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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Most of us may have heard of at least a few rags to riches sagas in our life. Some people also turn into millionaires- overnight. On the other hand, there are some cases where just the opposite takes place. One day we find a person quite well off, happy and settled in life and the other day we find that he has gone to the dogs. Such heartrending cases may either happen all of a sudden or over a prolonged period of time. Sometimes we find that people with great business acumen suddenly start making business mistakes which are tantamount to professional hara-kiri. Then are cases where people lose interest in their work all of a sudden, as a result of which their business suffers. Some people also put their money at risk through gambling.

If we scrutinize such cases of financial downfall we will find that it is not possible to paint all of them with the same brush because all of them are not brought about through black magic. In some cases divine revenge can be the underlying cause, wherein haughty people are brought to book by Allah (swt). Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran: “and turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth. Verily, Allah likes not each arrogant boaster’. (Holy Quran-31:18).

As far as the remaining cases are concerned, the tantriks have a plethora of ways through which they can turn a well-heeled person into a pauper for no fault of his and those who are striving to be rich can be kept stuck in a rut and spinning their wheels to get out of it. These black magic cases can be identified by the following symptoms:

1.    The victim may see a giant lizard-like creature in their dreams. This creature appears in dreams in those particular cases wherein the tantriks use the sifli moakkil lizard. I have discussed at length about this particular moakkil and its characteristics in my blog


 The tantriks use this devilish entity in order to block the victim’s earnings and to destroy him financially.
2.    The victim suffers from severe headaches which do not subside by taking painkillers. The cause of the headaches is not anxiety or tension as it happens normally. The devils which penetrate into the minds of the victim (in order to manipulate it) need energy for carrying on their own activities. They suck the energy from the victim’s mind and therefore the victim gets mentally exhausted and severe headaches entail.
3.    The victim feels like escaping from his home and his family and ruining himself.
4.    If, later on, the victim tries to pick up the pieces of his life by taking up a small job then too he meets with lots of obstacles.
5.    The victim’s mind goes blank for a moment while he is driving and he meets with an accident. The purpose behind this is to disrupt the victim’s business by making him physically handicapped.
6.    The victim is duped by the people around him and he faces huge financial loss.

It is only through timely spiritual intervention that the victim can be saved from falling into the pit of financial ruin and misery. If the victim has no idea about the symptoms of black magic then the enemy can easily pull the rug from under the victim’s feet.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Neetu said...

Read your article...just wondering if you could help me out to figure out if there is any black magic done on me or my partner and if yes,,if there is anything to remove it...if there is any phone number to contact you.
We are in Toronto,Canada.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir ,

i need your guidance ,seen your post on web while searching for black magic cure by Quranic verses . Can you please guide me what to do as i suspect my husband is under the cast of black magic by another woman. it started round 8 months back and now we are constantly fighting and he is no talking with me . Can u tell me some wazifa.

dove said...

my problem is black magic, evil eye , I am not sure , but the circumstances forced me to think that way.
the problem is not just one , from severe headaches to not getting married , its like what ever i do someone not visible is there to screw things for me and not only for me but for my family. We all siblings facing the same problems. I cried , i prayed to Allah to change it to make it beter but its all dead end , i feel like ii have surpassed the level of patience required in islam but in end got nothing , no sweet fruit of waiting that long , waiting might be something good will hapen. No proper job , no proposal while my cousins flourish day by day . All we (my family) is becoming laughing stock .

Help me show some direction , I tried your different wadifaz, some of them helped in reducing headaches but what about good job , good life partner and a good life

i just feel like something is crawling inside which we cannot see. tell me how to figure if it is black magic and how to end it completely

Raashid said...


Please read .

My name is Raashid, I had a relationship for about 11 years with a girl. She got married on January 2013 with sudden change in her behavior. Some time back one aalim came to our new house for house bandhis(ghar bandhne) and he checked every one and told me my case. The girls family has done black magic on er putting some flowers and other stuff on her [bathing, drinking] water, the oil she used and other things through a group of tantrik.. He tried to cut the magic but unfortunately could not succeed.. I am very much need of your help, I really love the girl and still want to marry her..

Please look into this case and do provide me help. May Allah bless you.

I live in India, working in Hyderabad.

I request you from my depth of heart please look into this.

Allah Hafiz

sana said...

asalam o alaikum my name is sana my parents are really worried about my marriage proposal.can u tell is there any serious kind of hindrance???

mohammed said...

