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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

As far as sex-related problems are concerned we find that those who practice black magic can make both men and women suffer from such problems. In this post I shall discuss the issues related to women.

In some cases, the black magicians cast a spell due to which the female victim suffers from uterine fibroids. The motive behind this type of magic is also malicious. Since this disorder is characterized by heavy bleeding and painful sex so the enemy tries to kill two birds with the same stone. On the one hand the woman is harassed by the pain caused to her and on the other hand the husband gets infuriated because he has to abstain from sexual intercourse with his wife.

Next is the black magic spell through which a girl’s libido is elevated to abnormal levels. This is another downright cheap trick used by the enemy to disrepute a virgin. As a result of this spell the girl always has sex on her mind. This is quite different from a natural urge for sex. For example- a person can feel the hunger pangs 4-5 times in a day. However, if the person keeps feeling hungry all the time so it would definitely drive him nuts. The same thing happens with the victim of this kind of black magic. Lustful thoughts are planted into their minds every now and then due to which their sexual urges become uncontrollable.

It is a social norm that a virgin is supposed to control her sex drive till the time she gets married. However, this type of magic can easily make a girl sexually promiscuous especially if she does not have strong faith in Allah (swt) and His Messenger (pbuh). The victim starts believing that the lustful thoughts are her own. This type of magic is usually done by the black magicians with the help of the powerful sifli moakkil- vampire, about which I have discussed at length in one of my earlier blogs.
The crux of the matter is that if the girl is religious-minded then undoubtedly she can resist the sexual temptations which arise in her mind every now and then, though this can be a very tedious exercise. After all, the vampire does not spare his victims easily and he is quite dreadful. So depending on the victim’s level of spirituality the magic spell can harm the victim’s reputation and bring disgrace upon her. In case the victim has no protection whatsoever and lacks a religious mindset then it does not take much time for the vampire to turn the victim into a horny slut.

Here are some of the possible reasons why this spell is cast on girls:
1.    To sexually arouse the girl to the extent that she falls prey to lustful men and becomes a prostitute.
2.    To put the girl’s reputation at stake in the society.
3.    To bring dishonor to her family
4.    In some cases, someone may try to shield themselves by bringing ignominy to a girl. By resorting to this trick they can divert the attention of people away from their own wrongdoings.

5.    The symptoms of this spell for turning virgins into sluts are as follows:

6.    The wisdom of the victims gets blocked and all the time their mind is preoccupied with lustful thoughts.
7.    The sex drive becomes elevated to such an extent that the victim loses control over herself and becomes sexually immoral.
8.    Images of the male sex organs are planted into the victim’s mind frequently to sexually arouse her.
9.    The victim becomes coquettish so that she can attract men and fulfill her sexual cravings.
10.    The victim develops aversion towards everything religious, whether it is the Holy Quran, Azan or even the name of Prophet (pbuh)

If the black magic spell keeps on growing stronger in the absence of any resistance then it is surely bound to turn the victim into a sexually promiscuous person.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

Salaam a...

I have a question. Me and my family are struck be kala ilm. A person is trying to remove it but it is taking a little bit of time because the ilm is so old.
I have lost, friends, business and proposal/relation.
The question is that everything ended in hate from every side. I tried to explain to the one who I was getting married that problems a cure and you have to deal with them. We haven't. I couldn't understand that the one person who was ready to do everything now didn't want to do anything. She was starting to get closer to Islam as never before. But then she got back on the wrong track and didn't feel that it was wrong because we live en Europe. But in the end, we haven't been talking for 3 months and it ended with hatret in 3-4 weeks. Now is there any possibilities to that the person can get back on track and see what has happened. Its impossible to talk with the perso. Because of unlogical hatred. Is it possible to fill the person with same kind of love as before and remove the kala ilm quicker or any kind of way to that the person can feel that what has happened was wrong and they have to get back instead of maybe watch for other possibilities because of the black ilm power that has made a circle around me? Because it will take time before this circle will get destroyed and in that time she might find another proposal and because of the ilm she will might choose that...

