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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

When a magician casts a spell to make the victim suicidal, he is not just trying to make him suicidal. Making a victim contemplate suicide is not the only objective of the enemy. Rather he wishes to drive the victim to a point in life where he/she actually commits suicide. Whether the magician will succeed or not depends on how powerful he is and how unprepared the victim is to deal with such a situation. If the magician is very powerful and if his black magic does not meet any resistance from the victim’s side then eventually he can destroy the victim’s life.

If a victim is under such a spell then not only is his life at stake but his dignity as well. This is because by driving the victim to the point of committing suicide not only will the enemy end a precious life but also make the victim appear as a loser in the eyes of people.

The symptoms by which the victims can make out that they are being subjected to a suicide-inducing spell are as follows:

1.    Worrying needlessly
2.    Negative thinking
3.    Losing enthusiasm for life
4.    Hopelessness
5.    Fearful thoughts about the future
6.    Considering life to be worthless and wondering why one is alive
7.    Lack of desire to excel
8.    Scary dreams
9.    Panic attacks
10.    Racing thoughts
11.    No hope for the future
12.    Mood swings

The point to be noted here is that the black magic jinnat which are selected for abetting suicide cannot physically force the victim to jump off a cliff or to drink poison. Their modus operandi consists of manipulating the thoughts of the victim. So they start pouring in depressing and frustrating thoughts into the victim’s mind disguising them as victim’s own thoughts. If the victim happens to be a naïve person who knows nothing about black magicians and their tricks then they start construing such thoughts as being their own. This is a fatal mistake on the part of the victim and once the victim gets fooled in this way then it becomes much simpler for the enemy to succeed in their evil mission.

A naïve victim, unfortunately, never questions himself that why has his attitude towards life changed so dramatically? His reasoning power gets affected adversely and he becomes a mere puppet in the hands of the enemy.

Moreover, the jinnat do not compel the victim to commit suicide directly, but slyly. They make him feel as if their life has reached a dead end and there is no point in continuing to live. The victim is cleverly made to ignore all the positive aspects of his life and his mind is constantly fed with negative fears and emotions. The victim is completely brainwashed into believing that his existence if of no use and there is no point in carrying on with life.

In such circumstances it is the awareness about black magic, its types and symptoms which can help the victim in turning the tables on his enemy.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Naeem said...

Aslam o alikum
Bother I am Naeem from Australia kindly can u give me your phone number please I wanna discuss one problem.

Niloufer said...

my name is Niloufer my son who expired on 4 july 2015 . he was only 28 days baby. i just want to know was my baby killed by black magic if yes then what type of magic? please tell me who were my baby enemies was my in law side or my parents side.
i want to knw so that can save my future babies i just want t be alert from my enemies


Abeer said...

asalamo alaikum
i recently read ur blog about black magic. acually me and my family is under going spell of magic n facing losses. I want to contact u n need ur help.JAZAKILLAH KHAIR.

shalu said...

I am addressing you after seeing your blogs and mails. I have visited
many people got my treatment done from various people.My relative ( My
Jaithani i.e My husbands elder brothers wife ) started a disastrous
black magic many years ago soon after my marriage on my entire family
and destroyed my life forever out of jealousy and property matters. She
is illustrate but belongs to "Muraina" .after than Jaithani's Son-in
law is attempting disastrous Black magic on me and my entire family.I
could have been paralyzed or led to brain hemorrhage. They have
finished My life, Career, attacked health, broken me completely from
Money.I was not left with a single penny. last fifteen years am unable
to have a stable job and last four years 2011 march. I lost a good job
in which I was working since 2010-2011. I could not do a single job
for more than 9-10 months. Same is the case with my husband. My
husband has become a disastrous case and a hopeless case . he is a
enemy to me always ask to commit suicide.He got a major Heart attack
Dec 2014, He became womanizer, excessive alcoholic.lost his command on
mind wisdom and language and become a worst case. He is so against and
hopeless that I have to take Divorce from him.But am unable to
materialize my Divorce, My job , my money and my stand.They have
finishes us.There were few persons from my friend circle also who cast
black magic on me to block my success, career, money , respect .They
are .
These people are involved in attempting black magic on me from last two
years.Right now a muslim person is a past friend
and business partner to my husband did something and made us wore some
Taveej . Me , husband and daughter. He did this in March 2015 when
husband got heart attack in Dec. All witch/spirits which were there in
my house were gone by Salim ji small treatment. After march 2015 I
have to leave that house as My husband created entire violence in the
colony , lost his senses after fully drunk and started abusing me in
front of the colony..After March 2015 I have to change my house twice
again once in April and again once in June.The house which we are
living is good and peaceful but a possibility if unable to pay rent
have to leave. I do not want my husband to stay with me as he is often
drunk, abusive and can create problem to me . Before police officials
he says he is a heart patient so they do not arrest him. How to take
Divorce am without a single penny at the moment. My bank balance is
Zero last 12 months and am subject to my husbands Torches. Just
yesterday Salim came again to our house , my husband and I had
difference with salim soon after his treatment in March2015. Me ,
Husband and daughter tok out his taveej in June 2015 but somehow he
again came to our house yesterday. I asked him to remove obstacles/
bandish around money and career/job, which he said he will try but not
assured me.Right now I and my daughter wore the Tavej again yesterday
give by salim. Salim keeps monitoring all my activities .

shalu said...

