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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Familiarity with the symptoms of any ailment, whether psychological, physical or spiritual- can help us in self-diagnosis of that particular ailment. So if people who suffer from black magic happen to be well-versed with all the symptoms of black magic, then they can easily identify their problem at the right time and nip it in the bud. Their awareness coupled with timely spiritual treatment will leave their enemies in a lurch. Their enemies will completely miss their target and in the bargain they will also lose a lot of their time, money and energy. So by being well-informed about the symptoms of black magic a person can emerge triumphant and leave the enemy in disarray.

As they say that life is the best teacher so with each new experience most of us emerge stronger, wiser and matured. Most of the people who are quite prudent and adept in dealing with the problem of black magic are usually those who have suffered from a spate of black magic assaults in their life. Each experience teaches them something new about the labyrinth called black magic and they are able to cope with the situation better. On the contrary those who have not experienced black magic problem, hitherto, are usually in the dark. They do not have much idea about this subject and any matter related to this topic may sound like Greek to them. However, black magic is quite rampant in today’s society and definitely- this is not a new- age vice. The history of black magic is almost as old as the human civilization itself. When someone suffers from a dreadful disease, a huge financial loss or accident or some other misfortune then most of us would heave a sigh of relief and say to ourselves, ‘Thanks God! It wasn’t me.’ However, keeping in mind the vagaries of life we should remember that we could be the next one. Therefore, a humane approach demands that we should put ourselves in the shoes of others and try to understand their predicament.

Since life is so full of uncertainties so do you suppose that we should wait for something untoward to happen to us so that we can find a way out? For example: we often see cases wherein a person meets with a fatal accident due to hurrying-scurrying while traveling. We also find cases wherein people with a sedentary lifestyle eat gluttonously and impulsively and end up with obesity and other health problems. So what do you suppose we should do when we witness such cases? ‘Thanks God! It wasn’t me’ would be an immature approach whereas the right approach would be to learn from their experience so that we can avoid such troubles.

Likewise, if someone has been fortunate enough to not have been trampled by black magic then such people should be quite thankful mainly because envy, jealousy, competition and conflict rule the roost today. Due to this scenario black magic is being practiced by envious people at the drop of a hat to oppress innocent victims. Therefore, in such circumstances if a person has managed to stay clear of all this, then it is not less then a miracle. However, since nobody is black magic proof so in any case- knowing about the symptoms of black magic is the need of the hour.

In a nutshell, knowledge about the symptoms of black magic is necessary not only for those who are actually suffering from it (so that they can identify their problem), but also for those who are not suffering from it because as they say, ‘Forewarned is forearmed’.   

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

hi pls help i don't know if theres black magic on me please can you help me thank you

Anonymous said...

im a female and 34 yrs old now...im not able to get married....everytime we try to consider some guy he is having some problem due to which he cant get married then like hes undergoing divorce issue or betrayal or something.
i tend to get very sad now and worried about my future.
can you help me with my issue?

Shafi. said...

Sir, we are suffering from almost 3 years from black magic. me and my
sister are the victim. at night we feel like someone captures and
makes us asleep and at that time we are unable to speak or move
ourselves. another thing i want to tell u is that when this happens to
me i usually see dirty adult dreams. plz help sir. my age is 20 and my
sis is of 26.
thank u.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hujur

I tell you that a few month back I got 5 piece talisman (tabis) at our home. One of them was done in a animal skin where my mother;s nick name Runu was written in Arabic.

We are 2 brothers and 1 sister and father-mother. Total 5 members. But my mother is a price target. Mother still in hospital, almost no sense and skinny. Doctors find no trouble at all.

Anonymous said...

My loving husband divorced me and we know it was due to jadoo and taaaweez. His mother and sister are involved who did his brain washing and never wanted me to settle down with him and gave me tough time all these years.

How to break this spell. i want him to contact me and take me home.

Shafiq said...

