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Friday, 10 January 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

In my previous post I have discussed about the blockage of marriage through black magic. Just like marriage, there are other aspects of a person’s life too which can also be blocked through black magic-such as marital bliss, progeny, career, health etc.
In this post I shall discuss about the cases wherein an envious person starts resenting the victim’s prosperity and blocks his or her luck.

Though the blockage of career, marriage or health can also be quite traumatic for the victim, yet blockage of luck can cause a much more detrimental effect on their life. This type of spell can have far-reaching consequences because luck encompasses all the aspects of one’s life. If a person finds a good match then he or she is considered to be lucky. Likewise, if someone gets a good job or a promotion then they are said to be lucky. In other words, if anything good happens to a person then he or she may be considered to be lucky. However, if luck itself is blocked by the enemy through black magic spells then the magic slowly spreads its tentacles and harms all the important aspects of a person’s life, be it marriage, career, health or family life.   
The reason why anyone would like to cast this type of spell on the victim is obvious. When envious people do not want a particular person to succeed in life then they use the weapon of black magic. Eventually the victim faces failure at every step in his life and he gets entangled in a web of hopelessness, depression, anxiety and frustration. If the problem is not diagnosed at the right time then some unfortunate cases also end up in suicide because constant failure can make anyone depressed and suicidal. What makes such a victim truly oppressed and pathetic is the fact that he ends up being blamed for his failures though it is the black magician who is responsible for everything which goes wrong in his life. The victim is not only at the receiving end but he also has to face the ignominy of being called a loser in the society. He has to face unfair comparisons all the time and he may need a lot of patience to remain composed and steadfast in such circumstances.

The cases of black magic blockage on luck can be identified through the following symptoms:

1.    The victim may work very hard but all his efforts go in vain.
2.    Success eludes him always.
3.    The victim has nightmares such as seeing snakes, spiders, owls or filthy toilets. The dreams are scary and give the victim jitters. Their minds remain preoccupied with to the nightmares throughout the day.
4.    The victim experiences unexplained blue bruises on the skin as well as jerks while sleeping.
5.    There is eye brow twitching as well as eye twitching, which is a sign of paranormal activity.
6.    The moment the victim starts focusing on something important he or she gets distracted by thoughts which seem to enter his or her mind out of the blue.
7.    The victim’s personality may get noticeably transformed. If he was an extrovert then he will turn into a recluse. There are sudden changes in the victim’s behavioral pattern.

One failure after another in life is a sure shot sign that a person is being targeted through black magic, which tends to poison the life of the victim with negative energies. It is better to take notice before it gets too late because as time passes by, the magic spell perpetuates and grows stronger in the absence of any resistance.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Syeda said...


My symptoms:

I wore a next taveez and something flew threw the window and into my stomach at midnight when I was sleeping and settled in to my stomach and then I eat some saffron taveez which has stopped me from vomiting.

Then someone burnt some bad name taveezs in my house with names such as Karun, Firoun, Haman, Saddad, Namrud, Ibleez, Ibleez, Ahwamum and released the hot ones which came on to me and my body is burning hot all the time.

Then a man wrote something on paper dissolved and told us to spray around the house and drink the water and now I have tingling in both arms hands and legs and feet. We have black magic in the house now as we have ignorantly sprayed it all around the house.

I have something in my right eye which everytime I read quran makes my vision blurry.

I have jinn in both my knews so caused by taveezs

It is very sad this has happened to me but by Allahs will I believe he will cure me so please tell me which quran ayats to read and other amals.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brother,

I am suffering from a disease Ulcerative colitis from last 6 years doctor says the reason for the disease is not known and full proof treatment is also not invented till now.
This type of disease was earlier found in Jewish people but spreading across the world. I tried all possible options of treatment till now but achieved only temporary success and disease overtakes what ever medicines I consume. I am loosing my self to the disease.

When ever any improvement comes to me and my relatives or friends enquire on my health if I replied in affirmative immediately health goes down.

kindly pray for me and help me guide me treat me I would be great full to you.