I should tell you about myself am Highly qualified with Double MBA ,
one from Raj University (Yr2000), and one from XLRI-Jamshedpur ( The
top rated Business MBA Institute) ( Year 2013), I have three more
degrees , BSC Honors, BED Science (Merit holder), Diploma in Labor and
administrative laws. Am sitting without Job and my career is lost
since March 2011. My name is there on 4 organizations -Two NGOs , Two
IT companies as Chairperson and Director. as I pertenered with IT
companies for business. Am ZERO/ZERO. My Stars are very good most of
the time and again very good Sept 2015 onwards but am unable to move
ahead. Am quiet worried for my sweet daughter , I have one and only
daughter aged 18 years and am aged 44 years. Am worried for my
entire future . There is no one to support . We have lost on friend
relationship,family and Relatives. May I pls request you to cut my
blockage or obstacles of my Career, Money and Job. I have no job to
source money and without money I cannot do Business. Have great vision
to take up Job and Business both where I can engage my daughter and my
mother/sister. Our house which is in the name of My husband he does
not want to give me a single penny. the house is not in a good
condition and one will pay only 30lacs or 35 lacs. I have asked an
Investor to build my house 3 story or two story on credit so that we
can get some good value.

I know am helpless without money now but I am a very strong women with
hope that some Farishta will surely help me. I earnestly plead you and
humbly request you to please help me in this critical situation If you
could remove a bandish for job and money I will get permanent job and
money. Request pls let me know the remedy.

shibli said...

sir assalam alaikum .
i m a govt doctor from Lucknow up . i have a big problem in my business . means my business has been blocked . and i have bad relation in husband and wife .i recited many wazaif but no response .i do too labor but no success .my all work has become destruct.in last .i consulted to many amils but no response.people diagnosed as black magic.m so plz advise how i get rid from these two major problems .means karobar bandish and husband wife dispute .

Saira. said...

As slm wrb

My name is saira.

I live in holland

I read your website .

I want to know if it is allowed for me to ask help with tawiez to bring my husband back .

Because we are married for almost 25 years and now he left me and our 2 sons.
I do not think it is naturally because we did not have a fitght or what so ever out off no were he left .

But we are suffering a lot and want him to come back.

So is it allowed to use tawiez to get him back.

Farah. said...

Dear Amel sahab,

Salam Alaykom!

I was checking the net for knowing any Amal that can tell if someone is under the influence of magic etc and found your website.
I have many many problems which I want solution for. I keep on doing different wazeefas and believe fully that soon ALLAH (SWT) will listen to me.
I am a common person and have no experience of Amaliyat or Muakkils etc but I believe a sincere and truthful Muslim Aamil can help me in solving my problems quickly since its more than 20-25 years I am in a vicious circle of problems and have lost so much in life that one can hardly imagine.
I don't know if I am under the influence of magic etc as I find myself encircled by problems from nowhere and also feel at times being dragged to do something wrong unintentionally and at times am aware of some disaster coming my way but am completely paralyzed in avoiding it.
Please reply my email if you are willing to help me so I can disclose my problems to you.

Lots of prayers and expecting your kind reply at the earliest.


moni said...

I am in alot of distress

having issues in my married life .. had my nikah last year in June 2014 and Rukhsati in December 2014.

All of a sudden my husband has said that he wants to give me divorce. We used to have little fights but nothing big enough jis pe divorce de jaye.

Please koi help ya guidance ...

Shainsha said...


I had seen your postings and looking for help as we are in real trouble

We are from India (chennai) we r love married couple with two kids as iam Muslim and my wife is Hindu . We have been suffering from black magic for last 12 years and have lost every thing in life so pls help us . If you can send number we can call you pls help us

sajjad said...

I have in problems as I am suffering seriously(pain whole body/headec pain, heart beats disturbed, stomach and back boon paint etc) since from a long time approximately 20 years. Also same with my family same problems so kindly suggest a suitable solution. In sha allah I will pray for you in Makkah Al-Mukarmah and MAdina Munawarah(PBUH).

Waiting your kind and smart response.

farkhanda said...

