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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

If we consider tinnitus from the medical viewpoint we find that it is a disorder characterized by ringing, swooshing, hissing or some other kinds of sounds which are heard by the patient. The problem is that such sounds are not produced by an exterior source but they arise from within the patient’s mind. So basically it is a very frustrating problem which can even lead to insanity and suicidal tendencies if left unchecked.

Despite rapid advancements in the field of medical science it is quite amusing that the cause of tinnitus still remains shrouded in mystery. In most of the cases the doctors fail to pinpoint the exact cause of tinnitus. Moreover, the doctors have also failed to find out a permanent cure for tinnitus. Whatever little treatment is available is only meant to relax the patient so that he or she may be able to cope with the anxiety caused by tinnitus.

So does this indicate inefficiency on the part of the doctors? Well this is not the case. The reason why tinnitus continues to intrigue and baffle the doctors despite rapid advancements in science and technology is that it is not a physical disorder at all. The problem of tinnitus has a paranormal angle to it which is the reason why it is beyond the scope of medical science.       

So by now I have made it clear that tinnitus is not a medical problem. Through medical treatment, tinnitus can just be partially controlled but not completely cured because the problem lies elsewhere. Constant or intermittent buzzing sound in the ear can drive even a sane person crazy.  So for those who are suffering from this dreadful disorder it is better to try uprooting the problem through spiritual healing. This disorder can lead to hordes of other problems because the victim is unable to get a good night’s sleep or concentrate on his job. The pressure on the mind can really get on the victim’s nerves.

Look out for the following symptoms to be sure that the enemy is trying to stab you in the back by means of black magic:

1.    You hear abnormal sounds such as swooshing, ringing, chirping etc without any external source. These sounds seem to emanate from within your own mind.

2.    Your work, peace of mind and family relationships get affected as you are unable to focus due to the obtrusive sounds.

3.    Your life tends to slow down.

4.    You have nightmares

5.    You feel tired all the time

6.    You have a debilitated mind

7.    You feel suicidal due to the incontrollable situation in which you are.

A plethora of such cases occur when people attend rock concerts which usually have blasting music. As far as music is concerned it is quite certain that it is a satanic activity and therefore, prohibited in Islam. Allah (swt) says in Surah Luqman, verse 6, ‘And there are amongst men, those that purchase idle tales to mislead (men) from the path of Allah…”

Hazrat Abd Allah ibn Mas’ud (ra) has explained the words ‘idle tales’ as follows:

“By Allah its meaning is music”. (Sunan al Bayhaqi,1/223)

So without mincing any words I would like to warn everyone about Satan’s musical trap. Through these rock concerts the satanic devils use strange, loud sounds to hypnotize the listeners so that they can be led them astray.

If you doubt this then here are some statements given by rock musicians in which all of them agree that there is something demonic and paranormal about rock music.

1.    Angus Young, a leading guitarist once admitted that by the time he was half way through the first number he felt as if he was being steered by someone else. He said that he felt as though he was possessed on the stage.

2.    Jimmy Hendrix once remarked, ‘I can explain everything better through music. You hypnotize people and when you get people at their weakest point you can preach into their sub-conscious what we want to say’.

3.    John  Lennon said, ‘I felt like a hollow temple with many spirits, each passing through me, each inhabiting me for a little time and then leaving me to be replaced by another.

4.    While explaining his vulgar gestures during his concerts Michael Jackson said, ‘It happens subliminally. It is the music that compels me to do so. You don not think about it. It just happens. I am a slave to the rhythm’.

These statements come straight from the horse’s mouth, so there is no room for any doubt. I have mentioned only a few such statements to elucidate my point that tinnitus, black magic, rock concerts and demonic activities are all inter-related and they form a vicious circle. The only way to break free from all this is by seeking help from Allah (swt) and through His remembrance and worship.


Keep Me In Your Prayers,

Amel Soname



Anonymous said...



asad said...

My family is suffering from very powerful black magic.My family is suffering from many black magic curses,hexes,spells.My family is suffering from cancer and death spells.On my family black magic is ongoing.There is blockages in everything's in my family.There is bandish in my daughters marriage.Please provide us very powerful solutions to this whole black magic problem.Please provide us solutions as soon as possible because I and my family was in great danger so please help us.If you help us then we will be very thankful to you.lnshallah Allah will have mercy on us to solve this strange problem. Allahhafiz.

khushi said...


