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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Liver is a vital organ which is responsible for a plethora of life-sustaining tasks such as digestion, metabolism, storing nutrients in the body, boosting the immune system just to name a few. Besides bringing about cancer, the black magicians can employ some other tricks also to kill the enemy. One such trick is to damage the liver because nobody can live without a liver.

Whether a liver damage case can occur naturally or not is a million dollar question. Suppose we assume that some cases do occur naturally, even then we are not concerned about such cases here. If a liver disease happens to occur naturally then it goes without saying that it can be cured by undergoing medical treatment and by following the recommendations of the medical practitioner. In such cases, the treatment will yield positive results and there will not be any complication as such. However, here we are dealing with the issue of liver damage which is specifically caused by an enemy by taking the help of a black magician.

There are various kinds of liver disorders namely, cirrhosis, liver abscess hepatitis etc. We know for sure that if we get a timely treatment and if we follow the advice of the doctor then we are able to recuperate within a short span of time. However, what can be the reason behind a person getting a good treatment and proper bed rest but no recovery at all? It means that the problem lies elsewhere and more than often the problem lies outside the purview of the medical field.

If a person believes that a life-threatening liver disorder can occur all by itself, i.e. without any paranormal activity, then it is that person’s own choice. However, my duty is to simply warn the victims so that they stop playing with fire.

Now it goes without saying that if a disease occurs naturally then it will show positive results after the medical treatment starts. However, if a disease has been brought about through evil demons or jinnat then obviously medicines will not be able to alleviate the problem.

Look out for the following symptoms to be absolutely sure that a liver problem has been thrust on the victim to kill him/her through black magic:

1.    First and foremost, medical treatment is of no avail and the problem becomes more complicated, day by day. The doctors get baffled and give stronger medicines but in vain.

2.    The victim usually experiences nightmares. In some cases, the near and dear ones, such as the victim’s wife are also enlightened through dreams about the on-going black magic problem.

3.    Loss of appetite is another symptom, about which I have discussed in my previous post- SYMPTOMS OF BLACK MAGIC –INDUCED CANCER. By weakening the victim’s appetite the tantrik strives to weaken the immune system of the victim so that the latter can be killed easily.

Depending on the power of the tantrik this kind of spell can either kill the victim within a year or two or else it can get stretched over a long period of time.

In a real life case, the victim’s sister-in-law had hired a tantrik to cast a death spell. The victim’s wife saw in a dream that the sister-in-laws daughter entered her husband’s room stealthily and quietly kept something beneath her husband’s bed. This dream made the victim’s wife suspicious and so she consulted a spiritual healer. So the dream served as a clue which ultimately exposed the killer. Unfortunately, the victim’s sons had a science background and so the mother could not muster enough courage to discuss the problem with them as they would simply not understand the nature of the problem. Consequently, the spiritual treatment got delayed and finally when a healer was consulted somehow, it was found that the situation has gone out of hand. So due to lack of immediate action, the victim succumbed to the liver disorder. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers,

Amel Soname



Anonymous said...

Respected sir!
I had faced a lot of problems in whole of my life. But with the help of Almighty Allah, i am still not disappointed.
My father was a gov servant. When i was in first of college, he got ill and he resigned from gov job. After one year of retirement, In 1996, he did private job in tractor show room in Lodhran. (We live in Multan.) After some period he invested his all money in that show room which he got in shape of gratuity. His owners were very kind to him but after that they turned around and they totally changed their behaviours. After few months they refused to give any money even his monthly salary. My father got very upset. He tried every way to get back Rs.375000 but could get back a single peny even till to date. In those days, it was very tough for him to run home expense. In 1999, he got bank loan Rs.300000 against pledge of our home. He started general store with that amount. But his health was going down day by day. He was very much worried about me and my four sisters.I was only son and my three sisters were in the age of marriage. In jan 2002, he was diganosed liver cancer at last stage. It was a great shock for our family. In may 2002, he passed away. At that time, bank loan was also defualted and auction of house was announced by the banking court. My father passed away with these worries in his heart. After his death, our some relatives cleared our loan.
Now here starts my practical life at the age of just 22. I was a simple graduate. I started job in accounts in a textile mill of our relatives. I worked hard with dignity and honesty. My owners acknowleged my hard work. They have a lot of confidance on me. But during hard timings of job, my family suffered a lot. In 2005, i did marriage one sister and in 2007, the other sister was also got married.
After that, five years of worries, we got not any rishta for my third sister elder than me. We did marriage of my younger sister in 2012. In 2014, my mother insisted me to get married. I was engaged my khala's daughter. I was got married on 11th april, 2014. But on the same day my yonger sister was hospitalised who was not well after delivery of baby a couple of months back. She was serious and went on ventilator. Doctors could not diganosed anything. After 18days, she passed away. It was a great shock for my family and especially for me. Because she was very close to me and her sudden death was not bearable for me. I was very much mentaly disturbed. Which spoiled my newly married life. I could not care of my wife. My wife also could not adjust with my family. And after only 2months of marriage, she went back to her parents. I was very confused to divorce. I also did not accepted her but being brother of 4sisters, it was not easy for me to divorce. Even till today, this matter is not resolved.
Now meanwhile my eldest sister got tumor in breast. Doctors diganosed that its cancer. Again a shocking news for our family. She is not ready for operation.
My problems are raising day by day. One sister is still waiting for rishta at the age of 38. One sister has passed away. Other sister is going critical day by day. Mother is also not well. Marriage life has ruined. Nothing is going well.
Please look into my matters why our family is so disturbed for so many years.