Dear Brother,

I am an unfortunate mother of an 18 years old son. He is my only son. Since I am his only parent, I worked hard throughout my life in order to brought him up. All of a sudden he stopped going school about one year back. He quit his normal activities like playing cricket. He is totally a changed personality now. He do not offer namaz. Everyday he says that he will go to school on next day but he do not do it. Every day he says that he will offer namaz from next day but he do not do it. I am reading whatever I know including Allah's names, Kalma tamjeed, La hawla wala quwatta ka wird, hasbonallaho wa naemal waqeel ka wird, ya wahabo ka wird, ya allahu ka wird, surah fatiha ka wird, surah ikhlas ka wird, manzil, surah wa duha ka amal,,,,but there is no change. I am really very much worried. Today I have seen the amal of Ya Allahu from your website. Please let me know shall I perform this amal to make my son namazi and to take him towards education and schooling. Please let me know how to perform Ya Allahu amal and how to give its zakat. And also shall it be a solution of my problem.


munir said...

Aslaamualaikum me and my family have been suffering from black magic our enemy won't stop at all this is being going on for about 25 years can you help

sundus said...

i am 1 year married with a 3 months old baby girl. me and my husband loved so much. he was very caring and loving. but from a month he began to hate me. he even does'nt talk to me now and all the time scolds me and ignores me. he asked me to left job as well few days before just to keep care of his father and blaming me that i am neglecting my house hold jobs. it is completely wrong as i am managing everything. my mistake or point was that i want some time on weekend to spend with my husband but my sisters in law wont give us time for our life. they use to come again and again to visit their father who is my father in law. my father in law is a controlling person and interferes in our lives so much that he made my husband against me by complaining and now me and husband fought and i left his home and living with my parents now from a week. he didnt contact me. and sent me a legal notice for divorce blaming me and my parents for everything. i think somebody has done black magic on my husband. plz help me. i love him so much and he also loves me alot but things have gone so much worst now that they cant be roll back or controlled.

naila said...

Asalam o alikaum
Me and my whole family is in great trouble someone has done black magic on us and it is very old. Everyone is facing health problem, carrier problem aggression fighting all the tym at home and lots of lots of problems. Plz do some thing for us. And try to find out where the spell is cast hidden. Then we will dig it out and and will through in it in running water. Plz I need ur help.

Anonymous said...

Brother I need your help kindly help me please there is very hard to find the good person ALLAH give me your web address if you help me i ill pray for you till to my death brother . i am not very rich person in my family we all are sick badly i am deaf using hearing aid my mother is cancer patient my father is heart patient (need money for operation hell worried about him) brother is blind younger sister is blind. they have night blindness and don’t know what to do, i don’t have money for my father operation. our financial crises started in i think 2005 . My female cousin ran from home and we are badly hit in society in 2001. Brother we don’t believe in this jadu but in previous days my mother face gone to black spot suddenly doc says that there is skin problem and it happens because she use hair color and it happen with my father too. but in previous day suddenly a plant goes die it was desert plant and when we saw it don’t have words it’s scary very scary then mother told me that there is something don’t know i have to say more but me and my ALLAH know that i say truth because i believe that you will help me. Kindly tell me there is something like jadu at our family or not if you help me ALLAH will help you. I need your help please help me no one know about these words that what i said you kindly tell me are you able to help me

Anonymous said...

My father is 85years old and mother 75 years old both are against each other. my father memory and behavior unacceptable. I think some one magic on them. kindly check them my father is religious person throughput.but now a days his behavior very horrible. thanks

Shobhita said...


I was reading your blog and I am very interested in asking you a few details. is it possible for us can I call you?
I also want to know if you know Ali-al-asbat as a way to change our destiny with allah?

Please respond as soon as possible. I have some important questions.

Thank you,

ahmed said...

assalamualaikum I'm a victim of bad luck or black magic.i read ur blog.7 month ago the thing you said about jerking body nd all those happened with me.3 night happened those,i thought its alergic something BT now I can see I was toxicated black magic.i stay in south africa.one girl doing this to me.i lose my bussines,respect,health nd always I'm feeling that I'm listening what people talking.that girls house I have my clothes nd may be my hair nails nd all those.i can't forget about her.i leave that place its been 9days.but something seeking me there nd I want to do the same thing she did with me.i want to make her the way she make me a doll of her.plz help me

Anonymous said...

