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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

So far we have seen umpteen types of black magic spells which aim to achieve a specific purpose. For example: the love spells are meant to attract new lovers or to retain the present ones, the revenge spells are meant to bring harm to the victim and so on and so forth. However, the spell for creating aversion from Islam is not a direct spell but it is a part of a bigger plan. This spell precedes the actual spell and is cast in those cases wherein the tantrik fears that the religious or spiritual nature of the victim can hinder the progress of his actual spell.

Remembrance of Allah (swt), regular Salaah, observing fast during the holy month of Ramadan and reciting the Holy Quran can bless a person with positive energies and protect him from all sorts of negativity. The Holy Quran is a source of healing and a blessing for those who recite it. Surah Baqarah, Surah Naas and Falaq and some other verses are specially meant for doing away with the negative effects of black magic. These verses cannot be challenged by any black magician of the world, however powerful he might me. Therefore, if the victim is religious then this becomes a stumbling block in the way of the black magician. Unless he succeeds in distracting the victim from religious activities and from Allah (swt)’s remembrance it will be next to impossible for him to cast a spell on him.  

Therefore, such cases are quite challenging for the black magicians as they have to work doubly hard to achieve success and satisfy their clients.

If unfortunately, the victim has no idea about these cunning ploys used in black magic then he is bound to fall prey to the black magician’s tricks. His mind will then be successfully hypnotized and he will turn averse towards religion unconsciously. At this stage, the victim can be compared to a person who is offered food laced with drugs to incapacitate him before robbing him. Without the healing power of Quran the victim will then acquiesce to whatever his happening to him. Satanic jinnat will get an iron grip over his mind and then they can bend and twist it in whichever direction it suits them.

Therefore, it is a must that if a person feels that he has started losing interest in carrying out the obligatory duties of Islam all of a sudden, then he/she should become observant.

The following symptoms can help the victim in identifying his problem:

1.    You find adhaan intolerable and feel like running away to avoid listening to it.
2.    You suddenly lose interest in Salaah and other religious activities for no apparent reason.
3.    If you recite the Holy Quran then the jinnat will whisper into your ears umpteen times to distract you. They will try to threaten you or bully you also so that you get fed up and stop the recitation.
4.    Sometimes the black magic jinnat resort to silly ways to prevent you from Salaah. Real life experiences show that the victim starts feeling so cold during the winters that he is unable to muster enough courage to perform wudhoo. The victim is made to imagine that he is feeling extremely cold. This prevents the victim from offering salaah.
5.    In case the victim is spiritual then the evil jinnat know that the victim will leave no stones unturned in trying to break the spell. They will start reciting Muawwidhatayn or maybe Surah Baqarah. In order to prevent this from happening the evil jinnat resort to another silly trick. Real-life experience shows that the jinnat try to entice the victim and so the victim starts feeling a strong urge to go on an outing. This is a cunning trick to keep the victim away from home so that he cannot break the spell through Quranic recitation.

These are the main cunning tricks used to keep the victim away from religious duties. If the black magician succeeds in his mission only then can he cast the actual spell.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


faizel said...

Salaam Amel

I've read most of your work online which is very impressive. I used to be spiritually strong but took a massive dip when I've started my own small business and my marriage started suffering as well. There is so many enemies that just being human to earn money has become a battlefield, received death threats, fear, anxiety, living from hand to mouth has become the norm for the last 6 months. Then there's a woman, who have a high school history with my wife, she tricked me to sleep with her and fell pregnant, (not proven I'm the father) but she's in our way. My wife can't fall pregnant yet and this woman has caused us a lot of damage with rumors and death threats (home wrecker). We can't leave where we live because I'm looking after my old parents. Being the only son, I have to protect all of them, but this nightmare is breaking me down 'cause now my life is on a thread. I'm starting slowly to recite 3 Quls and Ayat' ul Kursi to help fight the evil. There is also court cases regarding this matter that gangsters are after me to kill me . I'm loosing clients too because the evil doers don't care who's around me. (will elaborate more)

I need professional help as well as a spiritual healer,
Please Advise inshallah

Faizel (South Africa)

Adil said...