Anonymous said...


I have found your web post and got that Allah has given you so much power to brake any magic. I had dangerous black magic to me I thought 3 people did it.

Can you please help in this case how you can help me. I also need all the person name and who did and by whom.

Also need permanent treatment for me and my family. I have been suffering 15 years. Now I am nearly dead and I lost my memory and sex everything and money.

Talk with you soon


Mahfuze said...


i was reading your blog an i fell that i am affected by all type of black magic spell.
Can you help me or show me a way to know is it i am really affected or not?


monoarul said...

assalmualikum,my name is monoarul .i am from bangladesh.i dont want to go through a long story but in a shortcut i like to say you that my relatives are doing black magic on me.i cannot do any sexual intercourse with my wife.when i want to sex with her.i got pain in my left testis and i cold not do it.i always feel a little pain in my left testes.i went through all kind of medical checkup but there is no disease.please suggest me any dua or amal so that i can remove this spell.

thank you

Anonymous said...


Could you please advice me I am having Diabetese and Pressure, if I recite Ya Salamu, will it benefit in curing.

Your reply is much appreciated.

Tanveer said...

My Name is Tanveer I am feeling that I am affected with black magic from last 12-15 years.

I did some jobs with hard work and loyalty but I didn’t get success as desired.

Every single step which is so easy becomes very difficult and hard for me.

I can say that a glass of water which is in front of me but I can’t drink it as others for this glass of water I have to do so many efforts then I can get it

I started my business but as you maintained in your post about Surah bakqaraha verse 245 actually happening with me I am finding my self in circle of loan by loan.

Please tell me how can I come out from it.

Allaha Hafiz

Kavitha. said...

As Salamu Allaiqum,

I am a Hindu married woman and got married 12 yrs ago but no kids. We couple consulted many doctors but all the hard work gets failed.

I came to know that my family is under black magic for not to have kids and fight with each other and have no peace at home.

I believe in Allah and saw your site black magic removes with Quran for infertile woman. Instructed in the site to perform amal 11 times darood, then 11 times sura-e-wakiya and then in the end again 11 times darood. Do Ishikara "consulttion with allah through prayers" before starting this amal so that would be better.

As I am a Hindu,i don't know the lines of what u suggested.

Can u please give me the lines of daroord and sura-e-wakiya in English.

Please help me and inshallah all my dreams come true and save my family.


Shenaaz said...

Assalamalaikum brother .
Brother I saw on Internet about black magic and how to protect in Islam .
I have a big problem brother .
I have a 19 year old daughter her name is Fatima .
She was a very nice and loving child .
But last few months or so .
She has been yelling and getting angry with me for no reason .
And later I found out there is a Hindu boy who has been meeting with her .
I had a talk to her regarding that . She goes to work and after that she mets that boy then comes home .
She doesn't listen to me doesn't matter what I say .
So I wanted to find out why is she behaving like this .
I asked few prist to see what they can do , they all said one thing .
He has done some black magic and she ate it .
And it's in her stomach .
Please brother do you know any Islamic ayat I can read or do so what ever is in her stomach can come out please brother I need help
To protect my daughter .
As a mother I say she is a good child but this thing is making her do all these bad things .
Please help if you can .
Allah will alway look after you and your family.
Thank you

zaina said...

Assalamu alaikum!respectable n brother in islam..how can i tell u my problems.Jst for the sake of Allah rabbul izzat,bring me out of this severe problem as I am still weeping.
We r casted by sifli or black magic from a woman(wife of my father's brother).She(the hater)lives right in our home n due to this have destroyed my mental,srpritual n physical health,all our riches,bussiness.my lil brother n finally my lovely husband(was becoming an aalime deen)as our nikah ended.I can never explain u my life has jstt become a hell or i wants to die.nothing is left to me n us.I don't get proposals or then get marry in any possible way.
Now I want u to give me something to get married in love soon or get my husband back n love me more then before(due to magic he eventually started hating me n my face as well).Mention u that I'm extremely weak,so kindly serve mewid some easy but really effective thing.I do shara'i parda alhamdu Allah!
Seeking for ur response..