Hope that you understand my question. It's a good person and really want that things fall back in pieces. Tell if there is some other way. Have made istakhara and made it sometimes. The signs were fine...

asif said...

Sir I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the concerted efforts you are deploying towards humanitarian service Unfortunately I have been a victim of severe black magic which has now become lethal and beyond the limits of tolerance I would request your gracious help and your monumental favours shall be lauded for my remaining life I obtained my masters degree from USA as a Fulbright scholar and despite most tempting offers abroad I returned home to serve with missionary zeal I have served at home with dedication and I have been responsible for the completion of mega development projects during the last 3 decades I have also served as ManagingDirector of the largest consultancy Co Presently my life is miserable with magic Please help

imran said...

Asalam u alaikum ,
I hope you will be fine.
My name is Imran.....I have problem in getting married.
For last 4-5 years , I am trying to get marry. Even my family tried a lot. But unsuccessful.

One proposal set up ok....engagement done.
But later they refused.

Second problem is with my sister.
She se that, someone is in her house. She and her kids get scared.

Please help me.

Jazak Allah....

Yasmeen said...

Salam my name is Yasmeen n I m 59 years old but since last 10 years I have been suffering from allergies from every medicine things around vegetables fruits I don't no what happen this all started when my father died n in first week I got allergy after cleaning my father house it was like haunted house at that time cause no body was living there only my father n day by day I am becoming fat with no energy one eye got vein inclusion. N I can not see properly then by chance doctor found mass on my Adeline gland but they r not taking any action to treat I had pain in whole body n my muscles twist every time I feel my body is on fire burns feeling please help me n tell me what is it please answer me quickly so many relatives still I have nobody

Yogesh said...


We are from India and now living in South Africa and have read on your website about Vashikaran and would like some advice. We read about Vashikaran and how people use it to control another person. My brother who is living in Australia is under the control of Vashikaran because he shows symptoms of what you say people who are under control by another person through Vashikaran.

We are writing to you to get your advice on how to get him out of this persons Vashikaran. Please we need your advice. An example of what we have seen is that he for the last 8 years have not been in touch with his family and she does not allow him to own his own mobile and when we tried to talk to him he was talking like a person who was under her control.

2 years ago he came to India and we could see in his eyes as a very different and distant person who is not the brother we know and his face and body was all swollen up. He could not see us face to face and where ever he went she made sure that she was always present.

We talked to people who know about Vashikaran and they all agreed that he is under her control through Vashikaran by making him drink her menstrual fluid without him knowing it.

We need some advice on how to get him out of this Vashikaran.

Please help us give us advice on how to get him out of her control.

I would like to know if what she made him drink Can harm his health?

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Saheb

i have a huge problem that has been on going for many years i am getting old very fast and my body and my family can no longer take it .problem one is my wifes brothers second wife and her two illigitimate children both aldult are involve in suhr/ whitch craft they send all kind of demon/jinn to harm us because they want us out of our house sthat was an inheritance but the problem is the houses were never tranfered to our names because the will was never sorted out and it has been change several time even though the deceasee past on 15 years ago ,this brother has stolen all the late mothers properties and monies and everything is transfered to his name and the second wifes and her childrens names and in bogus trust ,he baost that he has all the money to fight us in court ,we have been staying in these houses for more than 22 years .the second wife through the muti/ black magic stuff in her husbands food if you look at him he looks evil in every espect nad he does not make salaam if you greet him he looks the other way ,on the other hand my body get all starnge sicknesses which no dcotor can explain or some of them say nothing is wrong , body has been taking this hiding if tthese various types of jinn and demons for many years , from my neck to my feet feel like every bone in body has been broken i wear braces and support gadgets in by back bother legs and feet to support me ,i sit in a chair to read salat .,i am poor do not have any savings we live from the hand to the mouth if we going too be thrown by means of the courts where are myself and family and grand children go . my second question would be if any of them were to die must i attend their janaaza or are they no longer muslims , they have been busy with sihr /black magic for more than 34 years and make no ice about what they doing and what their intension are ..i had a dream about this second wife of his we were attending at her janaaza at the grave side as the body were lowered into the grave fire spew out of it and hundreds of snakes were attacking the mayet pls advise urgently My entire life has been a torture by demon ,evil spirits , evil forces ,jinn and voodoo because I have unexplainable attacks on by body feeling I am being stabbed with a knife in certain parts of my body .

we are about to loose our home ,

I am feeling helpless eventhough i do have faith in Allah swt ,everyday i ask Allah SWT to make my test I am going through every day easy .but i still allow shaitan to put thoughts of dought

Anonymous said...