i am a 23 year married girl with one daughter of six months problem is with my husband i don't know why he always leaves me alone when ever there is a problem. first he was good he even took a big step for me after my marriage when his father started a fight after a few days of my marriage, but now and after that he is quite he is now afraid of his family he knows that i never lie but i dnt know what has happened to him someone told that he has been spelled but you can understand today not every amel knows well but what i personal experienced is something has been wrong to him he loves me and shows care too but when the matter comes to his family he forgets me i am living in his family all alone because he left me over here he lives in Dubai now his father wants me to live with him and do their work i had b com i cnt study further i cnt do any job and here his home is so far off the main village i feel like so broken my husband now wants me to live as his father is saying he listens even to their children but not me if my husband dnt support me am i suppose to live with him ? now take an example that my daughter was ill i was gone to my moms home on eid i took her to hospital and when i cam back my susr started abusing that how dare you took our daughter first you have to come here than we should have taken you from there you can not go i told my husband that he is abusing thann he answered that i cnt do anything he is right why you took her i just wanted to tel that things are not so big but am not any ones servant if my husband will speak calms i can do everything but i also feel like he isn't in his senses he was not like this before please help me to find out where he is been spelled or not or what can i do for bringing back his trust and love i offer five time prayers a day MA and been wel known to the deen as well i know my rights and duties but still everyone is proving me wrong because my husband is not standing besides me i only want to stay with him at the time of my marriage he and his family promised that the girl will stay with him in Dubai and he took me there once but we had great quarrels over there too just because of his family than i came back his father said now you will stay with us you cnt go any where i stayed with them for a long time but again they were making misunderstandings b/w me and my husband , so i decided to go back and give my relation a second chance so i went without asking any one there he was sweet he said that you did a very good thing but his fincial problems started so i have to come back now i am here i his house bearing all this he even dnt dare to talk and says if you dnt want to live in my home you can go any where leaving my daughter my father is not alive only have a mother and a sister only i have is the hand of Allah on my head no one else now i want you to please tel me whats the matter as i read your articals about spel and i found many examples in my husband like he cnt offer prayers no quran financial conditions are going far poor when ever he starts a business it flops without any reason and qurels between us we cnt live together and many more please suggest some ayats for love and trust and spel also

Haj said...

Hi Master Amel,

It's not that I don't allow you to help but I've asked help for me and my wife recently. The person that helped my wife she vomited blood instantly outside our house and quickly ran away from us and shouted so many of them. After that we didn't hear anything from her anymore we couldn't contact her.And suddenly I realize my children has lost interest in me especially me. They were taking care by my wife's sister and her husband in our house. We live together in same house now.

Once my wife's sister husband confronted me saying that himself and her wife is most powerful magician that ever people knows about. And his mother(the husband) also a powerful black magic practitioner. I believe my wife's sister husband have some help from his friends too.That day he accidentally told me that his close friend is casting black magic unto me and my wife too.And i smile and said I believe in Allah's and his prophets more than anything else. That's where they got heated up and he said be prepared. And i just smile and walked away.

Both of them my wife's sister and her husband until now has no children. So they taking care of my children while we are at work until they are so close to them. When i'm at home,my children don't even say hi and realize that

Haj said...

I'm there with them and they will ask me to go away because i look ugly to them.Even my wife say i look ugly now. My wife and me always had bad dream too. And all the points that you gave above we also we encounter that, even my children do encounter a few of them. And my last son always have pain in his feet during his sleep at night(he's the closest to my wife's sister and her husband)I've strong smell also like urine or toilet smell especially on my feet when I asked my wife she said she never smell anything but when I asked my children and my friends they said yup I smell like toilet and dead fish or garbage like smell.

I realize that I need to do something I read a lot about this info of removal of black magic things and started to read quran, manzil, yassin from every dzikir..to the end. At first it was alright,and then suddenly the next minutes back to their black magic mode again. And when I start reading yassin even soflty, the next day my wife's sister will come and tell don't read anything from quran Even her husband said don't read anything from the quran.But I insisted and still read yassin,dzkir and manzil and that night...on the same night my mother in-law...fell badly injured on her head and passed away in hospital after a week. During when we were in hospital my wife's sister told me not to read anything from quran or anything like that..I was so tremotized and told my wife about it and we fought..and alot disagreement happen.After that happen me and my wife and even my children cannot control our temper and always have this disagreement with each other. My last son always so rebellious with me and my wife.Way before,me, my wife and my children were so happy with each other before until this black magic happen when my wife's sister and her husband and my mother-in law stay in our house together.
Silently ,I read durood (shalawat nabi)in my heart every day and night. Just for some protection for my wife,myself and my children. I know it's abit scary but i'm just be patient as Allah will bless and help those mukmin who are most patient and do amal.

Whenever my children and my wife so happy with me for a minute or two when my wife's sister and her husband came to know to it or saw us.Each of them always will go to their toilet or their own room. And then sudden change in their behavior with split seconds my children and my wife become moody again or they just do their on thing at their corner silently without even knowing i'm there with them. Which is so wierd sometimes i think. I told my wife about it and my wife will go berserk and always disagree with me. She disbelieve whatever I said.And I say to myself always maybe it's a test and I continue to be patient and do amal and shalawat.

Thanks so much for your time I'll read your blog you linked above for now.

Unknown said...

I am planning suicide, can u save me