Anonymous said...

i measure my shirt for knowing black magic its length increased after reciting verses no tell me how can i remove and how to knw who has done and where amulets are hidden?

Pearl said...

Hello Sir,

I have persistent problems and was wondering if you can help me.
I have been under constant attack and have been fighting with jinn for years.

Please acknowledge receiving this so we can talk one to one.
I appreciate your website and look forward to corresponding with you.

yasmeen said...

Asalam alaykum,

I found you on the internet I need help pleAse help me.
Is there any way I can speak to by phone.

I have been married for over twelve years my mother in law is a very evil lady who indulges in black magic she controls my husband who is very stupid and he fights with me he doesn't provide for me and my three children. He keeps going to Pakistan to his mother and only worries for he is blind to her of she says jump he will say how high. He has sent all his money to Pakistan and we live in the uk. She has tried to separate us for the last 12 years but I have always come in her way!!! And stopped my husband from leaving she controls everything he does!! Has turned him against his fathers family and the death of his father!! He fights with his uncles who brought him up and does stupid things to annoy them but they still are patient with him. He doesn't do anything for me or my children. I have tried everything to stop her but her black magics always know when the spells broken!! Please help me

Anonymous said...


I read your post online and I am very concerned about my personal problems.. I think someone has done something on me and my husband.. we have been separated for two years and now he married another girl and never divorced me but lives in kuwait, while I am in a different country. Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Dear Amel,

I was always an aloof person protected by my mother. I was called very intelligent from the beginning. I grew up as a multi talented person who eventually started playing guitar and in school I was made to write a private exam which angered me and I became a rebel with my music which I played with my band. Then when I was out of college is started smoking marijuana and used to indulge in masturbation but no sex. my band continued till I got brain cancer in 1999. after that my life changed. My mother was so kind and loving and always was there in various hospitals praying Quran Sharif. Then I moved from madras to Bangalore in 2001 and things got bad there. I started smoking heavily because I was escaping from something that was unknowingly magic. I troubled my parents and they passed away first my father in 2004 and mother in 2008. After this I was in a fix with severe magic dope and all bad symptoms and homeless. Then my sister in madras put me in 3 rehabs respectively which made my life tough. In the rehab I used to defend my self with some prayers which had the ability to call heavy lighning and thunder and creating silence all around and electricity going away when irritated. then I came out of rehab and went to a friends house who welcomed me to stay (in Bangalore) and stuff got bad after that. at the end of the month I went for one of my several suicide attempts eating rat poison. I was unhappy always. Then I realized the people in Bangalore were tracking me and behind me in the whole city wherever I went. I took a train in a very distressed condition to Bhopal where I first stopped medication then experienced strange things like my prayers working in silencing what I dint want to hear, the lights in the house going dim and bright according to thought etc, then things went to me being alone in an abandoned bank in my aunts house where one night I saw people doing magic in the opposite house. Now my aunt was family of victims because of property with heavy constant magic. one day while in the bank late at night I saw three black figures come from the balcony which I saw through a closed glass window and I just closed my eyes saying it dosent matte im too strong and Allah is greatest. then in a few day bad went to havoc and I had a feeling like ghosts were doing me from the back and front had orgasms and my mind was being played with. My aunt took me to a few alims. The first said that I had magic done to me in childhood where they were doing magic to my mother and I came in the way and they turned my head around. The second said that I had 2 jinns 2 angels and 3 snakes inside me and they were doing all that with the help of an army with a chief that was against me. I followed his treatment and went to a piles doctor as well and my physique got better in the abdominal area which was badly affected. when everything got better and I was asked to put prescribed water in my body for one and half years I stopped putting the water and starting smoking pot again with my cousin victim and he had a friend who offered me a cigarette which almost killed me. |then my cousin had catamine and I took the responsibility to take him to a neuro center as he was going to die. HIS COUSIN has told me very bad things but I still loved him. Then he said he wanted to come back and his sister said that I will be given a bad name if I took him back and the night I got him there was a Islamic julus outside the house insulting me. Then I was haywire after the pot and was clinging on to life. people in Bhopal were all behind me knowing what I was saying thinking. I was surrounded like now. and then I came to madras where upon 1 day of meeting my sister I was put into rehab. because when I prayed I thought that I could convert my brother in law by showing him miracles but no. I am in this rehab for the past one and half years and the orgasms still continue.
Thank you and may Allah bless you,

Ketan said...