Brother I came to you site for guidance, I am in Canada and had a good job, started a business in USA , failed
come back to Canada, applied many places few interviews but no offer, this has been more then four months, I am stressed as I have two small kids, I am a computer engineer by profession, expert In my field.

Please provide direction or your telephone number so I can contact you.

siraj said...

Assalamu alaikum,
myself siraj from southern india.i have suffered from headache for long years.i hope on allah to cure it.i need one help that i like to help others who suffer through magician.how to learn these things?..jazakallahu khairen

Sundararaman said...

Dear Sir,

I saw your website and it is quite informative. But how do you come to know if someone is indeed affected or disturbances caused by evil spirit or magic
done by somebody ? Is it by way of astrology reading or any other method ?
Do you undertake personalise services and what are the charges for the work ? Where are you located ?



Anonymous said...

I was actually going to through a lot of crisis den I lost my clothes den my laptop I actually have no idea as how the treatment works when one is affected with black magic or so.. Is it ruquaiya or the e are some methods .
Buh anyways I happen to meet one aalim he is a healer and doesn't charge money .so he said I was affected from black magic and treated me he said whatever things were missing was because of black magic .he charged me some money saying it is only for the things which are Tod for the magic after that some days now he says there is a female jinn which is back of me and will not let me.marry any woman and.will destroy my life and for this Tod again some amount is required.can u please help me as how can I know whether he is saying the truth and do I really need something jazakallah

Sumathi said...

Whenever I wants to go out only, my heart beat very fast, and then something stopping me from going out.until now, I'm staying at home.even I cannot go out alone.i need to get out from this fear that, I'm having.who can i ask for help?my biggest worry is that,"why I cannot leave from my house"becouse of this, I lost all my jobs.please help me out from this!!tks.

usman said...

I read your article very interesting information.I have a question about magic if there is some thing given you by food or edible thing what should to do to get rid of such magic.
Thank you and Regards.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykum,

I came across your website and wanted to request your assistance with a case. May I ask where you are located? If it is near me, maybe it'd be possible for me to visit you in person. I am from USA but currently located in India.

JazakAllah khayr.

farz said...

problem is related to my husband .regarding this job . actually is doing business. from past 3 years there is huge loss , and what were work he does . he is facing problems.and we not getting any kind of solution .. may i know why it is happening . please assist me if any ..!

Anonymous said...

can u tell me what's the reason that my husband could not get ang job since many year,while he is well educated?

monica said...

Amel Soname Sahib

We are facing many problems,we have only one son, he is smoking synthetic marana. we have no jobs,our son does not listen to us, we sent hi for treatment but he ran fro that institute after 3 days. He is using this powerful drug from 5-6 months. He got admission in university but he is not going to university we have only one son,we don't have other children.I a writing you this email at 12.59 am our son gives us threat all the time that if you will not give me money i will kill myself or someone else. He went at this tie to buy drug in very old windy night, we are so much worried about his health,life and future.He start begging on the road.We are in search of jobs but don't know what is the problem,i am PhD and y husband is civil engineer, we have nothing to sell because already he sold few things and few we sold.Please help us.
Please tell us is this black magic that our son is using powerful drug and he is becoming mentally and physically weak.
Please help us if it is black magic. We are waiting for reply.

Anonymous said...

Salam.. I seen your web online.. Can you please send me your number I would like to speak with you on phone about my situation its very urgent. Thanks

Musa said...

I am really impressed by the info. you provide on the web.

I have been victim of BM repeatedly for many years. Have survived but also suffered lot. Haven't been able to find some effective and sincere Amel here in India. I will very much appreciate if you kindly guide me to one. I experience all the ASRAT you have described under different categories in your web posting.