I have read your page on internet and found very useful information.
I am married and my wife left me before 3 years, means she is in her parents home for the last 3 years. I have tried too much but she is changing statements each time. My 4 years old son is also with her. I want her to come at any case because I am religious person and want satisfaction in my life. But all my efforts in vain.
I am afraid whether she is also victim of any type of jadoo?
If so, can you help me out so that she should come to my home along with my child and we can start happy life?

I will be very thankful to you as I am very much depressed and can't find any solution. Much of the people told me that may be she is victim of any jadoo..

Please for the sake of great Allah help me. I am very poor man.

Allah will must give you the reward.

Anonymous said...

I read your webpage.

I have been dealing with sahir for almost 10 years from when I was 26. I travelled abroad, then one night I got very sick and started hating and cursing God. Since then, I've experienced, panic, anxiety, depression. Only two years ago, I learned maybe this is sahir. I wake up so tired, I have bad body tension and twitches. I traveled to find healers, but they did more magic on me. I am praying more even though my heart and body against it. I think of suicide everyday. Was was feels like in my bones, not letting me to be or think or feel happy. I feel numb. I see myself very ugly in mirror. I am strong and I keep fighting, that's why I'm alive. From what I understand only I can help myself with duaa and Qur'an. Is there any other halal way? If yes, please let me know, thanks.

nawab said...


due to jealousy my relatives has casted black magic spell on me,
can you tell me where ur address is so i can come in person and get help with the will of Allah to defeat the evil spell which has ruined my life

Allah bless U

muskan said...

Is this id exist?? I read ur article abt black magic. I m suffering from some symptoms from last 10 years. Need ur help

Anonymous said...

Slmz Amel . Me and my wife separated 8 yrs now, she's the one who don't want me. She fights and get upset for no reason. I went to so many people who write taweez but nothing help, I am now very very tired mentally and physically. Please tell me what I can do so she behave normal and come back to me . Shukran

Rafique said...

Dear SIR,
I am Rafique I am working in Saudi Arabia since 2008, as a sales Representative, till date there was no promotion, and salary also not increasing by company please help me any QUARANI AMAL to get rid of these. And one person was there Mr. Gaffar I think he was doing some ting to this why because he was our advisor Now to our Division, previously he was Manager to our Division but from 3 years Our management remove him as manager and only give him to advisory to our division.
Sir, Please help me any quarani amal to over come from this situation and I believe in Allah he do do better for me.
Sir please response to my mail. I will be waiting for your reply soon.

Abid said...

Salam Amel,

My name is Abid from Chennai - India.
My question is, how do i find out weather i am affected by Black Magic or not. I have read that one can find that out by reading a specific set of quaranic verses. Please help me with this request.

Awaiting your reply.

Tahere said...

aslaamalikum brother
Just wanted to ask if I know who exactly has done magic on me what should I do it's been done with owls and lot of money has been spent on it my life has been ruined and my brain is cracked up please can you help brother any advice please

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum,

1. I have sex problem . too many medicin i take but i am not successful. sort time it is finish.
any duaa for sex increase of permanenet .

2. my three childm one girl and two boy . they are study indian school. from 2years I see some change to them , like no attention to study, not getting full marks, they telling we are reading but they cant remember it at exmt. time .. when they sleep continue to sleep too much we call them but they are not listing, and sleep mood not going from mind . what can we do for them, pls give good suggestion .

abbasi said...

i just want to know whether i'm victim of mgic of not.. things have been wrong lately! Allah has destined it! All praise to Him.

setara said...

