do!

raheel said...

As salam Waliakum Hazrat,

sir plz kindly do check i had a bad married life which ended in divorce she took all belongings of mine and filling wrong dowry harassment cases on me that lead me to a huge financial loss to come out of this police cases which is not under my control happy i had taken a huge debt to come out for out of court settlement which she had blackmailed me to compensate my business is to not running well after this i am in neck deep financial troubles thinking to donate my one kidney to clear my debts please kindly show me the way how to come out of this mess Frome my childhood till now i had not settled down yet financially very poor please kindly guide me . ALLAH bless u in wat ever u do.ameen

waiting for your kind reply

Fatimah said...

Good Evening Amel,

I was looking for Istakhara online when I came across your website and you have posted about Istakhara.
I have a problem, I dont know what it is; I'm always angry and frustrated I take it out on everybody. Also, when I went to Iraq I went to a well known Sayyed and he said that I had black magic put in me and thats what's making my marriage blocked. He gave me an Surah about black magic and told me that I have to carry it everywhere with me. I have been doing so ever since and alhamdillah I have been getting some marriage proposals.
There is one person in particular that my mums friend has spoken to him about me, we have been waiting for him to get back to us ever since, but nothing has happened.
I would really appreciate it if you can do me a istakhara about this man, and also my health or any black magic.

Thank you for your time.

Sana said...

Assalam Alaikum

I am suffering from sihr since many years. First it was done by the person I was engaged to be married but than we refused (he took my menses pads from the bathroom & told us too). Then once I got married my sister in law along with her aunt (wife of her paternal uncle, chachee) is doing the sihr.
When ever the aunt visits our home, strange worms (like maggots) appears in our bedroom. They disappear as mysteriously as they appear without any fumigation etc.
I had really hard time in my marriage. My husband and I literally hated each other and I hated to perform my intimate duties. We have a son who is 5 years old. They stole his socks and he became so dull and unresponsive.
Because of our troubled married life we were unable to try for the second child for 5 years. But I conceived in Feb 2015. Everything was fine but suddenly I had miscarriage at 20th week.
Hence to make it short I am having the following issues.

A) unable to conceive and having miscarriages.
B) troubled married life as we both does not like to have the intimacy (specially me)
C) husband have job issues. He is working but the job is unreliable. He was jobless since 2004. Got this job in 2013.
D) my son is intelligent and normal but tends to go unresponsive.

I need your guidance to know how to cure and prevent the sihr from happening again. Because the enemy lives in my house. If I clean they will do it again. So I need to find a cure that will not only remove the sihr on me & my family but will also protect us from any future attacks.

Thank you so much for your time and patience. May Allah reward you and bless you. Ameen

Sandy said...

I don't understand that i don't wanna die but yill date i attempted around 6-7 times for sucide sometime my family and my friends stopped me sometime my soul try to stop hence i am safe but still i always think about suicide
But why i don't know
Please help me.

Neha Thakur said...

Hlo sir my bf is suffering from migraine from last 6 years .....his family did all the things to cure this problem but no progress in his case ..there is nothing serious in his reports .We don't find any reason behind this ..please tell me what should we do

Anonymous said...

can anyone help me here i have weakness in my muscles, am sick with acute bronchitis, have migriane that is constant and nagging and very painful. migraine is so bad i forget words that i was about to say so i have to pause for a second to remember. i can't really focus with the migraine. i suspect black magic is involved. i need a way to stop this.


I have a pain in my head since from 4 months.. sometimes good but sometime develop a very pain....also sometimes my hand and leg use to vibrate..
I had visited lot of doctor such as nuerologist, physician and eye specialist...but unfortunately the results are nill..they classified my headache into a depression headache.and provide some drug for it. Which make me totally ill after taking that medicine.
I have also visited some tantric baba for cure.. they do many things for me but the results is not satisfied to me..
This pain is totally make me weak from doing anything I loose all hope..lf someone is facing same problem as i mentioned..pls share ue view..
Conclusion:-as per I experience from 4 months something exist in this Earth which r not seen my human it can be feel like black magic..still there are some cases in which medical science fails but mythological work there...I don't what is true..there is no proper evidence to prove black magic also I can't rejecte that black magic exist..
In 2170 something are still unexplain which need to explain..
I hope at somewhat u understand my views..

Sel said...

Hi Sir,
I know one of my relative is into black magic, i had a dream of her 5 days back. The dream is about her giving me a hug, since than im having constant headache even the painkiller cannot stop the headache. pls help.

Thank you and regards,