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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

So far, I have discussed at length sixteen different types of black magic practices which can bring the victim’s life to a stand still. It should be understood that the symptoms of black magic can be divided into two broad categories. The first category consists of those symptoms which are general and which occur in almost every type of black magic case, whether it is to block someone’s livelihood or to kill someone. The general types of symptoms include the following:

1.    Nightmares
2.    Eye twitching
3.    Eyebrow twitching
4.    Unexplained jerks in the body
5.    Unexplained bruises
6.    Satanic whispers
7.    Hearing one’s name being called out
8.    Strange sounds without any external source
9.    Headaches

    If a person experiences any of the paranormal activity mentioned above then the person should become watchful. Ignoring the symptoms in the first stage of black magic can be potentially dangerous. It can lead to severe complications and it can make the task of casting a spell very easy for the black magician and his devils. Just like it is very easy for a thief to rob a fainted person likewise it is very easy for the magicians to harm the victim who does not know what is happening to him. No awareness=No action=No protection. Therefore, the magicians can control such an unsuspecting victim very easily. On the other hand, if the victim senses danger at the right time and seeks protection then this can make it difficult for the magician to succeed in his evil mission. None of the symptoms mentioned above should be ignored, taken lightly or brushed aside as a mere co-incidence. Otherwise things will slowly or steadily become murkier and uncontrollable.

For those who are careless about this dark truth there is lots of trouble in store. Rape by ghosts in dreams, possession by devils, darkening of the complexion, accidents, cancer, liver damage, heart attacks, frequent miscarriages or infertility, suicidal attempts, sudden deaths in a family etc are some of the advanced symptoms which occur in the life of those victims who allow the magicians to go on assaulting them- unbridled.   

In this final post, I would like to briefly discuss about another type of black magic which can cause a major setback, if left unchecked. Sometimes black magicians (at the behest of their clients) cast addiction spells on the victims. The defenseless victims can get addicted to major vices such as smoking, gambling, alcohol, pornography, illicit sex and drugs. Since addictions are like quick sand so once a person falls into the trap set by the black magician then he keeps on getting more and more drenched until his situation becomes irreversible. So apart from keeping a bad company or other socio-economical factors black magic can also turn an innocent victim a hardcore addict. What is quiet heartrending is the fact that not only does such a victim ruin his own life but he also faces ignominy in the society. He is blamed without any fault of his and his reputation is at stake. People are unable to see the other side of the coin and the result is that the victim has to face false accusations and humiliation throughout his life. So if one wishes to avoid all this trouble then it imperative that each one of us should we well-armed with knowledge and we should seek a way out of this trouble through the healing verses of the Holy Quran. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


saad said...


I came across your posts regarding voodoo and black magic, are you an aalim or are you just knowledgeable about the topic? If not an aalim, do you know any who can help victims of this satanic mess? Our entire family is being targeted by a former family member (in law) and it's been two years... we thought this would eventually stop so we were fighting it off by doing our spiritual duties but recently things got intense, one of my uncles even lost his new born due to these horrible people... Please help if you can.

maqsood said...

Dear Sir,


I have all the symptoms related to black magic as you have mention , it is also confirm from some amil, but they unable to remove this evil. I am continue on Ilaj since more than 17 years, but sometime it remove for some days and again reoccur after 7 or 15 days. I am fed up with so called Ilaj.

Can you advise about otara to remove it

I am awaiting your response

Dimitar said...

Dear Amel Soname,

My name is Dimitar, from Bulgaria.
I saw you web site that you can heal/remove black magic.
My ex girlfriend did something really bad to me, I have tried many
healers with Quran and other healers but the relief is temporary and
it goes back to me again. I
am suffering and she is living her best time.
She has problem with her right foot since birth and I took somehow
her pain, also I started to have pain there and in the spine around the chest
area as well(something like burning in both places) Usually the burning starts
at night time the early hours. This black magic affects my entire
life, emotional, mental, everything is upside down right now and no
one can help me.
Can you help me to heal myself and reverse the magic, the pain and the

Look forward for your answer!
Best regards,

Hassan said...

Dear Mr Amel,

I was impressed to read your webpage. I have full faith and confidence in you. My father died on 14th June 2015.