I am in Qatar from Pakistan.
I am feeling since long time headache very severe with minors health issues like liver , kidney , cholesterol , uric acid , stomach pain, Blood pressure , acidity since long time but no major complain but my main problem is headache always i got examine from all kind of doctors , psychologist but no good result.

Always feeling tired , depressed with haedache.

Pls help me. I lost lot of things already.My sex aim to high now a days.

Pls help.

abbas said...

The problem is i am facing from last 6 to 7 years is that my life is not stable, in everything I need to put extra effort than normal but things do not get in order. the business i have started twice but faced losses and ruined everything and still facing losses but i m not losing hope. I can not understand why this is happening with me. why i am not getting result. should i leave this business or what should i do in life to get better result.

Asma said...

Asalamualikum. Sir, my brother had started a business 3 years back. For the last six to eight months he is facing a lot of problems with the machines not working and his money stuck in the market. Someone told him that its due to jadoo. I read on your website about rohani ilaj for jadoo. Please can you guide us.



Zara said...

Aoa..my name is Zara ..i have v serious illness issues..hardly I feel better for few months then get illness..docs unable to diagnose what actual problem is. Have taken spiritual treatment too but they said its black magic done by christian and unable to overcome completely...i have lot of issues...plz guide me

Ismail said...


Due some of the fight in my family with Elder brother for the sake of property he ( Elder brother ) destroyed (1) my relation with wife broken up (2) Lost Job (3) Lost Total property.
I, want to retain back all these thing for that which amal / Wazif Should i need to do, Please please help me in this I am from around 3 years Job less all most lost I want to retain back.

What should I do help me,revert me as early as possible.

Allah Hafez

Anonymous said...

AoA, i have following queries regarding jadu which i hope you will answer:

To help patient which is suffering from Jadu,why the person 's name and his mother 's name is require to help him?why the name of mother is require instead of name of father of that person what is reason behind requiring that person 's mother name is in sprituality?
is you know something about palmistry?
is you know something about dream intrepretation?
God Bless you
waiting for reply
your sincerely

moaz said...

Assalam u Alaikum

I am writing toyou in extreme depression and something which I am facing from the last one year

I am engineer by profession and also Hafiz a Quran . I have two daughters which are studying in the medical and one son doing engineering. Anst year in march hust tio search for the abnormalities that are going in our home and un explainable evevt occurring in our home we call some Qur'anic amil which was the teacher in one ou Madrissah. While reading the Quran, same time my daughters trip. Then after going him, I start reading Manzil and Quran and my daughter trip and son also behave abnormally.

Dear from that day to now I call many amil

· Ahl Hadith amil

· Deo bandi amil

· Beralvi amil

· And even salfi who is also available on youtube

WA, ALLahee everyone told me that you are deadly effected in high degree of Black Magic NOT Asaib , from that day I am eaking ALLAH help and whatever quran I can read on my family I done but the situation is going to be worst by every passing day

plesae respone me or you help me in this situation

Anonymous said...


I heard about you on the internet I need to know what is going on in my head whatever i think or speak others can hear or listen me before I speak or think. I think its magic

Provide me any solution?

Anonymous said...

Dear Muhtaram,

Assalamualaikum, I like to request you to give me permission of this wazifa for our business.

I may not understand that awal wa akhir darood shareef 121 bar pareen. In between which wazifa should i read?


irshad said...

Dear Brother ,

I have downloaded ur Zalili -e - Moekilat .

Just wanted to know , can it be used to remove the eaten sahir .

i believe i am effected by eaten sahir , as when i was around 22 year some of my relative took me Exorcist , as i was not feeling well .

He gave me some dust to taste on tongue and put it on forehead and on stomach .

and told me that every thing would be fine . After that my life has ruined , after that i realized that it was my relatives extricates and there jealous

I am facing these problem from last 15 yrs , brother please help me with some solution , how should i remove these eaten sorcery from stomach .

