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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

A lot has been written about the disease of cancer in medical journals and medical websites and a lot of speculation has been done about the disease too. Till date, billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research without reaching any conclusion. Though new treatments have been developed in the present times yet a comprehensive treatment has still eluded the medical practitioners. This is evident by the number of people who succumb to this dreadful disease every year. So will it be right to blame the medical scientists for their inability to find a suitable cure? Let us find out for ourselves.

In order to find the right answer first of all we will have to shift the paradigm from medical science to occult science.
So far we have read about diverse types of black magic spells which can turn the entire life of a naïve, unprotected victim topsy turvy. One such spell is the death spell and as the name suggests, it is cast by the tantrik on the victim at the behest of the enemy who wants to get the victim killed. The motive is quite clear-the enemy wishes to get the victim killed, by hook or by crook. By doing so, the enemy also escapes from the chances of being caught by the law. Had the enemy resorted to some other ways such as hiring a contract killer or committing the murder himself then he would stand the chance of getting caught.

Once the tantrik is hired by literally paying through the nose, the negative entities (such as evil jinnat, sifli moakkils etc) which are at the tantrik’s beck and call, begin the task of carrying out the murder. There are two ways in which the enemy would like the victim to be killed. If the enemy is not sadist the he would order for a sudden killing, such as in an accident or a sudden heart attack, stroke etc. However, if the enemy hates the victim to the point that he wishes him to die a slow and painful death, then the resultant problem is of cancer.

If someone is being victimized in such a way then there are some symptoms which should be looked out for:

1.    Firstly, this spell can take as much as a year to perpetuate. In order to inflict such a disease on the victim his first line of defense i.e. his innate immune system needs to be destroyed. There are several natural factors which can lead to a compromised immune system such as, stress, contraceptive pills etc.  However, in case of a death spell the immune system disorders have to be created cunningly so that they body is unable to deal with the cancer. The weapon used by the jinnat is of evil thoughts. As a result of such thoughts which are slyly planted into the victim’s mind, the victim starts consuming less food. This means that his intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients gets downsized due to which the immunity also suffers. When the body’ first line of defense gets weakened then the body cannot face the attack of the cancer and it succumbs to it, sooner or later.
2.    Paranormal activity should not be ignored as a mere co-incidence or a superstition because it is a sure shot sign of the evil designs the enemy has on the victim. Occasionally the victim feels birds fluttering around him while he is outdoors but when he turns around to see, nothing can be seen. This is a sign that the victim is being chased around by devils.
3.    If the enemy’s only wishes is to give the victim a rude jolt then he will back out after an attempt. The result is that the victim gets saved from the jinnat onslaught and he can get fully cured. The cancer gets detected in the early stages and in the absence of a second attack, the victim may survive. However, if the enemy is hell bent on killing the victim then he will see to it that the victim is repeatedly attacked till he gets killed eventually.
4.    The victim sees dreams such as filthy toilets, poisonous creatures or other nightmares.
5.    The evil jinnat need to control the victim’s mind in order to make him change his eating habits so that his immunity can be weakened. For this purpose, they need to constantly plant thoughts into the mind of the victim. So like all the cases of black magic there are a lot of evil whispers in this case too. These evil thoughts should never be believed or taken as one’s ones.

6.    Cancer occurs when the victim has reached an advanced stage of black magic. Till the time cancer actually occurs the victim can get a string of hints about the enemy’s deadly plans by observing the symptoms which I have mentioned above. It is only when the symptoms are ignored in the initial stage that the disease gets a chance to spread its tentacles. If the victim gets spiritual treatment in the early stage then the enemy is sure to be defeated.