Thanks and look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

sana said...

Assalam Alaikum
I would like to thank you for the immense knowledge you have shared through your posts. I need to discuss a few matters with you concerning my situation.
Please let me know how to contact/ call u. I will be forever grateful.
With best regards
P.S. I have been guided towards you through a series of incidences.

Zeeshan said...

Assalam o Alaikum

Please help me

My name is Zeeshan,
We faced a lot of problems in getting engaged
After our engagement we showed a lot of anger on each other

I feel very uncomfortable in my room, whenever I'm in my room, I'm out of control
Its really uneasy for me to be Pak or clean in my room,
I want to get dirty or najas
When I'm in najas/ na pak I'm easy bit relaxed like someone has stopped irritating me

Is it a black magic???

Plz help me

rajesh said...

Hello Sir/Mam i have Question my daughter has Stomach pain Down Left side. We used have live with us one Lady and her daughter.I help so many years them evan for no rent.She was very Jealous with my Daughter and throwing Choti Ilachi all over house under the bed.Then i told her to move.She left already.But my daughter feel she did something jadu tona.Please give us suggestion and how can we can get your help.Please how can we can contact you.We have always playing on you tube in our house.

Hajra said...

Sir aoa. I want to ask u about my marriage life.. Divorce issue in husband wife every day fights n my husband behave if i m stranger or maid.. I m infertile..All reports r fine but had two miscarriage since 6 years i cant concieve...pls help me n save my relationship with help of dua..and dua for my infertility. My name Hajra .plz reply me soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear soname ji,

I feel that someone is always with me who disturbs me,touches me with sex organs and also touches my
organs.I have strange sexual imaginations whenever i see a person and even if i try to think of a
person,my attention always goes to the sexual organs even if i try not to think of it.Sonameji,many
many thanks to you for answering my mail.I am doing the practice of killing the jinnat with the amulet
of moakkils given in your site.

Anonymous said...

I need help I have been suffering from all different types of black magic such as ilm e iblis nimroud qaroon hamdad shadad firown and so on . For 25 years and other forms of black magic . Kas1970@hotmail.co.uk please send reply and powerful wazifa. Please help thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello sir my name is ajay. Sir me ek ldki se pyaar krta hoon wo b mujhse bhut pyaar krti h hm dono ek doosre se saadi krna chahte the but three months phle usne apni bdi didi ko btaya( unki saadi ho chuki h) bt jbse uski didi or jija ko pta chla h tb se usne kuch din tk mujhse baat ki lkin baad m usne baat krni hi bnd krdi achanak se ab tk mujhe lga k wo family pressure m h but ab mujhe yakeen ho gya h k uspr vashikaran kiya gya h aaj wo apne jija k cntrl m h aaj mujhe dekhkr wo raasta bdl deti h aur gussa krti h or na hi apne ghr pr kisi se baat krne ko b mna kr diya usne abhi uske ghr pr kisi ko b ni pta hmare bre m m chahta hu k wo phir se phle jsi ho jye or uspr uske jija ne jo b black magic kiya h wo ht jye or future protection b ho jye .iske lye mujhe kya krna chahiye sr plzzzz rply me my imail id is. (ajaythebba@gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

I need prayers everywhere I go i attract all men..

As Angvil said...

religion hindu and muslim there are a to z black magic practiceoners they spreading in all the world , amercia china japan russia everywhere and yeah they are born from a prostitute they killing people magically and myteriously. they know mystery of soul spirit. of vedas kuran all kind of purana. i want whole world people be unite and kill that bustards with a nuke or any thing becoz they are poor and uneducated stealing goods from good people they are son of a devilish mother .

Umang Dave said...

Mr. Amel Soname,

From my personal experience, I confirm what you mentioned above is true. My enemy made me run after women beyond my own will. I am doing every possible effort to break the spell. Tantriks take advantage of the beaten people and draw money as much as they can.This is worst time of my life. Black magic does not care you are Hindu, Muslim or any religion. It works. It is hard to know, hard to live and Expensive to get out.