Rehan said...

As salami e alikum!
My name is Rehan From last 12 years my parents are trying to search a girl for me, but they are fail. Sometimes we reject the girl and sometime they. Sometime we (bothside) were very close, but all efforts suddenly finish. I am software Engineer and earning handsome amount and belongs to a well educated family. Please check in Istakhara why my marriage is blocked?

Anonymous said...

From sometime a few month time is running bad. In my office... In my home.
My health my wife n son health all of this going bad.

Aug 1st week I bought a second hand car. Cud it be because of that or could it be some other asaraat or bad eye not sure.

saima said...

Me and my family have been having many different problems since msny many years and I know in fact we gave jadu done on us
Can u please help ne in regards to thst
How do i remove black msgic from me and my family
please let me know

Sheeba said...

As Salam Alaikum,

I am going through a lot of problem in my married life, its been 3 years but me and my husband were unable to consummate our marriage due to his inability to sustain erection, we keep fighting for small things and later his family involves and that small things becomes too big for unnecessary reasons. 2 months back we had a huge fight and since then we have been staying separate and now things have got so worse because of his families interference that he has also agreed for divorce. But i don't want the divorce. I spoke to some moulvis and they told me someone has done some black magic on us to get separated and also took money from me to remove the effects but nothing has worked.

Please let me know if there is any way I can know myself if there is really any black magic on us, if yes is there any wazifa to break this magic on me as well as mu husband and get my husband back.

If there is no black magic can I get any wazifa to stop this divorce and get my husband back. Please help me I have very little time to save my marriage.

Amela said...

Assalamu alaikum:

I stumbled on your blog and I want to thank you for valuable information. My family has been battling evil black magicians for some time. First half of my life was plagued by bad luck. Not until recently did we thought of calling a healer to help us. He did, but it appears that the black magician continues to attack my mom. She has had a number of health issues. Provided, all happens by the will of Allah SWT, and Allah SWT has saved my mom's life numerous times.

Question: How do we protect ourselves from a relative who is the black magician?

More than one healer have pointed this one person in particular--did not name her, but mentioned how she is related to us. Further, during treatment from black magic all members of my family dreamed of the same person.

I have rukya. Rukya is the best. How many times should we recite it? Is it ok to recite it on water, then spray all of the house except the bathroom? How many times should rukya be recited on the water?

My mom is a believer, she prayers all five prayers and recites Qur'an daily. I live in the United States. As you suspect, it is very difficult to find true healer .

Please let me know. May Allah SWT bless you. Thank you.

azra said...

salam Alaikum Amil Sahib, my family has big problems with black magic. Can you please help. We tried many people but not much success. You seem to be knowledgeable, please let me know how to reach you. Currently my husband and I hate each other..

Many thanks
Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

Salam Amil Sahib,

We are a family of 5. We get different symptoms at different times, what is on one today will be on another after a few hours or days or weeks. Other than bandish, we feel that somebody keeps attacking and torturing us.

Lots of bandish, eg: karobar, paisa, risque, we have a debt of about 75,000 dollars at the moment and no reason for that. All family friends are cut off nobody comes and we are not invited anywhere (bandish again). Me and my husband are seperated while living in the same home (bandish again). Either he can't stand me or I cant stand him. Our children often become disobedient and seperated from us or among themselves. They tell me to leave the room as they can't stand me as well. After magrib, everything gets worse and the person most effected that day goes down to the absolute bottom.