Since, then my life has shattered. I was working in a global firm until April 2015 but had to quit the job because I had to look after my dad who was critically ill.

In August 2013, I saw a dream that a a lady has entered our house with a doll and she placed the doll on one of the sofas. The doll had needles on them and the doll was bleeding.

One month after that, my father started getting fever non-stop until October 2013. In OCtober 2013 , he was diagnosed with Lungs cancer. He had lungs surgery followed by intense chemotherapy for 6 months.

In November 2014, he started complaining of memory loss. Eventually he was diagnosed with Brain tumor and he battled a long illness. I saw him in tremendous pain. I cannot tell you in words. All his life he helped poor people and even treated two cancer patients.

He was loved by everyone. He remained a successful man . You think he really died his natural death?

I am restless since 2 months. I think someone did black magic on him so that he can die.

I would highly be grateful if you can help me find out whether he died naturally or someone made him die.

I constantly think some black forces are out to destroy my career and will always bother me. please help me

Can you please tell me or give a hint who could be involved in practicing black magic my father through black forces?

May God bless you for your work

Anonymous said...

Aslam-O-Alaikum Brother . i am From Pakistan. and i am suffering disease of Black magic. Or someone from my relatives have done it on me. My educational career my personal life is too effected by black magic. i want to be a good muslim but this magic is causing me to hate religion sometimes or to do sex or watch porn ..etc Astagfirullah. Please suggest something for me. i have read your topic from website. i am waiting for your reply

jaspreet said...

Hello sir, I have been stuck by black magic since months and it is getting worse day by day. Its affecting my mental functioning severely. Black magicians have made me infamous and each second of my thought is being recorded by them and I am left freaked out because of that. Everyone bullys me and I feel like alienated and my self-esteem has got down a lot because of it. I feel everyone on T.V. and serials are potraying me and making fun of me. I am a single unmarried girl, 23 years and this whole thing has blocked me from achieving my dreams and goals in life.I have developed fear of social gatherings and meeting people and being judged groundlessly. Every single person in my city knows about me like my best friend would know or more than that. But many of them are mere rumours. I hate this. My personal life isn't personal anymore. What should I do? How do I get rid of black magic? I also feel like to change the city. But I think they will cause me trouble wherever I go. Please give me correct advice. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I live in the usa and I have a accounting degree but I can't find a job. I have many financial problems and at the age of 33 still not married. I feel like I can't get married until I solve all of my financial problems. Plus not many girls would marry someone that isn't doing well financially. What can I do to solve my problems? If I gave you my name and dob could you check

naseem said...

as salam walikum sir,
my name naseem ,i have one 7 yr kid,my husband is influenced of his elder brother and his wife,and not takeing care of my son ,its 4 years he is with his mother sakira begum not coming to see me and my son ,not even providing finnancila asistanc e,what ever earning spending on his elder brother wife and children ,iam helpless ,this people are in to black magic and go to hindu people for doing zaddu,pls help me to get back my husband,and i want to do mohabat taslim pls send that wazifa print out ,i cant print,that page is secured

Mansoora said...

Hi my name is Mansoora I got so many problems I lost my job I applied for UK visa that was rejected all the times I feel bad small all around I check with the doctor as well all the time dizziness some times I scare that I am cancer but I didn't check with doctors can you check its jadoo or not actually I don't believe but you said it's written on Quran that jadoo exist


Nasifa said...

Dear Amel,


I read your blog on black magic I have certain problems that need to be solved related to black magic. If you can help me please reply and I will give you the details later.

Thank you.

Yasmine said...


I need help as I believe that I have black magic done on me, my husband keeps distant with me and always much trouble in my life. Pls help, anytime he wants to approach me, there starts an argument. Pls save my home.

Anonymous said...

i am Hindu girl....south Indian ....i got married .my relatives did black magic on my parents so they became against on me....my parents don't want me to led happy life....they always thinking to do wrong on me...now i applied for 12th exam but my parents don't want me to pass exam...if i pass exam they have to spend money for higher exam so they r planning something wrong ....lots of wrong thing doing against on me....please save my life.....i want my parents should support me for whole life instead of against...and my uncle aunts also support me for whole life ...i am getting problem with them ...

naheeda said...