Most of the victims are unsuspecting people because they are usually innocent and so they do not know what their enemies are up to. Moreover, it is also somewhat difficult to distinguish between our real friends and frenemeis, i.e. those people who are our enemies but disguise themselves as friends. Awareness about the symptoms of black magic and by not taking such things lightly, we can prevent a lot of bloodshed.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

Please could you help me my wife left me a month ago I spoke to 3 different molana they told me a man is involved he has put a spell on to break our marriage so she can be with him.
She won't see any of our children or look at me or talk to me molana says the person has done powerful spell on her can you break it and make her return home to love us again

zohra said...

my family and me are facing the problem of black magic,seher,voodoo jinn ka asar my mom reads quran surah baqarah , manzil , qul, ayatul kursi almost everyday its fine for some time but again we face the problems and health issuses , its affecting our health immensely . till now we have not found a good amel . our relatives and my father are involved in all this . my mamu who stays above our house do voodoo and black magic and troubling us constantly .

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I am doing a private job in Islamabad and having a part-time small business of manufacturing household items (detergent powder, dishwash liquid etc.). Please guide through Istikhara that shall I increase my part-time business on permanent basis?

Anum said...

Respected Sir,
I have visited your website.I am having symptoms of Black magic.Kindly guide me to get rid from it.
Waiting for your ki nd response.

mahmoda said...


Dear brother I am writing to you after browsing your website. I am in desperate need of help and advice. Hope you can help your Muslim sister.
I never wanted to believe in all this black magic as Allah knows best, but unfortunately life has taught me the hard way. I have been married Alhumdulliah 10 years now. Have had a massive break up 4 years ago got back to together went to hajj and now blessed by Allàh have a beautiful daughter who is 6 months old.
I am back to the same situation again my husband cant stand the sight of me my daughter or my family. Last time it was the same we found out someone (mother in law) was using black magic to break us up. We never have gone done this line we did everything all the quaranic ways and how our prophet (PBUH) way did. But i need instant relief for the sake of my daughter. I am now scared whats going to happen. I didn't want to say this i need something done that he listens to me only and my family. Everyone back home knows my mother in law and her family and what they are into. They believe in all this but scared to confront them cause they can harm people with black magic.
Please can you spare your time for me as i very desperate and do not have much money to even spare as my husband does not contribute now to the expenditure he sends it back to them.

Jazak Allàh khair

modi said...


Janab, I need help for my wife who remains sick, is always week and feels tiredness for no reason. She dose not listen to anyone, always remain irritated and gets angry on small matters.

Anonymous said...


Janab, I need help for my sister who remains sick, is always week and feels tiredness for no reason. She dose not listen to anyone, always remain irritated and gets angry on small matters. She is not interested in her marriage also and wants to leave her husband for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,
Assalamu Alaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarkatuhu.

I am from India, i came across to your article about Khabees (Unclean and Filthy jinns)..
All the symptoms you have said i found them in my mother also she keeps going to toilet twice in an hour and she has also claimed that she saw something (kind of shadow or something) in the toilet and she got frightened, now she behaves weird, she is always unclean i tried alot to keep her clean she has also abandoned Salah and zikr as she used to be a practicing muslimah earlier and now sometimes she utters and engage herself in kuffriya statements like O Allah sent death upon me etc, when we try to force her to keep her abstain doing wrong she threatens us by saying she will slit her wrist and die or she will runaway, i took her to a known alim / peer after seeing her peer saab said he cant do anything whatever she is possessed with has done his job to the high extent now we can only try to refrain him from growing but it won't be cured completely, due to this issue and hardship i was searching a wayout and came across to your article about khabees, need your assistance, kindly let me know if you can shed a little more light on this said issue and how can i get rid of this as my ammi means everything to me..
Please revert asap!

Katya said...

Hi Amel,

my name is Katya with my husband we have dated for 3 and half years and recently we decided to get married. I don't know how to explain the situation and pls forgive me for the long , but I think I have to explain it properly.

First let me start with the fact that I am christian born and he is Muslim.