Salam brother,

I saw your website.

I am from London. I have many problems in my life.

1. There were many fights in my family and my brother died in July.
2. My other brother is very bad, drinks and has never worked (though he is around
3. My other brothers and sisters are far from deen, one sister is a foreign country and we think may have "married" a Kafir.
My mother is very evil and wicked and causes trouble and my brothers and sisters have not been
raised up properly. Every day this woman speaks to herself complaining and backbiting people and bringing
lanat on the house and family.

4. I keep on losing jobs.
5. I got married last year and might have to divorce.

Could you please do istikhara for me?

Anonymous said...


I wen through your site
It is very informative and I came to know lot of things by going through this site,It found me very valuable site as well.

I have been worked in Many companies but not able to settle down, full of debts and not able to work for long time. I may work only for 3 to 6 months and i put down my papers.

Could you share me the good wajifa for that were I can stick for one company for long time.

Duva Ki Gujaris

Anonymous said...

my brother is not getting job anywhere before he used to work in rent shop of fast food the bussieness was going good then the owner took shop from him. My another brother is always watching bad things watch naked girls .my mother and sister is have knees pain cant walk much . I am my son dont talk with me and my dauther in law dont like and tell every thing bad about me to my son . my father have disease memory loss he forgets too much sometimes he dont even remember his children names my father is 82 years old. And one more thing our stituation was not so worst before it became worst when my brother plz find out what happen we are so worried all things are happening from many year . We are having very hope with u .

sara said...

Good day. I read about you on your website..
So want to know abt myself if i am effecting by any black magic or etc because when i read symptoms i m suffering almost 90% of it.
waiting for your kind response.

Avinash said...

Mr Amel Soname

I am seeking your help to assist in curing my wife who has been affected by these things for about five years now.

She used to go to a healer for getting her brothers daughter cured.

She has been bearing this for the past years and did not share it with anyone, the guy was coming to her in astral for and used to have conversation with her .

He has been asking her to leave her family and come to her,,,,,,however when she accosted him he said it is a misconception she has ......however she has been seeing him in her sleep as well as when awake. He keeps on constantly brainwashing her either astrally or in dreams by showing they have a relation since past birth.

Over these years he did not allow her to disclose this to anyone....and has only asked her to share this with her family late last year.

I went to the man and accosted him last Dec , and he denied and said that someone of his face comes to her but it is not him. And advised to takes her to kaliar sharif at Roorkee for getting cured.

We took help of a Pir ji for last 40 days...who has been trying his best . He does some cures which gives her some relief for a day or so but then he again comes in a strong way.

Last night he even conveyed to her that the Pir ji was to cure her in 40 days and it is not happened. He has asked her to come to her or face drastic action. As per him, he has killed her in a past birth and will do so again.

Please advice and share your mobile no.

I am working in west Africa and my wife is living with her parents in our house in uttrakhand India .

He has somehow made things in such a way that she is not able to join me in west Africa and stay with me.

Kindly kindly...help.

Will appreciate receiving a reply and your mobile number.


shekhanam said...

I have gotten this from Google, I am very distraught from a long times. When I use to sleep, I always see lizards, pig, owls dogs in my dreams. every where i am getting failure in my carrier, in my marriage. i routinely offered namaz and surahs of Quran, but it does not effect. Me and my mother asked about this with some maulvi and also pandit ji. But they take the money and they do not know how to remove this effect. And most of them told us that some one has done black magic on me, to which we called in urdu sinfli amal or black magic. Please help me if you can do. I will be obliged to you

nergis said...


I think my husband is under the spell of sihr. the past months he has changed in his behavior and doesn't respect me. he says he does respect me but he doesn't. he says he still loves me and i think still love him. At the moment i am considering a divorce , but i dont know....

i dont want to be with him if he doesn't treat me right. in the quran it says the husband and wife have to have respect for each other.

what can i do.... ????