My name is naheeda my in-laws was Jules to me or my children they are giving me and my children trouble and my husband also fallow them and he is not giving us our. Right and they control every things please tell me any wazifa i am very upset please help me.

madhu said...

Dear Helper

I am madhu . I am very much worried some one has done black magic on me aur jin chor diya hi . Rat mi bhoot pershan kerta hi. I could nt sleep mere stomach mi allergen dalta hi ulti ati hi dard hota ab yeh kissa bhoot bar gya hi I need your help urgently. aap ka jin ko jalane ka mene pera hi per khuch samgh mi nhi aya .
Pl help me.

Rehan said...

I have done few wazifa''s before but I'm in search or doing strong wazifa so I could get help from muakkils to find out about (sahir) black magic if person is effected or not and also get help from muakkils to break the black magic..... I want to help free to all true muslim and (MSW) his umah.... some one is keep costing spell on me and I also get effected by evil too fast.... please help... I'll wait for ur reply... many thnks...

divaish said...

Hello its on behalf of someone else i need advice.
My friend has done remedies for the black magic.it was a strong one. So i want to know how long it takes for things to improve? I don't see any such improvement its been a month.

Please do reply.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Amel, I have been on your website and i want to tell you i have really benefited from the ruqya i downloaded. jazakumullahu khairan, may Allah accept this work of charity as an act of ibadah from you, and may you reap the rewards from this world and here after amin.

i have had long years of depression and at the end i was so ignorant and i decided to keep practicing some meditation from some websites and some videos i came across online. and i have been sick since then, and Ruqya has really helped me, symptoms have drastically reduced, now i dont have bad dreams like before, i dont feel so overpoweringly depressed, just slight and once i recite subhanallah wa bihamdihi, i feel ok in sha Allah, when it is evening i just feel some movement in side my brain, i feel a sound like spark of electricity, and an unbearable pain inside my brain, it makes me find it hard to concentrate sometimes if i want to work, or read unless i play the Ruqya i downloaded from your website. and it has been really helpful each time i use it with Allah's permission i get relieve, only yesterday that i did more than 2 hours of Ruqya but head kept paining, and i still feel pains inside my head. but general symptoms have greatly improved. please include me in your prayers, i want to say hank you once again for this great sacrifice, may Allah reward you Amin ya Allah. jazakallahu khairan. brother.

Rishikesh said...

Hello sir, My name is Rishikesh .I need your help. I don't know what's wrong with my family ,everything is going wrong with us.I am damn sure that it's kala jadu,bcoz struggling life and black magic life make difference. There is no source of income ,even i m not getting succeeded in studies..I study a lot but I forget during paper.I just want to get rid of this.Can u help me out please.

Please feel free to ask me any more information you needed. Hope I will receive your reply.you can give me your contact number if you can.

Thanks you

ratika said...

asalamualikum, i rally need your help i have no one to help me i have no medical problem ..i am loosing my sanity plz help me out for no reason m loosing neurological stability it has been 4 months and i haven't slept my brain burns a lot from being a topper i m a failure now in my studies unable to learn cant do any thing panic cant eat fear o taking a bath fear of having food if i have food or bath i feel i will die or get choked a lot many problems ....

Anonymous said...

AOA sir!
I read your blogs regarding black magic. I just want to know if you can assist me on some personal issues. I will be really thankful to you.

Anonymous said...

I have married 9 years b4r. I was feeling so much disturbed relation with husband that every time it became a Hell for me to live with him. I also mentioned my my frightened dreams to someone & she gave me something to read & I got 70% relieved. The magic was done by perhaps that guy whose proposal I rejected & I got sure about him by my dreams. Now, my problem is that I am not able to conceive although my reports r all o.k . Regarding my husband, he is a polite guy but no interest in sexual life. He has too spermatrozoa & after my great efforts he visited Dr. but neither takes any medicine nor any kind of efforts to improve his test. I am seeing disturbed dreams & with this it shows that something has done on our fertility as We both have low libido soon after our marriage. Plz suggest what to read. I am reading manzil sometimes & verses of surah baqarah & some wazifa for my pregnancy but no good results for finishing magic. Plz give me something for my health of Husband. Give