Your early response on the same would appreciable . As my self in deep trouble and unable to find any help . Brother heard a lot about you .

I hope that i wont be ignored from your side .

Dimitra said...

I read your posts online about breaking curses and you seem well versed in the holy Q'uran. My husband is Muslim and I am writing to you for him. He is Turkish and a hoca from Turkey told him that someone placed a big curse on him. He has been very angry, having headaches, dizziness etc. The hoca told him that the only way it could be lifted off him is meeting face to face with someone who can do this. I have tried explaining to him what I read from your post, but he is set that he must be face to face with someone to lift this curse.
Do you know of anyone in NY or anyone In the USA that can do this?

Thank you in advance. Allah be with you.

bisma said...

I am always in trouble and crisis some body told me me and my husband have black magic or sifly.is it true.we are doing all efforts but no success. Before 10 year same position. Please guide me please

shamim said...


my name is shamim.i am really having lots of problem at almost every stage of my life

can please help with some very powerful wajifa to get rid of all the problems in life including money problem


jatinder said...

My name is jatinder
My health is going into bad situation day by day
Let me know whats the matter plz

Shahida said...


I've been trying to get married but me and my partner broke up before the marriage. I have been getting rashes and he does not like my voice, he has violence and anger issues towards me ever since my dad returned from Bangladesh. After that I had a rishta but the man said no. Again I had rashes, pin prick pains, heart palpitations. My parents want me to get married to someone from Bangladesh as they want to control everything. I have been feeling ill constantly, my body has been changing and things happen to me at certain time of the night. Before the rishta turned me down my parents took my knickers and put it next to a thabeez. I really need help in what to do its destroying my life. I have attached pictures of the thaweez, I would like to know who its for and why. Also is there any way to find any other thabeez hidden in my house.


rocky said...

Assalamualikum Amel sonami sab

I am facing black magic from my childhood.And there is no way i can lead a normal life.I want to became an amil.

Please guide me a way

ashraf said...

My mother in law is effected with black magic her age 48 yrs and we side in Hyderabad India
my sister in laws husband and is magician. he is performing black Magic and troubling every body my mother n law is very ill she has severe stomach and back pain.her sugar is also high she is unable to offer salaah. my mother in law used to offer tahajud she never missed her salaah do lots of ebadat now is totally on bed unable to do ebadat
always quarell between my father in law and my brother in law all the time these 3 people with fight
I even want to kill this magician and his brother
Both are bad writch man and magician
plz suggest me soon
I know i don't have time

Anonymous said...

Salaam Bhai
I am from India my family in India is in problems of kaala jaadu
My home is control by kaala jadu
& I know who has doing this with us plz. help me...

Ashraf said...

There may remain imposed jin since long. The jin may, by dint of any magic action, de-activates any curative/ preventive measure. So any tadbir, taweez, or ruqya doesn't work. However, the jin may not do it willingly. It is also imprisoned and is compelled to do what is asked to do by the person imposed it. In this regard can we have any measure to rescue the jin from the imprisonment with the condition that it will not do harm to the victim any more. If it is possible, would likely be the best measure

Roohi said...

As-Salaamu Alaikum:

I have been told that there is black magic on me. One Imam told me that it was from my mother's side. Another one asked me and then said that it was done by my father's side when I was young. He gave me taweez, etc but I have not used anything he sent me. He told me to say Darood three times, 19 time Ayatul Kursi, 3 times Sura Falaq, 3 times Sura Naas, 3 times number 69 and 70 from Sura Taha and then 3 times Darood. The first time I said it My head felt light. Another Sheikh sent me an audio clip and asked me to listen and let him know if I experienced anything like pain in my stomach, felling sleepy, etc. When I started to listen to it I got chest pain. He told me that I need to have Rukya done. I am a 49 year old female and never been married. Please help.

Thank you.