Assalam o aliakum. I have seen your blog, my family is in real worry. My younger sister was studying medical. She is 18 years of age and some people in our family we don't know who.. they don't want to see her as a doctor. so that is why they had done black magic on her. One night she was sleeping and some paranormal things happened to her just like those we watch in movies as removing of blanket, moving of hands and feet and face. Next day she thought she was having a dream sh didn't tell anyone. at evening of next day she was having a nap and she felt same things she woke up and she tried to tell me and got faint. i ran to her and called my parents she started screaming and started speaking in male voice. she used to have very long hair and she cut them down herself as may be she get well in this way but all in vain. she feels all the time a constant pain and needles are in her blood and pain in abdomin which increases at night after 12a.m. a jinn is in body and who tells his name as Ram and told us that he has come through black magic and that he is obeying his master and he will not leave until my sister is dead and he is a hindu. we are in great trouble we cant sleep at night mu mother and father are ill, my father had angio plasti and my mother is a blood pressure patient, i am the eldest one and we are three sisters and only one brother. there is no body who can help us. we have been to many amil but nothing is changing my sister is in the same pain. my mother and my other sister keeps on weeping all the time, There is no hope except Allah now, we are waiting for His help.. when we recite Surah e Rehman jin says that he doesn't believe in Allah and asks us where is your Allah's help. please help us or otherwise tell us any cure to do... jinn says he is handcuffed and he can't go by himself he screams all the night and breaks all things whatever comes in his hand and it is happening since three months.. waiting for your answer.. please help

Najmudheen said...

Assalamu alikum

I am Najmudheen I have been suffering with black magic (Sihr) for last 25 years. Now I am completed 29 years old. I feel always stomach pain , gastric problems, heart burning, back pain, body pain,headache and deep thoughts, anxiety ,anger , big fear bad dreams and depression etc...

...would you please send me the remedy's with Quran,


Navid said...

Dear Sir
please help me on stopping my divorce and get back in to my happy married life again. After 9 years of happy married life everything just fall apart all of a sudden. I really don't know what has happened. Now we don't live together and she has filed the divorce. Please help me sir. I want everything to be normal as before. please give me some Amal that works effectively and fast. I'm getting frustrated and ill day by day. I'm looking forward to your reply. please help me out.

Anonymous said...

Its been about two years since my dad has said a word or even looked at my Mom, he sleeps in a different room and doesn't want to be near her. My mother has tried seeing a few people who could possible undo the black magic that has been done upon them, but nothing has worked, she has played the Quran and ruqya constantly for the past two years in the house she also recites all the surahs and the duaas, but there still has been no change. We haven't had a happy day in our life since the past two years, we have only had bad luck and tragedy happen to our family. I would also like you to tell me if they are still continuing to do black magic on us, also please give me an answer of what we can do to undo what they have done to my family.

shahnawaz said...

Assalaam o Alaikum,

bhai I need your guidance for establishing businesses and current issues to be solved.

Need your guidance for multiple purpose mention below :

1. All work i am starting is getting into trouble / some issue and want all i am earning is been loose with extra losses and getting into debts.

2. current businesses and all dealings are into problems.

3. want to start New company with one of my friend also set existing company on track.

once we come in direct contact can explain you .

kindly let me know what all details you need from my side.

thanking you.

Ibrahim said...

I am Md. Ibrahim from Dhaka, Bangladesh. since last about 8 months my mother and my father are suffering from black magic and i have visited two guys about get rid of that magic but cured. what to do now. pls help me about this.


Jasleen said...

Dear Amel,

I understand from your blog that you've vast experience in black magic. I feel I've been a victim to the same since my marriage of last 5 years and have been suffering from really ill health. I seek your guidance and professional help and consultation to sail me through ill effects of black magic.

Let me know how to proceed further . Would you be available on phone for a consultation.

Kindly pardon if if my communication breaches any code of conduct in Islam. I'm a Sikh by religion and seek your help.

Looking forward to help!

Ahmed said...

Asallam o alaikum
I am 50 years of age . about a year ago I became ill of cardic desease on 16th November 2014 last year. After getting medical treatment I feel better for whole the year.but now again on 17th November 2015 I became ill of same desease. Than i go to a spiritual person who told me that this desease was because of black magic. Now my question is? How do I get a treatment for this desease.please help me.i am a poor man.i will inshahAllah always remember you in my prayers. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Reading those I think that might be what I have because my Tinnitus came out of the blue I have been to the doctor twice seen an Ent and his nurse and I now have what sounds like a record skipping sound in my head please help I start college in 12 DAYS 12! Please help it be tolerable please

Emma Sanford said...

Please help I was reading the symptoms and I have them my tinnitus started out of nowhere and I have been to the doctor twice and the ent plus his nurse practitioner please help me I have college in 12 days please I. Will DO ANYTHING!

Azeem said...

I want your help. I have tinnitus sympoms since last week. I cant find any cure of this disorder i think there is only spitual treatment of this disorder. Help!