Respected mam,
I have just gone through your website mam,
i have got my solution but there are many
i don't know which one to attempt...

my problem is that i have severe head pain, and have hand burn and palm burn...
this is due to black magic and i have known that its done by one of my friend just that for jealousy and that i wont earn healthier life,
and also known that 2 twice has been done that so that we cant break it...

now mam please kindly help me that what precautions shall i take and what resolution shall i take...

please mam reply me and help me out

Anonymous said...

Salaam Alaykum

Having come across your website I can relate to symptoms of magic (Allah knows best). I will explain my situation to you below of my situation:-

My wifes age is 26 and I am 34. We have a daughter 2yrs and sone 6months.
We had a very good marriage first year as we we lived separate and visited family less. We went on many vacation and generally was good. My wife fell pregnant and baby was born in 1 year.

After baby was born my mother inlaw was interfering too much and was changing behaviour. To cut a long story short both family had disagreements because my wife would tell her mother things and in turn my inlaws would always come to take their daughter. However all resolved and me and my wife got back together and I cut contact with her family but she was ok with mine. I said all things my mother inlaw was saying and since then my mother inlaw hates me. But she said too much bad things about her own husband etc.

Anyway in June 2014 we moved to new home and our baby son was born and was very happy. We booked in September 2014 our anniversary to go on vacation in January 2015 and was very happy just few money problems but we never fight or anything. All of sudden we was getting extremely bad headaches small arguments and wife had some bruise feeling depressed. We had an argument in November 2014 and she left with children and 2 weeks later she filled divorce? She doesn't want to talk with me at all and doesn't reply to my sms or phone calls. She said no matter what she wants a divorce and thats final. I have made contact and visited her family and her father is now good with me but my mother inlaw and wife will not talk?

My mother inlaw in past has mentioned she has ghous paak hand and she has special power and if we need help she can use some powers? But when we asked what power and if its not islamic she agreed its something like this but not in detail? I suspect my mother inlaw is doing magic and has done something on my wife as my wife is changed? My mother inlaw never came down and stayed upstairs and didn't try help resolve?

I am helpless and want my marriage to resolve. Please can you help?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Faruque said...

I love a boy named as Faruque. We are in about 8 years relationship. But his mother dislike me and disagree with our relationship. Last year he went to Australia. He always contact with me overphone and skype. But recently he stopped contact with me. I can not reached him anyhow. his mother done black magic or vashikaran to him to create problem and distance between us. That's why he stopped contact with me. Now his mother try to marry him to other girl. Please help me to get back him in my life and to control his mother's mind to like me agree her to marry my loved one. Can you remove this vashikaran from him?

Anonymous said...

as per web massage i need your help to remove black magic from me and my wife,
since last four year my wife left me for sake of money with two children,till today i found that she is having affair with boy in front neighbor
that boy doing black magic on me and my wife,my wife cumming to fight with me.,i become jobless.and my business not running i am in depth can u help me to get my wife back.
can o help me to get my love back and my bossiness back pl pray for me

khader said...

my name is khader i belongs to India recently my elder brother got married on but before marriage 15days of his marriage he got siveor head ache when we visited doctor and they told us he should be operated but we were not ready coz his marriage is our next door however some one advice us to go to a ameel and every ameel is telling that it is a black magic case its not him but the whole family is under that black magic and its a work of a women but no1 ready top tell whoz that women and hence he is not getting well from all medicals treatments and also we get all medical reports as normal and after marriage he suffers with alsar 1st stage what i need from u is all i want to know who is responsible for this black magic coz some1 who is not a an incomplete amil who is a friend to my dad who started amaliyath recently blamed our nearest relative coz of that my father is not letting anyone in from our relatives plz plz for sake of ALLAH tel me who is responsible for it. my brother will tell u whatever information u need from me to get rid of this problem plz for sake of Allah And Our beloved Mohsmmed(pbuh) plz tel me who is that women i promise u i wont hurt her i just want to prove my dad that our relatives are not that one and coz of that 1 women i don't wanna lose my whole khandan


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum.