Anonymous said...

I did see 4 different readers and all 4 did say that my daughter ex did put a black magic love Spell on her and he did put from his blood in it my daughter did leave she is with him a month now She does not have a work anymore she drinks and smokes and did lose lots of weight how can I help my daughter that she can see what he does to her we did see a spiritual healer he did give us something and did pray for her but she still is not back and we don't see here any were pleas I need to break te spell he put on her

rahman said...

Assalammalikumwarahamthullhi wabarakathuhu

Mera nam Rahaman.

I'm completed my PG(MBA) in 2011. My job is not staying permanent if i have got job then with in a short period of time means two or four months i lose my job.

please give me a better way of simple wazifa/ naqsha and their process

Anonymous said...


I saw the symptoms of black magic on your website.

I feel some symptoms of black magic. I want to talk you regarding this.

Kindly talk me.

Jazakallah khair

sabrina said...

Assalamalaikum Sir,

I am having problems with my studies and also feel stressed a lot.
I hope you can help me and tell whether there is a case of 'nazar (bad eye)'
or there is a 'bandish'.

Thank you in advance.

swati said...

Sir i want to ask you that how many things are possible wid the help of black magic ... ??
Sir now i m in great trouble i wanna a solution bt what i thnk i dnt know it's possible or not ..
Plz contact me firstly i want your help plz

karim said...

My lovely Brother I greet you with Allah name.
I really have some symptoms that I am feeling now.
1. My face has dark
2. Relatives and friends they are from me.
3. Dreams I cannot remember when I woke up from sleep.
4. I feel not doing anything.
5. Fairness in me.
6. I am in one place only without going anywhere.
7. Block of income.
8. Thick dark semen drop from my penis.
9. Sleepiness.
10. My star is like someone is using it.
So Plz my brother I want you to help me to solve through this problems, Inshallah I will be gratefully.
Lovely one I am waiting for for reply.
This situation is bordering me, plz save me from this kind of situation and God must bless you.

soumya said...

Haii sir.. iam soumya. Now i am 29 years old. I have marriage problems. Pls help me sir

hina said...

Assalamwalaikum amel saheb

Sir I had gone through the website which you had created about black magic and malaika. ... and I thought it was better to share this incident with you.............
On Tuesday morning out of nowhere I got up at 3 a.m. or may be I should say I got up when I was still sleeping. ..... and then I started sleep walking. ...... and I twisted my leg and got it fractured and I fell down. ...on hearing me falling down my room mates got up and switched on the light and came running towards me...... on asking what happened I told nothing re I just fell down. ......... and the next moment I went to a deep sleep with seizures.......... my roommates screamed my name. ..... but I was in a deep sleep. .. After a minute or two I came back to normal ...regained my consciousness. ....
Please sir kindly look into this situation. ..... and help me out. .........my family has a long history of black magic........ Please

Jama Andy said...

i get aroused and my joints always feels painful iam thinking gay neighbors are casting spell on me

nazim_hussain said...

nice beitiful site for poor people

Saqib said...

Amel sallam how are u my name is Saqib I am 27 years old when i was 22 years old i started hearing voices seeing visions feeling suicidal i thought every where i go someone is following me i thought i am turning into other people when i talk i feel as if someone else is talking for me. the voices went away when i was 25 years old 10 months ago i started hearing the voices again and seeing bad visions and feel as if my brothers are following me every where i go and vision that they are talking for me i just want all this to go away can u please help me

Haj said...

Hi Master Amel,

I would like to ask if jalali mokelat recitation that I've downloaded able to remove all the black magic of Arva Khabeesa.


Unknown said...

I was also in problem .plz help

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am reaching out to you for help with my mother. She has always had medical issues since she was 15 years of age and is now 65 and no doctor has ever been able to diagnose her w anything. I believe she has been a victim of black magic since they have done it to her before. Please when you get a chance to talk. Thank you!