We make all namaz and roza and pray to Allah to make this punishment light for us. We are blessed with very nice children Masha Allah but my son has so much trouble in studying,can't study,his exams are at end of this month. My daughter just started working but is about to loose her job as she can't complete simple tasks at work. All 3 children have lost half the hair on their heads, look dark, pimples come suddenly spoiling their skin, v dark under eyes, suddenly feel v tired, feel v irritated in the head(son) or body (daughter) My husband looks atleast 10 years older, no freshness, weak and frail, gets angry suddenly. We all feel heavy and tired between our shoulders, depressed, can't get up to do any physical or menatl work (like tied in chains), we feel anxious and hate our selves feeling guilty and small( hqeer). My oldest daughter is married for 2 years but some symptoms have followed her to her new home. We can't do black magic or get it done as this is not permissible so I have been looking for someone like yourself to help us. Can you please help us ???

sweety said...

Dear sir Asalam alikum ...dear sir money problems ,my brothers and sisters are still not married ,in home always fighting .,dear sir enemies are killing to us alots problems .....dear sir need from you help to me friend to me good jinn ....dear sir please you can help to me alots of problems...dear sir I did alots of gennie invocation but gennie can't appear and not talking to me ....dear sir alots of spiritual healer wasted my money but not my work done dear sir I m serious

Shazia said...

Asalaam alaikum,

I stumbled upon your page while browsing the Internet!
I was wondering if you can help me I lost my baby daughter it was a still birth a year ago and since then I have had trouble conceiving I was wondering if you can tell me if I have had black magic done on me?!

Any help would be truly appreciated

Many thanks

maiden said...

Asalamu Alaikum brother my name maiden . I have been reading your blogs and I wanted to ask if you can help me with a problem I have been having. Recently i have noticed a series of strange events taking place in my love life and my finances . I lost my job and almost lost my house and I have been struggling drastically financially. In my love life i have noticed now looking back that my relationships never work out I know this sounds like mere trials but I am unable to clearly put into words the events that have been taking place . Everything that has been going on in my life seems supernatural. I was informed by several others that there may potentially be a jinn behind me I am seeking your help to see how I can go about to remove this jinn i hope to hear back from you please find it in your heart brother if you have the time to help me .

muhammar said...

asalaam bhai

am muhammar wakeel bauhadoor from mauritius.

i need your help i dont know if it is possible for you to help me in my situation.

i am victim of black magic.

1. i cant sleep well.
2. i keep on doing very bad dream like black snake is sleeping with me, blood,river etc .
3. when i wake up i feel tired, i feel lazy dont want to do anything just feel like to sleep.
4. i feel tired and sleepy all day.
5. i get lot of headache.

yesterday around 9hr30hr pm or 10 hr pm,i was sitting along in my living room suddenly i saw a man walking in my kitchen.

i have also done khatam e kwajagan 2 times, 1 time khatam a quran and 1time ayat e karima in the shrine of hazrat khwaja gharib nawaz r.a.

but till now i dont see any improvement.

can you help me and find a best solution for me.

please help me.

this is my detail and home address,do a check on me and my house you see if there is something wrong or not.

bhai can you please tell me who is doing all this blackmagic on me i only know its a woman is doing this ?

please help me in the name of allah

sofi said...

Thanks brother,for replay, i say so many evil. if i read prayer day time,in dream i sex with some one, not only that top of that if i see any girl i sex with her in dream.
if you under stand please let me know.

Khader said...

Janab Amel Saheb,

Salam alli kum,

I'm a practicing muslim, Al hamdu lillah I'm a highly educated man but for last 2 years, I'm unemployed despite of my best efforts. I'm applying to hundreds of job but nothing working out for me.

All my interviews goes very well but at the last moment something or other comes up and I dont get the job. At times, even after offering job, they delayed the start date and eventually cancelled .

I'm a family man with 3 daughters, I'm in lot of debts now and finding it extremely difficult to survive and feed my family.

Mas' Allah your site is very informative and Allah bless you for everything.

I need your help to read some Wazefa's to improve my situation and get some job ASAP.

I want to find out, do I need to listen ONLY once the "Jalali Mokilat Recitation" or daily and how many days.

Also, the Wazefa about (Block Sustenance) thru Quran (After every prayer) How many days, I have to read.