Now the story: When we met and we were dating the first 2 years he was telling me about this friend of his (Muslim as well) with three kids and how they are on benefits and thinking about giving birth to another one so that they don't stop their benefits. I never paid too much attention just was feeling sorry for the kids because according to him they don't care for the kids much and sometimes when he goes there he take care and cook a proper food and talk with them etc. He is telling the kids what is good and what is bad and when he asks the husband why he dosent do this as it is obvious that this is good or bad he say that his wife is telling him off if he try to teach his kids something. BUt it was OK my husband to do this and according to him no one is telling him anything coz they are afraid that if they say him not to do this with thier kids he will leave them and never come back. Nothing bad in all this, although for me it doesn't make sense.

After two years we start living together and then he told me that the woman got divorced and married a second husband and she got pregnant and divorce the second husband and married again the first one (all this in 4 months). This was very strange for me but ... it is non of my business. When the new baby (girl) was born he changed, but he changed from white to black. Like he was a different person. We are coming from a different cultures and many differences are what we expected, but we were together for 2 and half years by then and he just become different person. Then I talked with my mum and she went to a lady in my home country who said thee is a spell on her and they did something, so we moved in a new place and things become better and back to normal again. Two months latter, things went to worst again, then I found the emails and text messages between them, and I was able to confirm that the thing I was just feeling before are actually real and this made me pay more and more attention to his behavior, then I realize then from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning he already have a message from her and the whole day she is finding a reason to text him to call him etc. He asked him to go move to her house etc. and always she is putting the little kid upfront sending pictures etc. Calling him with video so that he can see her. He is always complaining that this woman she doesn't get care of the kid, when the baby was 6 months she didnt change her so that the poor kid had a blood on her but and didn't want to sit down, and he felt really sorry for her.

Anyway, few months ago something happened with his document and one of the way the problem could be solved was to get married to me, so we decided to go ahead, we send the documents and in march we got married, after the marriage things changed and he become more my husband and my other half with whom we made each other complete.

Katya said...

He never told this woman about me all these years and once told me that he would never introduce me to her coz I am not Muslim and even if I was I am not wearing hijab and the woman will show me the door. According to him he was protecting me. Anyway, all this sound too suspicious as well, but I did nothing. As I said after the marrige things changed and we lived very well until he told her two weeks or so ago. A bit after he become again a different person, he start shouting at me for nothing, things that I do start driving him crazy and making him loosing control etc. To the point where he wanted to make things write and he start talking with me and we ended in a big fight where I said nothing but him trying to tell me what is wrong found himself in a place where he should not be and start shouting and telling me that if we this was happened a day ago he would never want to fix it etc. and then he left. I am sure there was something in between them coz normally when he goes out he always goes to her, but not this time, and this makes me think they frighted and this is why his reaction was stronger then it is usually. But the change in his behavior after he told her about the marriage is unbelievable, which makes me think she has done some kind of spell or something for us to separate. I went back home and visit someone who confirm that someone with her letter starting has done something to him. (bare in mind he has some stuff there so it is not hard for her to do it if she is this kind of person).

As you see I am desperate and dont know what to do, pls give me advise how can I get rid of this spell and have my husband back? Do you think I can do anything? I just want this woman to leave him alone, he was married for the love of his live when he met her first and I think few months latter he divorce her, I am not sure if something has been done back then but it sounds like ...

Thank you

farjad said...

My name is farjad and i am living in peshawar,pakistan.i am married and i have two kids,i have combined family with my two sisters, father mother and aunt.sir iam suffering from black magic since 8 years.my two sisters died recently i read u symptoms of black magic and 95% are related from me i have my own business in past but i face loss in it and nowadays iam facing to much problems all family members of my family are effected from black magic.
please kindly tell me about the precautions about to break the magic......i shall be very thankful to u

khalid said...

Salam Amel

Last year 13TH Feb 2014 I was suddenly asked by my manager to resign and leave the job . I thought he was kidding .
As such there was no reason for that and on April 28 I was handed over a Letter telling me that i was being terminated from my job.

Since then I am jobless and since last year no matter what i do Not a single bussiness has worked since then , Instead i have faced losses .
Everything works fine till the last moment and at the nick of time It all fails . This has been repeatedly happening more then 20-25 times.

