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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Creating a rift between happily married couples is Satan’s favorite sin. We find evidence about this from the Holy Quran (2:102) as well as ahadith. The agenda of Satan and that of his ilk cannot be different. Therefore, we can say that a lot of negative or evil energies are in action against the institution of marriage. Filling a malicious person’s heart with envy and jealousy is cakewalk for Satan. So, we find that there are many people in the society who cannot tolerate the happiness of others. If they see a married couple happy together, they start burning with envy. If they see a couple wealthy and successful then also they turn into enemies.

There are numerous such cases in the world and it is difficult to illustrate each one of them here. Each trouble monger may have different reasons for trying to create animosity between married couples. However, the basic reasons are always envy or jealousy of some sort- as it happens in almost all black magic cases.

The ways in which problems are created are as follows:

1.    By creating misunderstandings between the husband and wife so that they start having altercations every now and then.
2.    By making a man suspicious towards his wife. This is a sure shot way of straining their relationship.
3.    By making them sexually incompatible. The husband may start showing disinterest in having sexual intercourse with his wife and vice versa. This is an easy way of creating a gulf between loving couples as physical intimacy is a vital element for a happy marriage.
4.    By making them indifferent and disloyal towards each other. On account of this tension starts brewing between them and they can part ways.

Now let us move on to the main point, i.e. the symptoms. The cases wherein black magic has been employed by an enemy to damage the fabric of marital relationships can be identified by the following symptoms:

1.    The husband has dreams in which he sees one or more seductresses who tempt him into having group sex with them. Such wet dreams seem like a real experience they give real orgasms. Sometimes when the husband tries to avoid the women they camouflage themselves to appear before him as his wife. This is a black magic trick which is used to make a man disinterested in his wife.
2.    The hitherto compatible couples start having rows for no apparent reason.
3.    Though rape in dreams by evil entities may seem to be a vindictive ploy of the enemy yet in some cases, it is another nasty trick used by the enemy to create tensions between the husband and wife. The man finds the fact hard to digest that his wife had sexual intercourse with someone else, right under his nose.

In such cases, the real problem begins when both the husband and wife are not aware about what they are being subjected to. So they end up as being mere puppets in the hands of their enemy. Therefore, it would not be an over statement to say that unawareness about the symptoms of black magic can cost the victim his happiness, peace of mind and sometimes his life. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

Assalam walekum,

I just read your post on internet and i just need your help coz i tried with many maulanas and with many friends but nobody helped me..

I feel theres something in my home due to which theres lot of loan in r family and we are day by day getting tensed coz of loan and we are repaying the loan very slowly...many uncertainties are happening in my family...my bade abba just passed away we wre all shocked as he was not ill but suddenly he was hospitalized and no medicines were working on him...

Every morning my mom starts shouting without any reason and she keeps on telling non stop for 2 3 hrs...recently i got married and my wife is now telling me to leave my family and take home on rent as she dnt want to b with my family..its not even a year for my marriage and all dis things happend....

i seriously need your help...allah aapko uske badle dunya ki sari khushiya ada farmaye or aapki har dua kabool kare...

please do reply

afifa said...

As salaam ale kum brother, i had been to your web site and found the article for breaking the separation of husband and wife. the wazifa for what you have given is for both the partners must be given the water to be drinker,

my question to you is if my husband is not there with me what is the other alternative. are there any other prayers where i can bring my husband back into my life. i am very helpless. please help me. he hates me so much but i love him. please reply soon as day by day my relationship is going bad to worse.

khan said...

Sir, m suffreing from black magic most of the experts told me that u r suffrng n when they finish its effect on me those people (family members ) again do the magic on me so that i colud not study and fall ill so could u give me some suggestions or some verses which could finsh everything m really worried

Wasim said...

Hi, my name is Wasim
I would like to convey you that my father is very sick and we consulted around 30 to 35 amils. But still we are unsuccessful every amil tells us that my dad is being affected by black magic.
but nobody cures it , its like whenever we go to any amil my dad feels fine for 5 days after the treatment of amil and on the 6 th day he gets the same problem when we used to contact those amils and tell them that.
He is having the same problem then they used to say that my dad has illusion that he is affected by back magic, We also did ruqah treatment event the ruqah treatment also went unsuccessful my dad is seriously depressed please suggest me what is happening to him ?

Anonymous said...

Aslam ALaykum.

i have just seen your website and wanted to ask you for some advice.

For the last 5 or 6 years my rizq has been totally blocked.

Since I got married about 1 year and a half ago I have been getting more and more into debt.

Everytime I try to do some business with the money I used to have, it get stuck, or someone steals it or the business loses money.

I used to be very successful person but now I am drowning in debt and each time I try to do any business I lose money making the situation even worse.

I used to pray 5 times in the mosque. But now I don’t even feel like praying and sometimes even miss my prayer, or pray it so late it is almost time for the next prayer.

I thought after my son was born my situation would change and rizq would increase. But if anything I have gone further into debt.

Is there anything you can do to help or do you have any advice??

Thanks and Salaam in advance.

Shazad said...


I have read your information on the Internet, are you in birmingham? Am I able to ring you at all


shazad said...


I have been married 4 times all marriages have broken down due to different reasons. I know you may find this hard to believe but neither of the marriages that had broken down was a result of me? What I don't understand is why is this happening to me? Why does something always come in the relationship that it breaksdown and now will I ever be allowed to get married again as o have been married 4 times? I am 35 now and have no children?

Anonymous said...