I really appreciate your help and quick reply.

May Allah bless you and help you help lot of people like me.

Jazak Allah Khair,

rabia said...

Salam aluikum ,

I live in Bahrain, I have a lot of problems I had a bad time of life in my father home and we had in my family house black magic and a lot of peers and ulma said we had magic in my parents home and there it still exist it's been 15 years but I got married in 2013 and I was very happy with my husband, he was spending a lot on me and was kind with me, but after few months he started to change and every time he taunts me, not want to help me and his mother also keep taunting me and I started having same bad life as I was having in my parents home, he do love me but still he keep saying sometimes I'm not his responsibility and all, he worked then left work and every time he is without money and his mother also don't support me, I was having normal and nice skin since I got married my face got full of pimples, I tried to treat it but still they keep coming back ,I'm facing a lot of financial problems I don't have money most of time, no job or business, I want to start business but still stuck.

himaltha said...

I am suffering from black magic from 2003.magic is in my eyes.lizards
are always in our house and they come to every place where I will
go.ghost in my body said that he will not go outside of my body, only
some Muslim healer can cure me.black magician said that he will
completely destroy me.on 28th November of this month my exam starts,
but I am unable to do study due to this black magic.please, tell me
solution for complete removal of this black magic.I am Hindu so I
cannot know kuran and its language.

khatri said...

hi sir my brother is suffering from black magic ..plz say me what cn I
do to remove black magic to him..medicines dnt effect..his face get
danger suffering form some gynecological disorder..but medical treatment
don't cure his health..plz say me but can I do..I am Hindu I don't have
knowledge to read Urdu or quran..plz help me ...

ghazala said...

Salam aluikum,

My name is ghazal , I've been married since 40 years now and my husband always hated me since the day I got married, he was from a very poor family and I bought him to bahrain and I helped him financially and emotionally, my father helped him and got him the visa for bahrain, he kept promising me that I am going to bahrain to earn a better life for you and children but he wasn't clean in heart and when he reached and he got a business he forgot all his promises and broke all his promises and started to spend on his brothers and sisters, he educated them and made them a big house and so on, as for me and my children he didn't really bothered and kept saying when the children I will do my duties for them because I have too much money but he was giving them money out with both hands to his greedy brother sisters n parents, n he always disrespected me, he use to disrespect me Infront of his family, then the children grew up and he refused on his duties, he said I cannot get them good education and get them married because I will loose my business if I spend on them.
I have 2 sons and 2 daughters and none of them are successful and are all depended, no education, no jobs nothing and whenever we ask for money he give bad words and don't give us anything, I want to know why all this happening with me I was loyal to him but I didn't get anything in return and my children they are helpless and hopeless, I want to know why please check for me

Anonymous said...

Please give me solution for to remove the black magic from my mind.
Mind can't work difficult work and remember problem create for long
time please suggest solution for this problem

Mahmoud said...

Due to pure jealousy,the person who is also a musLim,
is using KALI, the goddess of evil,doing bad thing, ie causing
backache and skin irritation.so how can one protect from this
devil. How to keep it away according to Quran.
Thank you

Martina Dsouza said...

Dear sir i am a 39 year old guy from mumbai my mom has sudenly fallen sick this year start of 2016 she was all fine and suddenly she had swelling and feaver on 9jan and the we went to the doc but nothing was dedected in the start then she got worse in the 3rd or 4th day she helps ppl alot and does lots of scocil work helping ppl in need she is very respected all around.. Then ve took some test and it showered some swelling in the ballglader so the doc toled us to treat her in the hosp for 2 days then it all started 1 there was swelling in the liver then 3rd day hiptic c the the 4th day cirrohsis the 5th day tummer the 5th day it was cancer that had a v5 cancer the had spred all over her body we in shock where or fam doc said that it was imp for her to have so many things without any symptioms she is suffering every day and v r helpless the no doc is redy to treat her by saying there is nothing they can do pls can some one help us .she has ppl who r enves her for the respect she gets and ppl to do black magic also ...what is the use of doing good all her life if she is going to face thease things it a qus that keeps poping in my mind all the time pls help if u can ..my email add//- avi_ice11@yahoo.com

kalim said...

Assalamoalaikum brother
Most Urgent
I am brother sidick M
I looked for help from many friends of same faith but still there is no progressive found.
Can you help me to get out of this overdept problem.
The more effort I made there is no effort
By the name of Allah kindly see into
Jazak Allah