I am a converted muslim and unfortunately I dont know to pray namaz yet. I am trying to study by myself.
I am married since 6 years to a muslim man from pakistan.we have 2 small children.
We had problems since the beginning, blockages and obstacles.After getting the first baby problems between us increased.He started get involved with other women and losing interest in me.He used to spend all day out and when coming home arguing for small reasons.He wanted to divorce and leave me before i got second time pregnant.He didnt divorce me but he went to other country ,leaving me alone with a small baby and another one coming on the way.Second baby born with health problems which InshaAllah will get solved soon.
All this time he didnt support me with money saying that he has no job.He is still in contact with different women and flirting with them.Few months ago he gave me divorce...than I cried and begged him to take me back for the sake of our children.He accepted but he is arguig and talking bad to me and saying he has no feelings for me etc
He has health problems : diabet,cholesterol,headaches.He is saying that all bad things are happening due to me that I brought him bad luck....sometimes he is saying that someone from his country did black magic so thst we will get apart.
He tried to do some remedies.He took talismans on paper and put in water and drink it, recited Surrah Buqara and blow it over water and drink it...but seems nothing is working.
Now he wants me to go with kids where he is living,but every time we decide to be together again some argument appears.During 6 years of marriage , half of the time we lived in separate countries.
His mother is very ill ,apparently due to black magic done from some family member.He is also saying that some of his brother and sister has jinn on them
I am very worried.He is saying he couldnt find any person who can really help get rid of this things.

Please recommend what to do to solve the problem.
Thank you.
May Allah give you big reward.

samrat said...

Last one year I'm facing acne prblm .... I hv spended a lot of money in medicine but its not going fully.. I live in Chittagong .Bangladesh ..can u suggest me anything..

Anonymous said...

I need your help i have so many symptoms of black magic

Anonymous said...


My sister is suffering from left Hand pain , in dream on old women is coming daily and telling that she will take my sis with her, actually my sister is pregnant before 5 months she got married. From past 4 months she is suffering from this problem and still many more things are there to tell , she can’t able to sleep in night , we have shown to Dr, Magician but no result found we need your help to overcome from this problem.

khatija said...


How are you dear shaykh. Every member of my family is experiencing severe difficulties. Several aamils have confirmed that all our problems are due to sihr, and one member of the family is affected by jinn. Although we've tried treatment many times, nothing seems to work. Please let me know if you are able to help me and my family, then I will send you details of the problems we are facing.

Your website is most informative. Thank you for educating people about this controversial subject. Even though many people think we're being paranoid, sihr is a fact and does exist. May Allah protect us all.

Jazakallah khair

Anonymous said...

Assalam Walaikum,

There are a lot of things to be discussed something like strong intutions and many more things happening usually and off lately had a drastic change in my life infact life has become vice versa and opposite on a bad side.. But still have some super natural powers which help people but not helping me and life has gone upside down to a extend where i had to see the worst situations in my life in regards to my family and financial life..
Also feel a lots of positive spiritual powers always around me.
Also help me some Strong Wazeefa's where i can get my Life back and even better and also overcome all my problems.
Also some wazeefas or some strong prayers which will save me from all the badhua, hai and curses from people have given me in my life for all the bad things i did in my life in the past.
I have started a positive step in my Life and All hamdulillah i have started offering 5 times Namaz and tahajjut too.
Pls pls dua for me a lot since i have in many much problems currently and my last hope is just Allah.. I ask from him Forgiveness and Mercy..
Sir u too Dua for me pls May be Allah might help me by you Remembering me in your prayers.


Awaiting For Your Reply

Allah hafeez

iffat said...


I am from Lahore-Pakistan

Problem: Husband & wife Qurrel each other (Not understand each other and have not any love feelings and dislike and disregard each other)

Children education not completed and 2 sons Twins wants to go Australia on study visa. All liabilities are not completed.

These r my worries. If u hv any solution and way let me know. I want to get rid of all problems and want take rest. Now I am tired from these problems.....

Hope to rcv an early reply...

arif said...

salam alaikum brother,

I live in the uk and have a big problem with a group of callous kafir magicians and their shaitines shaming me and causing me a huge problems in my life I pray but they slander me and annoy me I also have experienced strange people approaching me and I can hear a group of shaytines etc.. I also see a group of white figures in my home please can you advice me on what I need to pray really strong protection or do to get rid of this problem.
jazza kala or if it is easier can I please phone you what is your telephone number brother in urgent need

Ateeq said...


This is Ateeq here from Bangalore, Karnataka. I need help from you. How do I contact you? Please send me you contact details and location.

Suwila said...

Assalamu alaykum,

I would like your advice to see if any sihr has been done on me or my family. I have many problems in my life and my family also has multiple problems.

I would like to get married but the one good rushta that I do have and my family is happy with him and he and I are happy, but suddenly his father said he does not approve for no good reason.

I also feel that I am not moving forward or being successful in other areas of my life such as school and work. Everything I do, I feel that a negative circumstance arises to block me from success.

saif ahmed said...

this is the same thing happening with me sir and i have mailed you this