Dear Sir,

Assalaam Alaykum. My name is Ketan from Mumbai India. Can you please guide me to a Wali Saab here in Mumbai?? I am literally at suicide stage and i am sure its because of black magic done by someone very close to me. I have lost everything in life. Everything. And the burden of Debt is killing me. Please Help me sir. Allah Hafiz.

Shaheeda said...

Assalamu alaykum

My name is Shaheeda

Please advise me what I read to cure myself from blackmagic. I have lost evertything due to blackmagic being put on me.

Saira said...

Salaam Amel
Thank you for your website. I specifically have been a victim of black magic I believe from my ex partner's family. This has made me sick, mentally unfocused, mentally addictive with the same thoughts, separated us and now he is with someone else and my marriage is broken. I have lost my job as well as have been facing mental issues with constant bad luck and relationship issues.
Could you please suggest a specific taweez for me that breaks this spell so that my partner sees the light and comes back to me. And I see the light and stop obsessive thoughts about him and move on with my life on my path in peace.

In reality is it possible to break the spell?

Saira said...

Salaam again Sir,
After reading through your site I definitely can see that I am a victim of black magic from my ex family and I would like to have this spell reversed. I am going round and round in circles and I need this to stop otherwise I will lose my mind. I know you advise against the spell reversal but if you can break the spell on me and get me focused back on myself and my work it will be good and the wrong woman should be punished that is his mother, sister and the new woman.
I feel angry all the time and I know there is a way to break out of it. Just searching everywhere for a solution. I hope you can help me. I want to be married to my partner and him to come back to me and the entire spell on me and him to be broken.
thank you

irfan said...

My name irfan I've been affected by magic very bad none stop sick. Going through courts cases. That my wife put on me. I'm sick everyday. Fear back pain stomach issues. Such fear in my heart makes me mad. Please help advise me of good Amel. Or can u do anything.

Anonymous said...

I am 30. Married with two kids. I really need your spiritual support
in my small restuarant for financial increase and sales. Tell me what
scripture to recite and things to do. I will appreciate u and give
thanks to Allah. Henry

Anonymous said...

i have all the 7 symptoms of Bad luck which you have outlined all of them im from Quresh Family please help me im very much depress about my future my mother and father have died :'( im still a student studying
Talha liaqat

Unknown said...

Well i am experiencing constant tingling on my body. But i believe two relatives of mine is responsible for it through black magic. See i like to workout and many people knows workout will make u bigger stronger and have change appearance. Well i believe my relatives is preventing me from acheiving that goal. I feel its a mixture of jealousy and control. Everytime im around them i feel tingling on my legs face arms torso buttocks and they seem to be doing this using their hands. Anybody familiar with black magic can u please tell me what going on here. And whenever i feel this tingling and jerk it is almost like im losing mass. Im struggling bad and i worry alot. Im so eager to learn about dark arts because i want to know what is wrong with me. They preventing from reaching my goals and i feel like im being used. Can anybody teach me about the dark arts and teach me a way to protect and defend myself.

Wolverine said...

Please respond.

megaman said...

Can somebody help. I constantly feel tingling when im around two close relatives. I feel it on my arm legs butt, everywhere. And it feel like im losin mass off my body. It like they out their hands in a certain position and i feel it. Im tired of it. Im not a murderer but i have violent tendencies about them. It feel like they stealing my weight and they gain it on them. Abnybody that familiar with black magic and know whats going on contact me at lorenzotaylor995@gmail.com