Assalamoaleykum Hazrat,

I am writing on behalf of my Cousin he got married
After few days of marriage he noticed certain changes like earlier before marriage she was namazi but after marriage she stopped. also she started quarreling and fighting over small issues and later started asking for separation. and since 21-jan-2015 she is residing with her parents and asking for separation. when my cousin asked not to go for this since this is gunah then she filled a false dowry case in court against him. Above all- when he ask her to perform Namaz and seek Allah subhanaa wa twaalaa's guidance through Istekhara she directly refused saying that she dont believe in all this.
Hazrat baraa-e-Meharbaani Hamari mada karein kahin is ladki par koi Amal-Sipli-Sehar-jaadu to nahi karaya gaya hai. Kindly provide me your contact No. so could i can discuss this problem in proper way and In Sha ALLAH can seek Allah's way to resolve this matter under your guidance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

I need your help since I suspect black magic is done on my family.

Please reply and also give me your phone contact.

LUQMAAN said...


Some people....send maokkil on me and make my report of each and every

When i go to masjid than they do the same demo and disturbing me......

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel Soname

Hello, Hi, Aoa

i read your articles on the internet and appreciated for your effort for the people.

Me and my elder sister is facing problems in searching job and to get suitable marriage purposal respectively, anyhow she is good looking and well qualified,,,, but we are facing problem in her marriage around 5 years. Even I am MBA qualified and unemployed since 2011.

i want to get it know about the person who is involve in it... and how to get rid of this....

Sir i will be thankful to you for your right directions...

Anonymous said...

please help need removal of ugly spell that is cast on me dark circles wrinkles blemishes bad skin bad feeling financial problems - you will need to ne strong and i pray you will help me very soon

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother

I just saw your website and It seems very informative.

I have problem for last few years..

business going down now i have no business even don't have enough money to pay kids school fee

health problem also with me first heart attack then after 5 years falij. now i am suffering depression very badly.

I cant even know is it some sort of black magic on me or this is evil eye effect..

can you advice me what it is and how do i cure.

Thanks for your help

Shahida said...

Salam alaikum brother
my name is Shahida , I live in london.
my husband passed away 5 years ago and I have 4 daughters mashALLAH.
Someone has done black magic on me since some time and I get a lot of pain everywhere in my body which is very very pain full and loss in wealth.
So many people tried removing the magic off me, it only goes away for sometime but doesn't not cure properly and does not finish.
is it possible if you can help me remove this black magic and finish it permanently.
Please do let me know

Anonymous said...

Assalamo alaykoom brother i got some problem my house since we moove in pople came sick also we have lots of issue going on

Nsikak said...

Hello Amel Soname

I came across your website when i was searching for solution to my life. I have been going through a lot of problem in my life and i don't really know what is going on. Please i want to know if you can help me out to end this problems. Will wait your response


eliza said...

Hi ,

I came across your blog /website and decided to email you after reading the content on your page. I met a guy and got involved with him.I found out some disturbing information after we broke up.I learned he was seeing a woman and dwelling with this woman when we first started our relationship.I also found out he moved out of her place a few months after we got involved.I have had endless bad luck since then.I can't get a job, and if I do get one, I can't keep it.I also have had several health issues.If those things appear dire, it got much worse.My finances are suffering and I have had lice on and off for the past 3 years. Can you please help me out? How can I cure this curse?

Thank you.

mubeen said...

assalamu alaikum sir,
aap ki madad chaiye sir. my best friend is suffering from brain tumor
& she is not well.
unki tbiyat bhot khraab hai. she is very serious.
ye sab ek aatma ke karan hua hai.
sir please help us

Ifthiquar said...

Dear Mevlana,

My Name is Ifthiquar and last few year major sufferer or Black magic, though i did many treatment with many fake amil who looted my money and now i dnt hv anything much to pay.

I lived in dubai from 2008 until Aug 2015 as i lost my job, being in very senior position in one of the big org where i have 75000 people working, things went quite opposite of what i want though i work hard and my senior appreciated and rated me good but suddenly terminated telling its redundancy.

Now i have family living in Dubai and visa expired and i hv no job and have to go back to India now, i m in bad position mental, physically, financially and all way i have huge debt of 3 million in India and things not working out in any interview though being a very qualified and experienced person in the field of HR, i was awarded asia pacific HR award which is very rare.

I pray 5 time plus tahajud plus ziukt in night and most of wazifa to protect myself but day by day i am collapsing.....

please help me, Allah is great to show me your link in web

adnan said...

aswlm amel I want to ask you what is this feeling that I am experiencing for the last 4years.I get this burst of energy feeling inside me that feels like I can do anything like moving things with my mind and run through walls I can move this energy into my hands and then my hands get heated up I feel I can fly and when I have that energy than my imagination becomes vivid and its like I can be in two places at once and all around the world its like I can create my own world with this energy I can just think about it then I feel it inside me but mostly in my hands and when I make my salah then it even becomes worse but the feeling is very nice but it makes me feel like an alien. If you know what this is please give me some advice as to what it may be.

raza said...

My name is raza and my family have been facing problems like we all family members are ill dont know what is the matter have problem in sleeping and what ever work we do is closed and not done...
Please diagnose that whats the problem and please give me solution so that me and my family get out of this hardship..inshallah if u will help me Allah will help you.

mehak said...

good evening,
just went through your blog. Read the symptoms of black magic and I can see 90% of them in me.
I really dont know what to do now.
There was a method but it was related to meat and being Jain I can opt for that.
All I know is my life has turned into hell and it started in 2007.
I have tried and been strong but now I am unable to handle it.

Please help

Anonymous said...

Though i don't belive in such things but these are all symptoms and my mother in law and her sister and neighbours do such things. I am getting too much hyper and i have been completely boycotted by my family who use to pampered me. I am helpless i hv no success in my work no one is close to me now.