I constantly feel that there is some evil power \ Jinn \something is purposely Failing my bussiness deals. I work
I feel there is something in my house.
Something has entered my house in Jan 2014 , This is my feeling .

Anonymous said...

hello someone doing black magic on me and my husband can you help who is doing on my husband thank you

yusuf said...

Assalamu alaikum. My name is yusuf. Living in Visakhapatnam, Andhra pradesh. Nowadays i am not getting proper sleep. & my mind is with tension. Unable to attend my duties regularly. All medical reports are normal . only thing is i have psoriasis (skin disease). That also now under control. I am married and have 2 children . i know some surahs by heart. Once i read surah jinn for 41 days ( i read 11 times every day).it was told to do so to get rid of problems by one hazrat. Please help me , what is my actual problem ? How to come out of this, i know surah baqara's first 5 ayat's & ayatal kursi and 2 ayat's immediately follows after this & last 3 verses of surah baqara. And i know 102 vere of surah baqara.
Khuda & rasul ke liye mere madad kijiye.


Jayant said...

Salam bhai.

I would be really gratefull if you could please guide me to some genuine Aamil healers in delhi or in india.
I am too fed up by contacting the wrong people for my problem.

Appreciate your kind help please.

khuda hafiz


haron said...

Assalamalaikum Amel,

I saw your website and need your favor for my wife now has twice been cut hair a small portion i dont know why....her head pains alot but now this has happened twice and she is not aware ...please how can you assist me.

asad said...

My family is suffering from very powerful black magic.My family is suffering from many black magic curses,hexes,spells.My family is suffering from cancer and death spells.On my family black magic is ongoing.There is blockages in everything's in my family.There is bandish in my daughters marriage.Please provide us very powerful solutions to this whole black magic problem.Please provide us solutions as soon as possible because I and my family was in great danger so please help us.If you help us then we will be very thankful to you.lnshallah Allah will have mercy on us to solve this strange problem. Allahhafiz.

anton said...

Hello, I found you blog about clearing sickness that was caused by black magic.
Do you know of any good healer that has experience healing black magic and sickness from black magic.

Thank you very much,

Anonymous said...

Humble sir. I wnt 2 dscus sm very imprtnt thing wid u as sm1 has already do blk magic so dat i couldnt mrry wid a prsn 2 whom i m in lv nd he 2. Kindly gv me sm solution. Hw shuld i release myslf frm dis.

Zain said...

Bro I have many problems
My business is zero just opened new boutique but no sales at all
Also we have magic problem


liya said...

Assalam u alaikum ...my husband has suffered from oral cancer last year .he got operated .one amil told us dat someone has done powerfull magic on him.plzzz help me out of des problem.i hav 2 small kids.plzz mere husband aur mujhe iss pareshani se bachao

Unknown said...

Asslam o Alaikum Dear Sir,my name is Fazal Abbas Khan from Pakistan.sir i research your blog and found it fine and all solution of everyone .you are good man and doing work Fisabillillah.i appritiate you for this.i also need your help .
thanks sir.........

Anonymous said...

hello sir
I am facing blackmagic spells for last 2 years.My health is declininq. I am not getting any way to come out of it. Please help me

Anonymous said...

I confess.... I am an athiest little to no belief in the super natural. However, I witnessed someone abusing another for a long period of time... This enraged me so I used dark spells daily for a long period of time to the point of exhaustion.... My own written spells were specific and cunning... I have always had a strong connection with presence and energy... I also feel if this attempt had been malicious it would have blown back at me, like black magic does.... It took time and intense energy.... but this person is dying of cancer right now.... despite the fact that they are abusive and cold... i still live with the sting of regret....

victor said...

Hello just saying hello, and a question, I liked the web site you have about black magic symptoms, but what do I have to do if i have more than 20 symptoms listed on your site? Can you please let me know. Thank you. I do feel like killing whoever did harm to me, but as long as this goes away I will feel good. Thanks again